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					                                                                       dignity & respect

           Campus Security
                                                                      newsletter                              fall 2006

                                                                  Burnaby introduces
                                                                  community liaison
                                                                  Managing the rapid growth atop the mountain at Burnaby
                                                                  campus and staying on top of developing trends certainly
                                                                  poses its own unique set of challenges. As the campus and
                                                                  adjacent community continue to expand and develop in
                                                                  the coming years, Campus Security hopes to address these
                                                                  challenges head on with the recent introduction of the
Zone	liaison	supervisors	attend	to	the	growing	campus	community
                                                                  Community Liaison program within its ranks.

    in this issue                                                 Over the past two years, the implementation of the
    1	    Burnaby	Campus	Zone	Liaison	Program                     latest technologies has allowed Campus Security to more
                                                                  accurately document its activities and effectively analyze
    2	    Vancouver	Feature                                       growing trends to develop anti-crime and pro-active
                                                                  community policing practices. While these efforts have
    3	    Surrey	Feature
                                                                  contributed to a safer community, this information has
    4	    News	and	Tips	from	your	Security	Team                   not always been shared with the campus community as a
                                                                  whole. Further, for many departments, access to security
    6	    Faces	of	Campus	Security:	                              resources may not have appeared to be readily available
    	     Meet	Supervisor	Jim	Poulin
                                                                  even in the most minor of circumstances.
    6	    Wallet	Recovered	After	Three	Decades
                                                                  In order to establish a greater connection to the
    7	    Meet	your	Burnaby	Zone	Liasons                          community, Patrol Operations Supervisors have each
                                                                  assumed increased responsibility for specific zones on
    10	 RCMP	and	SFU:	A	Partnership	in	Safety
                                                                  campus (see page 7 for details). As zone liaisons, these
    11	   Campus	Student	Patrol                                   Supervisors act as a first point of contact for departments
                                                                  and individuals within their zone to address non-
    12	 Concord	Security	at	SFU                                   emergency security concerns and complaints. These
    	                                                             security contacts are also available to communicate any
                                                                  follow up action on security incidents occurring within
    special pull - out section :                                  your area of the campus.
    Campus	Security	information,	resources		
    and	contacts	at	a	glance                                      For more information on the community liaison program,
                                                                  visit the campus security website at

                         serving burnaby, vancouver and surrey campuses
    sfu vancouver
                                       Introducing SFU Vancouver
SfU Vancouver currently                                                        Patti-Lea	Ryan,	
consists of three buildings.                                                   Operations	Supervisor
Security is located on the
main floor of each building:                                                   SFU Vancouver, consisting of Harbour
                                                                               Centre, Morris J Wosk Centre for
    	SfU at Harbour Centre	                                                    Dialogue and the Segal Graduate
     515	West	Hastings	Street,	
                                                                               School of Business in the downtown
     Vancouver | 604-291-5029	
     	                                                                         core, certainly provides its own unique
    Monday	–	Thursday		                                                        environment and culture distinct from
    7:30	am	–	10:30	pm	                                                        the other Simon Fraser University
    Friday	7:30	am	–	9:00	pm	
                                                                               Campuses. With our front doors
    Saturday	7:45	am	–	6:00	pm
                                                                               opening onto Hastings Street and
    	Morris J Wosk                                                             Granville Street, Campus Security
     Centre for Dialogue	                                                      has been involved with a number
     550	West	Hastings	Street,	                                                of situations where their experience
     Vancouver | 604-268-7944	
     	                                                                         and professionalism have been well
    Monday	–	Friday		                                                          demonstrated.
    7:00	am	–	6:00	pm	
                                       The security team at SFU Vancouver are our daily heroes, managing situations
    	Segal Graduate School             which sometimes go above and beyond the call of duty. Most often, these
     of Business	                      actions go unrecognized by the majority of the campus community as they
     500	Granville	Street,	Vancouver   are handled with such tact and discretion. Security does more than lock and
     604-268-7911	                     unlock doors upon request. They assist the campus community by responding
    Monday	–	Friday		                  to everything from lost and found inquiries to attending medical emergencies
    7:30	am	–	6:00	pm	                 — often simultaneously. The radios are blipping and bleeping all over the
                                       place. These are very busy people.
Have instructions for                  The security team               Need to know a room number or need
SfU Vancouver security?
                                       at SFU Vancouver                directions? The guards are a wealth of
Please	direct	them	to	Supervisor,	                                     information about the daily happenings on
Life	Safety	and	Security	and/or	Roy	   are our daily heroes,           campus, from regularly scheduled classes to
Stuart	at to	pass	                                      special events.
                                       managing situations
along	to	the	guards.		
                                       which sometimes go               Need a service provided by catering or LIDC?
                                                                        Campus Security is more than happy to direct
                                       above and beyond                 such requests made to the non-emergency line
                                       the call of duty.                (local 5029). Far too often, requests for more
                                                                        coffee, doors to be unlocked or similar service
     604-291-5252		(local	5252)
                                       calls tie up the emergency line ( local 5252), potentially preventing security
    	NON-EMERGENCY                     from responding to critical incidents and actual emergencies.
     604-291-5029		(local	5029)
                                       Need to leave the room or your office for a minute? Make sure that
                                       everything precious is out of sight and that the door is securely closed and
                                       locked. Things go missing in a flash. And once it’s done, it’s done; we can’t
                                       take back the moment.

