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Job Promotion Letter

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Sample Job Promotion Letter format

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Letter of Promotion

[DATE] [Name] [Company>] [Emp No]

Dear [NAME]

Congratulations! Based on your sustained performance over the years and our assessment of your readiness to take up higher responsibilities, we are pleased to promote you as [DESIGNATION] and place you in the level [ ] of our company. Accordingly, your compensation is revised w.e.f. [DATE] and your CTC will now be [AMOUNT] which will comprise of: • Rs.________ as a fixed component of the pay plan , and • Rs. _______ as a variable component of the pay plan which is linked to your performance. You will also be paid Rs. ______ as a one time performance award on the basis of this assessment and that of the company performance. We are confident that you will discharge your new responsibilities effectively and redeem our trust in you. We take this opportunity to thank your family for having supported you to deliver your best in ____-____.

Best Regards,

[Name of the Business Leader] [Designation] [Company]

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