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					Problem-Solving Strategy to
    Fund Social Projects

                       Rick Reese
                       YTB Director
              Social Fundraising
                   Weekly Conference & Webinar
• Weekly Social Fundraising Webinar
        • Every Monday, 1pm EST, 12pm CST, 11am MST, 10am PST
        • Every Saturday, 7pm EST, 6pm CST, 5pm MST, 4pm PST

• Who: Pastor’s and Community Leaders

• Agenda
o Opening Prayer

o Presentation

o Questions

o Closing Prayer
              The YTB Solution
            Connecting Merchants to Online Business
• YTB empowers your ministry…
  o To achieve your God inspired vision
  o Take charge of your financial prosperity

• What it will do for you…
  o Provide a tool that empowers you profit from the shift to online
      • Harness and transfer corporate-level, secular wealth
  o Grow your marketplace ministry – business arm extension of local
  o Uniting the ministry of Priests (Pastors) and Kings (Business) - Top
    performers receive YTB-paid Major Medical & $150,000 Life

• What you may want to do next…
  o After the presentation, make arrangements to get started today.
Professional Problem Solvers
• You were created to solve a problem.

• The problem you solve provides the provision for your life.

• Currents of favor will flow into your life the moment you
  solve a problem for somebody.

• The problem you solve determines the salary you earn.

• Many eventually hear about the problem you solve for

• You can only solve a problem for the person who knows
  he has one.

• Money is merely a reward for solving a problem.
          The Problem
Social entrepreneurship: Recognizing a social problem and
  using entrepreneurial principles to organize, create and
       manage a venture to achieve social change .
         The Problem: Electronically
       Connecting to Online Consumers
• Your organization is buying online. Merchants need
  help to electronically connect to consumers…and will
  PAY Your Organization!

• Why?
   o Consumer buying has shifted! We’re not watching TV commercials
     …we’re on the internet. Brick n Mortar has shifted to Click n Order!

• Billions of advertising & marketing dollars are now
  available when you facilitate Business-to-Consumer
  (B2C) transactions online.
The Opportunity
Social entrepreneurs act as the change agents for
society, inventing new approaches, and creating
    solutions to change society for the better.
       Traditional Distribution


3,800 stores in the United States               e
and 2,800 international facilities

                                        30,000 McDonald’s
                                         restaurants in 120

                      e                        …of Goods
                                               and Services
        17,000 stores in 55 countries
        The New Global Distribution
                                        YTBI Develops and
                                            Maintains the
                                        Travel & E-commerce
                                          Business Website

                                                  Social Media
                                                Circle of Friends
                            YOUR             Relationship Marketing

Lead a team of YTB Business Owners to connect a global distribution network!

  2011 Cyber Monday sales exceeded 1.2 billion—up 33%!
     Getting Paid to Do
    What We Already Do
   Clothes & Shoes            Home Projects
   Groceries                  Music/Media Downloads
   Holiday Shopping           Pharmacy
   Eating Out                 Personal Care
   Entertainment              Pets Supplies
   Children Toys & Gifts      School Books & Supplies
   Hobbies & Passions         Vacation & Travel
   House Supplies             Movie & Event Tickets
   Cell Phones & Cable        Health, Auto, Life, Home
   Car, Motorcycle Parts       Insurance
    Supplies                   Specialty Stores
           Shop, Save, Share, & Earn!
Your Name Here

                  Travel Site

                 Provides access to
                 the travel industry

                 Your Organization
                  earns 60% of the
                      for travel
                     booked on
                     your site.
Your Name Here


                                  (Members & Supporters)

                                   30% of the
                                    for travel
                              o    booked or
                         g ot
                       to uu          online
                  lic amZ
                 C Z
                                  shopping on
                                    your site
      Welcome to The Future of Online
      Distribution of Goods & Services
     Shop Over 790 Stores Online!

     YT go B
         BT     a
            rav ck to

A “One Stop Shop” On The Internet
          The Reward
Social entrepreneur comes up with new solutions to social
 problems and then implements them on a large scale.
                 YTB Website…Solve Corporate-Level
                  Problem and Receive The Reward


                                                           YTB Travel & E-commerce Website       -
                                                           Empowers Social Organizations to earn
                                                            corporate-level money when members
 When members shop and book online --                       & supporters shop and book travel on
  Corporate level money flows into the                                   the internet.
      World’s economy by default

                                                          New Approaches to Fund
Gross Profit (ttm):      Gross Profit (ttm):                 Social Programs
    7.64B                    2.22B

      Corporate Economy                                  Fund Social Projects
Join, Organize Affiliate Network, & Earn
• Churches & Organizations purchase a YTB Travel & E-commerce
  Program for $199 today and $50 per month.

• Organization earns 60% of the commission paid when you shop &
  book travel online.