         campus security newsletter                  fall 2006
      sfu surrey
                                        Introducing SFU Surrey
SfU Surrey security is located          Vern	May,	Security	Programs	and	Standards
at the top of the stairs on the
                                        The Surrey Campus has a new home at the base of Central City tower. As
mezzanine level as you enter
                                        the community adjusts our greatly expanded space, the Campus Security
the campus.                             team is also experiencing its most significant growth since the introduction
                                        of SFU Surrey.
  	Campus	Security	is	on	site	24-	
   hours	per	day,	though	the	hours	                                                          Now, for the first
   of	operation	for	various	campus	
   departments	varies.	For	detailed	                                                         time, SFU Surrey
   information	about	campus	hours,	
   please	ask	security	in	person	at	
                                                                                             will be represented
   the	service	desk.                                                                         by its own security
Have instructions for                                                                        personnel on a
SfU Surrey security?
                                                                                             24-hour basis.
Please	direct	them	to	the	
Operations	Coordinator,	Diane	
MacKay	(,	          Campus Security at Surrey has always had a good working relationship
or	the	Patrol	Operations	Supervisor,	   with the contract security teams supplying overnight coverage and patrol
Jim	Poulin	( to	         resources to both the tower and the shopping centre. Now, for the first time,
pass	along	to	the	guards.	
                                        SFU Surrey will be represented by its own security personnel on a 24 hour
                                        basis. In consultation with security management at the Burnaby campus, SFU
                                        Surrey security has developed protocols and response procedures consistent
                                        with those at the primary campus. Patrol Operations Supervisor Jim Poulin
                                        has been assigned (on loan) to us to facilitate this transition to the new space,
                                        as well as the implementation of the new, expanded security team.
  	all CallS
   778-782-7511	/	local	27511
                                        You can find us 24 hours a day at the top of the stairs on the mezzanine level
                                        as you enter the campus. Contract security staff has been trained to address a
                                        wide variety of security needs as identified by the community and are more
                                        than happy to assist you should the need arise. All contract security personnel
                                        are certified at Occupational First Aid level two and are trained to respond
                                        to a variety of minor medical situations which may occur on campus. We are
                                        also at the ready to provide directions and campus information to help you
                                        find your way around our new space.

                                        Certainly, there will be a period of adjustment as the move is completed and
                                        offices/service areas are once again fully staffed. We appreciate your patience
                                        during this process and look forward to serving you now and into the future.

