Marketing rep letter template by lizzy2008


									Hello <Insert Contact Name Here>,

My name is <Insert Your Name Here>. I am a Marketing Representative for Our
goal as a business is to focus on helping schools and organizations help themselves.
delivers fun, personalized products to suit the growing and changing needs of students, athletes, faculty,
and teams while helping schools and organizations financially as well. How do we do this? For every
purchase the community makes in your name, will cut you a monthly check for 10%
of the earnings. With no minimums or maximums to deal with, 10% adds up quick!

Sign-up is free, and so is the School Marketing Kit that includes everything you’ll need to spread the
word about this great opportunity. This kit doubles as a product sample, including a high quality X-
Frame banner customized with your school mascot and colors, a set of catalogs, a custom catalog
holder, and a hefty stack of flyers. Though the products tend to market themselves once you’ve planted
the seed, I’ll be there to help with any recommendations or questions you may have. To check out what
comes in your free School Marketing Kit, please see the attachment. For your convenience, I’ve also
attached a Sign-Up Form.

If a renewed sense of school pride and extra funds sounds good to you, I’d love to hear from you! Again,
signing up is completely free and can be incredibly rewarding for your school or organization. If you’d
like more information on this program, please feel free to reply to this email or call me at <Insert Your
Phone Number Here>. Also, if interested, you can visit our website at If I don’t
hear from you in the next few days, I’ll follow up with a phone call.

Thank you,

<Insert Your Name Here>
Marketing Representative
Phone: <Insert Your Phone Number Here>
Fax: 309.827.9370

      P: <Insert Your Phone Number Here> | F: 309.827.9370 | <Insert Your Email Here>

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