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Half Credit Courses - nhsbobcatstaffdevelopment


									.5 credit courses                          Art                                Social Studies                          Music

                                           Art Fundamentals                   Advanced Economics              (12)    Music Appreciation
                                           Crafts $$                          Consumer Economics              (12)    Music Theory
Technology Education                       Drawing 1 $$                       Humanities                      (12)    Music Theory II Honors
                                           Fibers $$                          Contemporary Affairs            (12)    Adv. Sports & Act. MB
CADD (Comp. Aid. Dr.&Dgn.)                                                                                            Adv. Sports & Act. MG
Introduction to Materials                                                                                             Computer Programming M
Int. to Graphic Com.& Design 1                                                Computer                                Consumer Economics M
Graphic Com. & Design 2                    Physical Education/Health                                                  Contemporary Affairs M
Graphic Com. & Design 3                                                       Digital Concepts                        Digital Publishing M
Graphic Com. & Design 4                    Team Sports B                      Digital Publishing                      Drawing 1 M $$
Graphic Com. & Design 5                    Team Sports G                      Computer Programming                    Effective Comm. M
Robotics                                   Lifetime Act. B                    Microsoft Office Applications           Family Development M
Int. to Drafting & Eng. Design             Lifetime Act. G                                                            Health M
Digital Photography                        Adv. Sports & Act. B             World Languages                           Int. to Draft. & Eng. Design M
Digital Photography 2                      Adv. Sports & Act. G                                                       Int. to Gr. Com.& Design 1 M
Video Game Design & Programming            Personal Training & Fitness B    Conversational French                     Intro. to Comp. App. M
Engineering Design 3                       Personal Training & Fitness G    Conversational Spanish                    Lifetime Act. MB
                                           Health                                                                     Lifetime Act. MG
Family & Consumer Science                  Canoeing, Boating and Aq. FitnessEnglish                                   Robotics M
                                           Snorkeling and Aq. Games                                                   Safety Education M
Basic Foods $$                                                              Effective Communication           (11-12) Team Sports M B
Test Kitchen $$                            Business                                                                   Team Sports M G
Textile Arts 1                                                              Safety Education                          Percussion Ensemble
Textile Arts 2                             Intro to Business & Finance                                                Jazz History
Family Development                                                          Safety Education                          Brass 101
Lifetime Nutrition $$                                                      Courses in Italics are pre-requisite courses
1.   Log into portal                                                                                          Courses underlined are new courses
2.   Click on picture to activate your page                                                                   $$ Course will have a $20 lab fee
3.   Choose the Course Request Tab (far right hand side) to activate your course request form.
4.   Choose FILL OUT COURSE SECTION and choose the classes you want for next year.
One credit courses                         Science                          Math                              Technology Education

Physical Education/Health                  Earth and Environmental          Intensive Algebra 1               Woodworking 1
                                           Honors Earth and Environmental   Algebra 1 Level 2                 Woodworking 2
Life Guarding                              Biology                          Geometry Level 2                  Woodworking 3
                                           Honors Biology                   Algebra 2 Level 2                 Mass Production in Wood
                                           Field Biology                    Precalculus                       Metals 1
Special Education                          Chemistry I                      Probability&Statistics Level 2    Metals 2
                                           Honors Chemistry I               Algebra 1 Honors                  Metals 3
English 11 Lit and Writing                 AP Chemistry                     Algebra 2 Honors                  Mechanical Engineering Design
English 11 Literacy Skills                 Anatomy/Physiology               Geometry Honors                   Arch./Civil Eng. Design
English 12 Lit and Writing                 Physics of Sports                Precalculus Honors
English 12 Literacy Skills                 Physics                          Calculus                          Music
                                           Honors Physics                   AP Probability & Statistics
                                           Physics II                       Calculus/AP Calculus (AB)         Applied Music
Computer                                   Meteorology                      Personal Finance                  Honors Applied Music
                                           Forensic Science Investigation   Cryptology
Multimedia                                 AP Environmental Science
Computer Repair Technician                 Big History                      World Languages                   Art
Computer Repair Practicum
                                           English                          Intro To French 1                 Art Appreciation
                                                                            French 1                          Art Portfolio $$                (11-12)
Family & Consumer Science                  English 9 Honors                 French 2                          Ceramics 1 $$
                                           English 9 Lev 2                  French 3                          Ceramics 2 $$
Child Development                          Ensligh 9 Lev 3                  French 4                          Drawing 2 $$
Preschool Education 1                      English 10 Honors                Intro To Spanish 1                2 - D Design $$
Preschool Education 2                      English 10 Lev 2                 Spanish 1                         Sculpture Studio $$
                                           English 10 Lev 3                 Spanish 2                         Painting 1 $$
Social Studies                             AP Language and Composition      Spanish 3                         Ceramics 3 $$
U.S. History                     (10)      English 11 Lev 2                 Spanish 4                         Drawing 3 $$
AP US History                              English 11 Lev 3                 AP Spanish Language and Culture
Global Studies                   (11)      AP English Literature and Comp                                     Business
AP Human Geography               (11-12)   English 12 Lev 2
Psychology                       (11-12)   English 12 Lev 3                                                   Accounting 1
Sociology                        (11-12)   Yearbook Production                                                Accounting 2
Human Relations                  (11-12)                                                                      Business & Personal Law
AP Comparative Gov. & Politics   (11-12)                                                                      Marketing
Big History

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