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					                                             Academic Physics
                                        Instructor: Mrs. Terri Ogden
                                                  Room 211

Course Goals
        Academic physics is an introductory course designed to teach the basics of physics. This course will
cover linear and projectile motion, inertia, forces, energy, friction, waves, and sound. Be prepared to apply
algebra skills fluently and learn some trigonometry. Mathematics is the language of Physics and helps to define
it. Other topics may be covered time permitting such as optics, electricity, magnetism, thermodynamics, and
students’ interest. Welcome to the science of energy!

    Textbook: Serway, R.A. & Faughn, J.S. (1999). Holt Physics. Holt, Rinehart, and Winston:
           Austin, TX.
    Supplemental materials such as notes, study guides, readings, et cetera will be provided.
    Students are responsible to bring a notebook and writing utensils. A calculator will be assigned to each
       student and will be kept in the classroom.

Grading and Evaluation Procedures
         Grades will be composed of tests, quizzes, laboratory reports, homework, and projects. Grades will be
assigned for completion, correctness, and effort. Grading is based on a point system. Your final grade will be the
points you have earned divided by the total points possible for the course. The number of points depends on
difficulty and length of assignment. Generally, lab reports carry the same weight as tests, so treat them with as
much importance. Homework and lab reports turned in late will be given partial credit at a penalty of one letter
grade per day for each day late!

         Homework/Classwork will be assigned on a regular basis. Some assignments will be graded on
correctness and completeness and others on just completeness. Plan to spend a minimum of fifteen minutes a
night reading and studying for class. Reading ahead in the textbook will serve you very well in attaining a high
level of understanding.
         Notes from reading assignments are due at the beginning of class, and cannot be turned in late, unless you
were absent. Notes not ready at the beginning of class will receive a zero score.
         If I give you class time to work on an assignment and you do not do so, that assignment will not be
accepted the next day and will be given a grade of zero.

Academic Integrity
        All students are expected to abide by the school’s Academic Integrity Policy. This means no copying,
cheating, or plagiarizing. Anyone violating this will receive a zero on the assignment and detention. During an
exam, even looking at another person’s test is considered cheating. Do not let other students copy your work, as
you will both receive a zero. Collaboration on homework or lab reports will occur, but all work should be your
own. Extreme violations of this policy can result in failure for the marking period or course.

Revised 08/28/13
Laboratory and Safety
        Students are expected to behave with proper decorum in laboratory. If any special safety precautions are
required for lab, they will be announced several days in advance. Students who do not follow the safety
procedures will be asked to sit out of lab and complete it on their own time. Rules that should always be
     Wear closed toed shoes. We work with masses that can break your toes!
     Tie long hair back. Nothing is worse than cutting hair out of machinery.
     NEVER have a classmate hold your lab paperwork. Their absence does not excuse you from having
        your lab materials.
     Except when advised, each student will turn in his or her own individual lab report.
     The storage closet is OFF-LIMITS.
     My desk, its contents, and the space behind it are off-limits.

Procedures and Expectations
    Tardiness is not accepted. Class will start on time every day. Students are expected to be in their seats
      working on the opening assignment when class begins.
    Students are expected to be prepared for class. This includes bringing your book, notebook, and writing
      utensil (pen, pencil, et cetera) to class. Calculators should be picked up as you walk in the door.
    On the first day of the week, pick up a bellwork sheet as you enter, sit down and begin working the given
      problem. These will be turned in for credit at the end of the week.
    Be respectful and courteous to everyone in class. This classroom will be a friendly environment and
      harassment-free. Think before you speak or act.
    Restroom passes will only be issued using student agendas. Students must sign out and back in on the
      sign-out sheet next to the door.
    Do not ask for a restroom pass in the middle of instruction.
    My desk and the space behind it is OFF-LIMITS.
    Remember, all school rules in your agenda apply in this classroom as well.
      All assignments, tests, and labs must be handed in on the day they are due, if you are in school at all on
      that day. This includes field trips and sporting events. Feel free to drop assignments off early if you know
      you’ll be absent later. If I am not in my room, you can leave assignments in my mailbox in the main
      office. Missed class due to illness will be handled on a case-by-base basis.

        NOTE: Finished lab reports are a highly sought after commodity… do NOT just leave them lying on my
        desk. There will be a folder available for each class to turn in their labs. If I am not available, leave it in
        my mailbox in the office.

       Ask questions, answer questions, and most importantly, realize that you are who makes this class
        important! And try to have a little bit of fun along the way, too.

Please make an appointment with me at anytime if you need extra help! I can usually stay late if asked in
advance. Time to get help during the school day is possible…I have study hall 1st period, prep period 2,
and math lab on MWF period 3 (but realize that the math students get priority) .… DON’T WAIT !!

Revised 08/28/13

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