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					Hamburger Model of Persuasive
                Brown=Bun
                 (Introduction &
                Red=Meat
                 (Reasons 1, 2, & 3)
                Green=Lettuce
                 or detail, for each
                 of the 3 reasons)
    I believe that more people should become
vegetarians for many reasons. Most importantly,
eating meat hurts defenseless animals. They
are often raised and transported in
uncomfortable conditions and they are killed.
There are also healthy reasons not to eat meat.
Studies show the vegetarians are less likely to
have heart disease and cancer. A third reason
is that it takes more natural resources to raise
meat than other foods such as fruits and
vegetables. Not only do you have to raise the
cattle, you have to raise the food and feed the
cattle. For these reasons I hope people who eat
meat will rethink their eating habits and
consider becoming a vegetarian.
  Jumbled Persuasive Paragraph

 Cut out the sentences you were given,
  arrange them in the proper order, and then
  color them brown (bun/intro and
  conclusion), red (meat/reasons), and green
            Jumbled Paragraph Answer
 I think that the use of calculators in middle school classrooms is
  a good thing.
 First, the use of a calculator allows students to do more
  challenging problems that emphasize thinking rather than
 By middle school, students should have already learned the
  basics of computation and even if they didn’t, they should move
  on to more important problem solving skills and let the
  calculator do the number crunching for them.
 Also, the calculator allows you to solve problems that don’t have
  easy numbers.
 Big numbers, decimals, square roots, and long columns of
  numbers can be handled more easily.
 Thirdly, using a calculator is a skill that is important in adult life
  and needs to be practiced.
 Adults use calculators in their jobs and for household tasks such
  as balancing their checkbooks.
 As you can see, there are many good reasons for using
  calculators in the middle school classroom.
      Revise Your Paragraph
 Underline the different parts of your paragraph in
  brown, red and green.
 Does the topic sentence state a clear opinion?
 Do you have at least three reasons with strong
  verbs and adjectives?
 Do you have details for each reason?
 Did you use persuasive phrases?
 Are there any details that should be removed?
 Read your paragraph aloud and listen for flow
  and clarity.

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