• Build an Affiliate Network and multiply your earnings!
       • No Limit! 10-100-1,000-10,000
       • Earn 30% of commission on Affiliate purchases

• Affiliate Shoppers earn commissions…Church earns 100% MATCH
       • Affiliate Shoppers earn $50…Organization earns $50
       • Affiliate Shoppers earn $100…Organization earns $100
       • Affiliate Shoppers earn $1,000…Organization earns $1,000
   Build An Affiliate Network of
     Members & Supporters

Affiliate Shoppers earn commissions when they shop or
  book travel online…and, the organization earns a 100%

• 50 Affiliate Shoppers earn $10 a month.
     50 shoppers x $10 per month = Raise $500 per month

• 100 Affiliate Shoppers earn $10 a month.
    100 shoppers x $10 per month = Raise $1,000 per month

• 1000 Affiliate Shoppers earn $10 a month.
    1000 shoppers x $10 per month = Raise $10,000 per month
  The Implementation
Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. Behold, I will
do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a
way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.
                                                                      - Isaiah 43:18-19
             Passive Fundraiser
o YTB E-commerce business center pays the organization
 60% of the commission paid to YTB for online purchases.

 • Online travel agency & training included
 • Over 790 of our favorite name-brand stores
 • Over 15 Specialty Businesses (Vocational Training)

o Organization has ability to grow & connect a
 national/global network of members and supporters.

 • Build a Global Affiliate Distribution Network
YTB Travel & E-commerce Program
• Purchase Personalized Travel & E-commerce Website

• $199 one-time, $50 a month (hosting beginning
 in your 2nd month)
• Access to billions of dollars worth of inventory
   o   The same hotels
   o   The same planes
   o   The same cruise lines
   o   The same stores, goods & services

• All available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

• Receive 60% of the commission paid to YTB

                    Turn Fun into Fortune!
             Global Vision
    Build A Network of Partner Organizations

• Build a global distribution network of
  churches and organizations.
  o Ministry & Business Owners
  o Affiliate Network

• Additional ways to raise funds:
  o Earn commissions, incentive cash bonuses,
    and benefits on the sale of specialty
    products & services
Director’s Program (at 500 Travel Store Sales)
           Benefits for Top Performing Organizations!

  Guaranteed Director Pay - $500 - $12,000 a Month
  Company-Paid Health Insurance – United Healthcare
  Company-Paid $150,000 Life Insurance

      $500/mo.                  $12,000/mo.

                 What could you do with an extra   $500
                          - $12,000 /mo.?
Resources to Fund Church, Community Projects, Missions…
                            * YTB-The Problem Solver *
                                 Connecting Business On The Internet

     Merchants                     Pays                      Keeps 100% of
        Pay                     Commissions                 Commission Paid
                                                     Problem Solver
       Problem Solver
                                              - Amazon 7.6B E-commerce
- YTB Travel Network (Travel)
                                              - Expedia 2.2B Travel
- ZamZuu (E-commerce)

                                                           Public Shops and
 YTBI Pays                  Public Shops and                Books Online
  60% of                     Books Online

                                                                  Online Shoppers
The Benefit
               YTB Program Benefits
•   Generate funds from existing network of members & supporters.

•   Free to affiliate members & supporters.

•   Affiliates paid 30% of commission…Organization earns the 100% MATCH.

•   Build and raise funds from an unlimited network of Affiliates.

•   Get paid for performance and productivity…no glass ceiling on earnings.

•   Low participation rate still produces significant revenue.

•   Trackable commissions for Affiliate online shopping and travel bookings.

•   Online purchases and changes are handled directly with the vendors.

•   Top performers receive company-paid medical and insurance.

•   Non-contractual. No Long-term Commitment.
        Next Step – Get Started Today
• Step 1: Set Up Organization
  o Enroll as a Rep
  o Purchase Travel & E-commerce Program

• Step 2: Empower Members & Supporters
  o Schedule Professional Business Reception Event
  o Sign Up Affiliates/Reps/Owners
  o Schedule Training Webinars

• Step 3: Inform Other Organizations
  o Share the fundraising program with other Organizations
  o Teach and Duplicate the YTB Fund Raising Strategy

                  It is time to fund your VISION!
                      The Wrap
Launch the movement to Reclaim the 7 Mountains!
o Weekly Fundraising Webinar- Invite Pastors and Community leaders.
       • Every Monday, 1pm EST, 12pm CST, 11am MST, 10am PST
       • Every Saturday, 7pm EST, 6pm CST, 5pm MST, 4pm PST

o Follow-on Discussions (Immediately after webinar)
        • Conference Number: 218-862-6420, pin 1815721#

o E-Commerce Training Center Website:

o Contact Information:
       Rick Reese, YTB Director
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