How to Start Your Website Design Business in 7 Days

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					Start Your Website Design Business in days!


____________________________________________________________________________ Start Your Website Design Business in 7 Days!


Even non-designers can start a new website design business within a week, and be on their way to making real, honest income offering quality services to other businesses, startups and organizations.


You are surrounded by simple, obvious solutions that can dramatically increase your income, power, influence and success. The problem is, you just don’t see them. -Jay Abraham

Thank you for downloading this guide from We’re glad you’ve taken interest in learning how to Start Your Own Website Design Business with In this guide you will fundamentals of running business. learn the a website

Business To-Dos
There are things outside of setting up websites that you will want to do for your business. You will want to register your business with your state. The easiest is sole proprietor however it has the least amount of legal protection and tax benefits for you as an individual. You will want to register your business name as a fictitional name (around $60) with your state to use it around town. If you decide to register as a corporation or LLC ($70-$150 depending on state) you do not want to register a fictional name. You will also want to register a business license ($20-$60 a year) with your local county and/or city.

By signing up as a Siteria Reseller you will be able to offer Do It Yourself (DIY) websites that will bring you monthly residual income as well as custom designed websites that you can charge hundreds of dollars for. In addition you will be able to offer and earn income from features such as:
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Affordable Pricing Easy to use Site Builder Redundant Hosting Web Design Services Email Accounts Doman Name Registrations and much more..

Once you are setup, we will bill you $29.95 each month as a reseller. Then on the 5th of each month we will send you an invoice of $12 for each of your active accounts (not trial accounts).
____________________________________________________________________________ Start Your Website Design Business in 7 Days!


The successful person makes a habit of doing what the failing person doesn’t like to do. -Thomas Edison

Using the Site Builder
Day 1: Before you even sign up for our Reseller Program, sign up for a free 14 day trial of our web site builder. Here you will see most of the features you will be offering to your clients. Be sure to take a moment and try out each of the following functions. Change Design: Try out couple of the designs so you can see how your clients will be able to change the design their websites simply and easily. Customize Design: Play around with this feature so you can see how changing the colors of the site or changing the background gives you lots of options for each site to be new and unique. A few other functions you should check out are:
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Email Accounts
As a reseller you can offer your clients up to 50 email accounts with your packages. This is an important feature for startup companies. Just think, how many businesses do you know use their email address like By offering your clients one or more email addresses like, your client appears more professional to their clients. You will want to determine how many email accounts each package gets.

Domain Names
By default you can resell domain names from your website service. Simply create a request form on your website so your clients can request what domain name they want. Then email the request to us and we will register it on your behalf. We charge you $10 per year to register a domain and you can charge your client any price you choose. Our optional SMS service has an automated way of registering domain names. You get to choose your backend registrar like Dotster, Regfly or Hostinx and even get discount pricing on domain registration. Your customer will be able to search for domains and find out if they are available instantly, then register their name without any help from you.

Adding Text Adding Images Editing Images HTML Snippets Email Forms

Once you learn how to use these basic functions you will have most of the tools wanted to create websites for others or help them create for themselves. Plus, you can offer up to 30 day free trials for your customers if you choose.

____________________________________________________________________________ Start Your Website Design Business in 7 Days!


A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise your creative instincts. -Richard Branson

Setting Up Your Portal
Day 2: Once you’ve decided to sign-up as a reseller, we will begin the process of setting up your reseller portal. This generally takes two business days to do once we’ve verified the DNS changes to your domain name are complete. If you know how to do this yourself then it should only take a few hours to verify. If you do not, you can point your domain to our name server and we will handle it for you which may be an even quicker option. As you setup your portal you will want to be sure to setup your packages and email address you want use to receive support requests. Days 3 & 4: You will also want to customize your design. We provide for you a basic layout which includes a trial site signup page, a home page and a few other pages. You can change the site design to the style you desire. Then be sure to edit add a few pages like:
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Billing Your Clients
This is one of the easier aspects of the business as you really will only want to set it up once. For each package you offer you can login to our recommended vendor PayPal and create a subscription button to bill your client automatically for the package they choose. After adding this button to the upgrade account page your client will be presented with the option to choose a package then make a payment via PayPal which accepts VISA MasterCard and more. You will then configure PayPal to automatically send an email to our specific account activation address and the customers account will be activated and upgraded all without any work from you. The only thing you will want to do watch the money grow in your PayPal account each month. Should you provide any custom design services, PayPal even has a simple way for you to send your client personalized invoices for each service you provide. Our optional SMS service improves on this process by allowing you to bill your clients on specific days like the 1st of each month as well as gives you a web based interface from which you can view income, expectation and signup reports.

About us Packages Features

By following the instructions in our Reseller Tutorials section, you should be on your way to Launch Day within just a few days.

____________________________________________________________________________ Start Your Website Design Business in 7 Days!


As we go forward, I hope we’re going to continue to make really big differences in how people live and work. -Sergey Brin (Google)

Marketing Your Service
Day 6: There are several ways you can market your service without breaking the bank. Local Directories A few key things you should do is to register your business on Google Local and Yahoo Local. This is the quickest way to get your business noticed in your local area. When someone types in web design in your area, they will see listings and maps of companies that match their search. What number will you be in this list? Search Engines Next you can use a service like to submit your website to over 20 search engines. Think about it, if someone goes to Google, Bing or Yahoo and types in web design, you want your business to come up in the results.

Launch Day
Day 5: Now you are ready to launch your business. You can start your business out with a fanfare by emailing or twittering all of your Facebook buddies. They will be happy for you and may even tell others about your launch. If you’re lucky you may soon have your first clients and cover your monthly cost of running the business. Yehah!!!

Specific Directories Another marketing idea which won’t cost much more than your time would be to select a niche group which you would like to target for websites. For example, if you want to target Hair Salons in your area, search for directories of hair salons and place a classified ad on those sites about your website service. Remember, the free-er the better.

____________________________________________________________________________ Start Your Website Design Business in 7 Days!


Focusing your life solely on making a buck shows a certain poverty of ambition. .. Because it’s only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you realize your true potential. -President Barack Obama

Service and Support
A critical aspect of a website business, which we think is the key to success, is offering quality service and support. We use a two word slogan. Be Available Post it on your walls, write it on your shoes, put it on your screen saver. Of course if you are starting out part time or are busy doing other things, direct inbound phone calls could be a bit interruptive. However, ALMOST everyone has email, so check it regularly. Make sure you clients know how to contact you and respond right away, even if it’s just to say, “We’ll get back to you shortly”. Be willing to help. Your client made the choice to go with your service because of one of a few reasons:
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Staying Informed
Day 7: The key to improving your business is to stay informed and communicate with others who want to help your business grow. As a Siteria Reseller we’re always here to help you and your business. Though we get busy at times we’re constantly checking emails, the support site and scheduling special help for our partners and clients. To signup as a Siteria Reseller click here: Here are a few other ways you can keep up with the latest information.
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You were easier to find than the next web design business You were more affordable than the next web design business Something about your services made you more interesting You gave them quality support and didn't charge them for it.

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We hope this guide gives motivation to get started.

If you decide to give your talents to help others start something they desire, you will have good ventures in your business. Siteria Support ◊

If you do not know how to do something, take the time to find out or feel free to ask us.

____________________________________________________________________________ Start Your Website Design Business in 7 Days!

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Description: Even non-designers can start a new website business within a week, and be on their way to making real, honest income offering quality services to other businesses, startups and organizations.