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									                             Community Covenant Church Upsala, MN
                              Youth Pastor Job Description January 2014
                        Welcome to Community Covenant Church – Upsala, Minnesota
Now 125 years “young,” Community Covenant Church is a great place to minister. Words normally associated with rural
work often include “lonely,” “slow-paced,” “limited,” and “old-fashioned.” None of these words, however, fit our church
nor do they describe the Upsala community.

To be sure, Upsala is central Minnesota rural as evidenced by the rolling hillsides, picturesque family farms, and the 50+
lakes that are within an hour’s drive. While the city signs read “Upsala 424,” the lakes area and surrounding farms and
homesteads swell the community head count to over 1500. As one would expect, opportunities abound for the sportsman
and outdoor recreationalist and yet “city life” (e.g. shopping centers, entertainment, and stoplights) can be enjoyed after a
short forty-minute ride to metro St. Cloud (population 200,000+) or Little Falls (population 8300). As for the church
itself, a great deal of attention is given to the Upsala community, but in actuality, Community Covenant Church is a tri-
county ministry reaching 20 miles in all directions. Additional cities of opportunity include Swanville and Elmdale to the
north, Grey Eagle to the west, Holdingford and Albany to the south, and Bowlus to the east.

Over the last 20+ years, Community Covenant Church has defied the trends of rural ministry by sustaining Sunday
morning attendance levels of 160-180. Wednesdays are active, too, with children’s, youth, and family outreaches that
routinely touch over 100 people. This healthy church size has enabled us for the past fifteen years to employ a second full-
time staff dedicated to working with young people and their families. While committed to nurturing and disciplining
children and teens within the church, Community Covenant’s youth pastors have effectively served as ministers to youth
of the entire community through connections in the schools, partnerships with other local churches, and strong ties to two
local Bible camps, Lake Beauty Covenant Bible Camp and Camp Lebanon. Because missions and denominational
cooperation are also central priorities in our church life, the field of dreams expands to destinations such as a Boys’ Home
in Kingston, Jamaica, the University of Tennessee for the Evangelical Covenant’s tri-annual youth gathering, and
Minneapolis for shared events with sister church youth groups.

Committed to fulfilling the Great Commission in our special part of the world, Community Covenant Church would like
to soon add a new Youth Pastor to take the ministry to new levels of effectiveness in growing disciples of Jesus Christ.
So in evaluating this opportunity, the best words to describe the experience for this motivated youth minister will be “fast-
paced,” “intentional,” “unlimited,” and “cutting edge.” And to God be all the glory!

Position Title: Youth Pastor – Full Time
Primary Focus: Junior High & Senior High Secondary Focus: 5th & 6th grade & Young Adults
Position Mission Statement:
        Through evangelism, active discipleship, and the promotion of Christian fellowship, the Youth Pastor
        shall grow disciples of Jesus Christ and coordinate all aspects of CCC ministries to junior and senior high
        students and their families. In all ministries, the Youth Pastor will plan, coordinate, communicate,
        discipline, and lead in a manner that will strive for excellence, integrity, and God-honoring behavior in all
        matters. Additionally, the Youth Pastor shall encourage the spiritual growth and connect with fifth and
        sixth graders and young adults.
    Lives out a personal relationship with Jesus Christ evidenced by spiritual growth and outreach.
    Leads a life that is morally and ethically consistent with the example and teachings of Jesus Christ.
    Agrees without hesitation to adhere to the 6 Covenant Affirmations.
                 From Community Covenant Constitution Preamble: The Evangelical Covenant Church
                 adheres to the affirmations of the Protestant Reformation regarding the Bible. It confesses
                 that the Holy Scripture, the Old and the New Testament, is the Word of God and the only
                 perfect rule for faith, doctrine, and conduct. It affirms the historic confessions of the
                 Christian Church, particularly the Apostles’ Creed and Nicene Creed, while emphasizing
                 the sovereignty of the Word of God over all creedal interpretations.
    Experienced in leading youth ministries.
    Able to plan and organize large and small group events.
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       Experienced in training and supervising volunteer staff.
       Knowledgeable in matters of spiritual, emotional, physical and cognitive development of youth.
       Able to provide biblical guidance to both parents and youth on contemporary issues.
       Earned a college degree or the equivalent in youth ministry or a related field.
       Possess excellent people skills.
       Able to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing.
       Aware of the need for safety and accountability in displaying appropriate behavior to students.

    Immediate Supervisor – Lead Pastor
    Curriculum & Program Decisions – Youth Ministry Team, Children’s Ministry Team
    Encouragement & Feedback – Youth Ministry Team
    Policy/Position Overseer & Evaluation – CCC Leadership Team

Areas of Responsibility:
Primary Focus
     Provide leadership over all aspects of the CCC Youth Ministry (grades 7-12).
     Develop relationships with and be a positive role model for youth.
     Work in cooperation with lead pastor to give direction to the Confirmation program.
     Be intentional about connecting with the students in their schools.
     Provide spiritual guidance and encouragement for youth in the community.
     Establish a Youth Team comprised of student leaders and adult sponsors to help coordinate youth social
       events, evangelism, mission experiences, discipleship efforts, Bible studies and fundraising activities.
     Enlist help from parents and other adults of the church for each youth event.
     Communicate regularly with and support parents.
     Visit youth who are hospitalized or home bound.
     Be involved with and encourage attendance to our local Bible Camps – both Lake Beauty and Camp

    Provide guidance to the Children’s and Youth Ministry Teams of Community Covenant Church,
       overseeing Infant to Young Adult programming.
    Administrate the CCC Safety Guidelines established by the Leadership Team, including compliance with
       the standards established in the most current version of the Reduce the Risk form.

Additional Job Related Expectations
    Maintain an active devotional life.
    Care and nurture your family as a top priority.
    Establish an accountability partnership with a mentor or small group of adult friends.
    Meet weekly with the Senior Pastor for direction, ministry planning, and mutual support.
    Post and maintain regular office hours for planning, study, meetings, and drop-in visits.
    Participate in Sunday morning youth activities and congregational worship.
    Assist with worship leading as requested.
    Write an annual ministry report to be submitted to the Leadership Team and Congregation at the Annual
    Attend at least two professional/spiritual growth events each year, paid for by the church.
    Attend the Northwest Conference Annual Meeting in April.
    Support the Covenant denomination and various events promoted by the NWCC.
    Attend the Covenant Youth Pastors meetings held in Minneapolis.
    Assist the Senior Pastor as needed.

Notes of Interest:
       Church Website is
       Salary will be based on experience and education
       *Most recent Youth and Family Pastor’s salary – cash 30,541.00, plus parsonage, pension, health
       insurance and continuing education.
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