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									              Unit 3 Nuclear Chemistry Board
                       Race Review
Radioactive     Decay Series   Half-Life   Grab Bag O’   Reactors
  Decay                                       Fun

    1               1             1            1           1

    2               2             2            2           2

    3               3             3            3           3

    4               4             4            4           4

    5               5             5            5           5
        Name that particle

I can change a neutron into a proton

I have a negative charge

My symbol is b
What type of decay is being shown?
What is the change in atomic mass when an
atom emits a gamma particle?
Lab coats and goggles would provide shielding
from what type of radiation?
What type of decay is shown below?
What is the product of the alpha
decay of Rn-220?
What particle is released when
Ga-75 decays to Ge-75?
What other product occurs when
Ac-222 releases an alpha particle?
Write the equation that shows
the beta decay of uranium-237
What is the ending particle in the
following decay series?
    Cf-251 undergoes alpha decay
    The daughter under goes alpha decay
    The daughter under goes beta decay
    The daughter under goes alpha decay
Iodine-131 has a half-life of 8 days.
How many grams of I-131 in a 4.0-g
sample remain after 24 days?
Phosphorus-32 has a half-life of 14
days. How long will it take for the P-
32 sample to decay to one-fourth of
its original level?
An 80-mg sample of technetium-99
is used for a diagnostic test.
If Tc-99 has a half-life of 6.0 hr,
how much of the Tc-99 sample
remains radioactive after 24 hours?
Polonium-218 has a half-life of 3.0
minutes. How long will it take a sample
to decay to one-eighth its original mass?
The half-life of radium-226 is 1,600
years. How many milligrams of radium
-226 remain after 8,000 years if the
parent sample is 5.000 mg?
List the three subatomic particles and list
their masses in amu.
In each of the following sets of mystery
elements, determine which species are
          80          82           81
     a.        35X,        35X,         36X

     b. 199X,     19

          23          24           25
     c.        11X,        11X,         11X

     d. 7031X,        70
Determine the isotopic symbol for the

  An isotope of chlorine in which
  A = 37
What type of decay is occurring in
each of the steps below?
If only 25% of the carbon-14 remains,
how old is the material containing the
Fill in the blanks!
What is the roll of the control
rods in a nuclear fission reactor?
What is required for a nuclear reaction to run
at critical mass?

a.Very high temperatures
b.A corrosive environment
c.A particle to collide with a nucleus
d.Spontaneous nuclear decay
e.Gamma emission
What drives the turbine in a nuclear

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