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          JobDash Launches New Platform to Help
         Colleges and Grads Reach Employment Goals
Advanced technology and real-time analytics allows career services professionals to meet
            accreditation requirements and help graduates get hired faster

   •   Dashboard tracks, reports and predicts employment outcomes
   •   Actionable data that shapes job seeker, program and campus behavior
   •   Accurate, real-time analytics designed for accreditation reporting
   •   Developed in partnership with schools and career services professionals

Salt Lake City, Utah, May 05, 2014 – Just as college graduation season begins,
JobDash has announced the launch of its business intelligence solution designed to
help colleges improve student employment outcomes. JobDash combines advanced
dashboard technology, analytics and strategic job search methodology to help job
seekers reach their goals.

With the Class of 2014 entering the workforce, employers are expected to hire 8.6
percent more college graduates than in 2013, according to the National Association
of Colleges and Employers (NACE).

JobDash takes a strategic and comprehensive approach to improving job seeker
productivity by guiding individuals step-by-step through the job search process. The
platform’s predictive analytics and reporting capabilities give colleges valuable insight
into job seeker behavior so they can keep students on-track to get hired. Once a
student earns a job, JobDash can easily and cost effectively help career services
professionals verify employment.

“JobDash supports the work of a university career services department by giving
them real-time data and insight into the job search habits of their students,” said
Dan Caffee, CEO of JobDash. “It goes on to serve students as an invaluable resource
that empowers them to take charge of their job search and reduce the amount of
time they spend looking for a job after graduation.”
Managing student and graduate job search activity from the macro to the
programmatic to the individual levels can be challenging and overwhelming for all
types of colleges – from large research universities to online programs to community
and career colleges. JobDash was built in collaboration with career services
professionals to ensure the solution is easy to use and provides the data and insights
they need for strategic, process-driven conversations with job seekers and
accrediting bodies.

JobDash currently offers full job search management functionality in a secure cloud
based platform. JobDash plans to release native iOS and Android mobile applications
to job seekers by the end of 2014. Future features development also includes
resume customization, video interview practice and social sharing functions.

JobDash is available for university career services departments on a subscription
basis. A free version of the platform is also available for students and other job
seekers at

About JobDash
JobDash helps organizations and job seekers by combining advanced technology and
strategic job search methodology. Built with career services professionals in mind,
JobDash serves as an in-house, business intelligence tool that makes it easy to track
and predict employment outcomes. JobDash also empowers job seekers, helping
them set goals, clear hurdles and get hired faster. Its dashboard technology gives
both job seekers and organizations a fast and easy way to track job search activity,
keeping everyone on course to reach their goals. JobDash is free for job seekers and
offers an enterprise SaaS solution for career services departments in education,
government and non-profit.

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