                                                     fall 2006         campus security newsletter                         
From the Director’s Office                                                   Nick	Coutu,	Director	of	Campus	Security

                     It is an exciting         most of the wealth of expertise and     University community and will
                     time for Campus           knowledge possessed by members of       continue to play a vital role in our
                     Security as we            the campus security team, we strive     security strategy.
                     continue to               daily to not only meet, but to exceed
                     evolve to best            the expectations of the Campus          We look forward to every opportunity
                     embrace the               community.                              to support the community and the
perpetual changes and improvements                                                     ongoing development of security
that are taking place at all three             Within Campus Security, probably
                                                                                       strategies and practices at all three
campuses.                                      our greatest resource is our people.
                                                                                       existing SFU campuses now and into
                                               Bringing with them a variety of
                                                                                       the future.
Whether it be identifying new                  backgrounds in law enforcement,
security technologies, developing              community policing, and corporate/
new and efficient protocols, or                commercial security, the Campus                  >>
finding new ways to make the                   Security team is active within the

Campus Security                                Raising the Bar
                   news l e t t e r
                                               Vern	May,	Security	Programs	and	Standards

Campus	Security	is	committed	to	being	
responsive	to	the	community	in	the	                               As the Campus        Urban Search and Rescue training,
delivery	of	quality	services.	Recognizing	                        grows, the           education in the Incident Command
our	shared	responsibility	to	maintain	
                                                                  community            System — which is an emergency
order	while	affording	dignity	and	respect	
                                                                  expectation of       response structure adopted by many
to	every	individual,	our	objective	is	
to	improve	the	quality	of	life	through	
                                                                  Campus Security      police, fire, and ambulance service
community	partnership	which	promotes	                             also increases.      agencies across North America.
a	safe,	secure	community.                      Long gone are the days when simply      These initiatives complement the
                                               locking and unlocking doors fulfilled   professional development available
                                               the mandate of the Department.          through the Justice Institute of British
                                                                                       Columbia for our security staff.
                                               In order to best serve the Campus
FOR	MORE	INFORMATION		|		604-291-3100               community, the security team at         In this manner, Campus Security
                                               Burnaby Mountain and Surrey             is better equipped to deal with
The	Campus	Security	Newsletter	is	             Campus secures training for the         emergencies as they affect the SFU
published	semi-annually	and	is	distributed	
throughout	the	Burnaby,	Surrey,	and	           Patrol Operations Shift Supervisors     community.
Vancouver	campuses.	This	publication	
is	also	available	on-line	at
                                               in a variety of emergency response
security.	                                     techniques. This includes annual
editor			Vern	May                              certification in the use of Automated
design		The	Design	Group,		                    External Defibrillators (AED), Light
														University	Relations

Special	thanks	to	all	the	dedicated	
professionals	who	have	contributed	their	
knowledge	and	expertise	to	this	publication.

          campus security newsletter                         fall 2006
Protecting Your Property
Steve	MacLean,	Manager,	Patrol	Operations
                                                                                    Did you know?
                    Campus Security strives to create a positive relationship
                    with the community. We do our best to ensure that people        Campus	Security	patrol	officers	are	vigilant
                                                                                    in pro-active security initiatives	and	
                    and property on campus are well protected, but we can’t
                                                                                    conduct	routine	door	and	window	checks	of	
                    be everywhere all the time — we rely on input from
                                                                                    the	entire	campus.
                    the community as well to assist in the creation of a safe
                                                                                    On	average,	patrol	officers	discover	357	
                                                                                    insecure	doors	each	month.	In	2005,	this	
                                                                                    amounted	to	a	total	of	4,283	insecurities	
To protect yourself from theft, it’s important that you ‘target-harden’ your
valuables. For your car, although we patrol the parking lots very frequently,
it only takes a thief mere seconds to break in. To make your vehicle a less         The	Personal	Safety	Coordinator	is	available	
attractive target, use a visible anti-theft device such as a “Club” or similar      to	provide	workshops for students, staff,
product. Don’t leave valuables visible in your vehicle — even a few cents           and faculty	throughout	the	year	on	topics	
worth of change in your console is incentive enough for some thieves. For           related	to	personal	safety	and	security,	not	
your office, close the blinds and turn off the lights after hours. Secure your      only	on	campus,	but	for	daily	life.

laptop and other valuables, and don’t leave petty cash or change in an              In	2005,	more	than	25	of	these	workshops	
unsecured desk drawer or cabinet.                                                   were	presented	for	campus	groups	over		
                                                 >>                 the	year.	

