The making on an absent woman_ abstract by xiuliliaofz


									The making on an absent woman. The Chinese state and the sexually active unmarried


    D. Gibson, J. Xu, Y. Cheng, X. Xu, J. Zhu, M. Temmerman, F. Wuillaume
    Published in:. Identity, Culture and Politics: An Afro-Asian dialogue. Vol: 2007:1-21

    China’s state policy of enforcing a one child family and sexuality within the context of
marriage and reproduction as the norm is waning. Although there is a rise in sexual activity
among unmarried women, they still largely fall outside the normative discourses of the state,
and medical technology that has been introduced into women’s bodies as part of population
control. Family planning policy creates categories of the normative and its opposite, the not
normative. The paper highlights the contradictory position of the sexually active unmarried
woman, who is overlooked and not catered for while her pregnancy is simultaneously viewed
as a problem because it is unplanned and unauthorised.

    Key words: China, population, planning, unmarried, women.

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