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The Dash and Hyphen


									                                                             The Dash

    Use a dash to show an abrupt break in thought.
    Use a dash to set off a long explanatory statement that interrupts the main thought of the sentence.
    Use a dash to set off a summarizing statement from the rest of the sentence.
    When writing dialogue, use a dash to show an abrupt break in thought.

                                                       Instert dashes where needed.

1.   She detached his hand his hold was quite feeble and could not compete with her tennis biceps and leapt off the curb and

     up the streetcar steps, hearing with relief the doors grind shut behind her.

2.   A man with murder in his heart will murder, or be murdered it comes to the same thing and so I knew I had to leave.

3.   Jason left by the back porch, a wild shriek I was sure it was hers filled the hollow house.

4.   The third day it was Wednesday of the first week Charles bounced a see0saw onto the head of a little girl and made her

     bleed, and the teacher made him stay inside all during recess.

5.   The following spring the heavier of the two almost half the tree broke off in a spring gale.

6.   I would sit down to this breakfast at a round table in the dining room with my young parents or my beloved Miss Rachel.

     My father called Tata, the Polish for papa was my most favorite person in the world.

7.   Sometimes you are able to “step out,” but this effort in fact the pure exhilaration of easy movement soon exhausts you.

                                                          The Hyphen
        Use in compound number from twenty-one to ninety-nine.
        Use in all spelled-out fractions.
        Use in certain compound words.
        Use between words that make up a compound adjective used before a noun.
        Some proper nouns and proper adjectives with prefixes and suffixes.
        Use if part of a word must be carried over from one line to the next.

                                           Insert dashes and hyphens where needed.

1.   Squids, snails, and shellfish all these species are classified as mollusks.

2.   Ms. Boynton’s whimsical work cartoons of animals for greeting cards and calendars rapidly made her a commercial success.

3.   Melissa and Jonathan used a six yard tape measure the longest they could find in the hardware store.

4.   Turn left at the next Look out for that truck!

5.   Angie bought a good looking bike yesterday at Jim’s no, I think it was at Al’s Spoke and Cycle Shop.

6.   The tallest self supporting tower is the CN Tower in Toronto.

7.   Labor saving devices such as vacuum cleaners, washing machines, and toasters became widely used in the 1920’s.

8.   By 1920, fifteen million Model T’s had been sold at can you believe it less than $300 each.
                       Insert semicolons, colons, dashes, and hyphens where needed.

1. Our school has exchange students from these countries Brazil, Kenya, Sweden, and Chile.

2. My class that meets at 930 oh, I hope I won’t be late will discuss student rights.

3. The coach tried everything pep talks, privileges, rallies, toughness to try to improve the team’s morale.

4. The water ballet routine was precisely choreographed furthermore, it was performed flawlessly.

5. Selina prepared for the audition she memorized her lines and practiced her dance.

6. The following are departure times for trains to Union Station 830 a.m., 1200 noon, and 430 p.m. every


7. We ate lunch at a little out of the way country restaurant that featured twenty one different appetizers.

8. In his book On Writing Well, William Zinsser says this “Clutter is the disease of American writing.”

9. Jennifer came to a decision she would attend college after all.

10. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was a great leader accordingly, his birthday has been made a national holiday.

11. We have a factory in Salem, Oregon an office in Buffalo, New York, and a mill at Andover, Massachusetts.

12. The telephone rang it was Ron saying he’d be late.

13. She did not want to go it was dark and windy to the graveyard at midnight on Halloween.

14. The Ten Commandments are found in Exodus 20 7-17.

15. Alana is the sister in law of a well known actor.

16. Lou Schlanger’s class at South Bronx High School I assume these students have impossible schedules begins

    at 710 a.m.

17. We are disappointed in the advertisement it is too small.

18. My brother in law has an astounding appetite last Thanksgiving he ate the following for dinner two large

    turkey legs, three twice baked potatoes, and two thirds of a pumpkin pie!

19. Walter Mitty if he’s a hero then we all are lives an exciting life in his make believe world.

20. That turn of the century mansion has a well bred look.

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