Transit Safety                           SkyTrains are equipped with several        • plan your route to minimize waiting
Laura	MacDonald,                         safety features:                             time at stations or bus stops
Personal	Safety	Coordinator              • silent alarms — yellow strips located    • while waiting for bus/trains stay in a
                                           above train windows that you can           central location near others
                       With all three
                                           press to alert SkyTrain staff of a       • wait in the designated wait areas
                       SFU campuses
                                           security concern on-board                • if someone bothers you or makes
                       easily accessible
                                         • speaker phones — located near the          you feel uneasy, move towards
                       by SkyTrain and
                                           doors of the train, providing two-way      other people and notify transit staff
                       public bus, more
                                           communication with SkyTrain staff        • be aware that pickpockets take
                       people at SFU
                                           in urgent situations                       advantage of noise and crowd
are choosing to use public transit.
                                         • emergency cabinets — located on            distractions to steal wallets
This can be a safe and enjoyable way
                                           SkyTrain platforms and contains and        and purses
to commute — provided that you
                                           emergency phone, fire extinguisher,      • know where you might be able to
make a conscious effort to be aware
                                           and an emergency train stop button         get help along your transit route:
of your surroundings. Here are some
                                         • designated waiting areas — safety          eg., stores, restaurants, public
safety tips to increase your personal
                                           zones with increased lighting,             phones
safety while in transit.
                                           emergency phones, and CCTV               • report any suspicious activity or
Transit security within the Lower          surveillance located on all platforms.     persons to transit authorities.
Mainland has increased with the
                                         Safety Tips:                               Remember that awareness is your
introduction of the Transit Police
                                         • always be aware of your surroundings     greatest tool for personal safety.
Force. Uniformed officers now patrol
                                         • wearing headphones that can distract
the buses, skytrains, stations, and
                                           you and make you a potential target               >>
surrounding areas to enhance public
                                         • carry only necessary items with you                   604-291-5450
safety, providing an additional layer
                                         • keep handbags and backpacks close
of security for transit users.
                                           to you during your journey

                                                       fall 2006          campus security newsletter                             
Did you know?                                      Faces of Campus Security
                                                   GETTING	TO	KNOW	THE	FOLKS	BEHIND	THE	UNIFORM
All	Campus	Security	patrol	officers	are	
certified at Occupational first aid (Ofa)          Jim Poulin, Shift Supervisor, Patrol Operations
level 2.	In	this	role,	security	personnel	are	
tasked	to	respond	to	most	first	aid	medical	
                                                                        Security Supervisor Jim Poulin has been with the
calls	on	campus.		Each	year,	the	number	of	                             Campus Security Department since 2004 and brings
medical	calls	increases:                                                with him 30 years of police experience both in
   2004:	241	responses                                                  investigative patrol as well as community service.
   2005:	329	responses	                                                 As a member of the Delta Police Department, Poulin
   2006:	178	responses	(to	date)                                        served as a Senior Police Section responsible for all
                                                                        zone-policing duties. In a community policing role, he
Campus	Security	is	tasked	with	a variety of        was responsible for the Ladner Community Police station for three years and
services,	which	include,	but	are	not	limited	to:
                                                   was assigned as a school liaison officer for 4 years in that community.
   •	Security	patrols
   •	Building/room	access                          Supervisor Poulin has received numerous awards for his community work
   •	Detection	of	insecurities                     including the Lt. Governor’s Meritorious Award of Distinction, The Solicitor
   •	Alarm	response                                General’s Provincial Crime Prevention and Community Safety award, and
   •	Traffic	Enforcement
                                                   several Police Board Commendations.
   •	The	SFU	Road	Report
   •	Battery	Boosts
                                                   Jim Poulin has been assigned to the Surrey campus to oversee the
   •	First	Aid	provision
                                                   development of the campus security team as they adapt to the environment
   •	Safe	Walk	escorts
                                                   of the new campus space in autumn 2006.
   •	Lost	&	Found
   •		Key	&	Access	Card	issue
   •	Emergency	response

  Wallet and Owner re-united after 3 decades
  Visitors to the Simon Fraser University Campus on Burnaby Mountain
  are often overwhelmed by the vastness of the ever-growing community,
  and often worry that they’ll get lost as they try to make their way to their
  on campus destination. This may also be the concern for lost property on
  campus. Given the size of the campus, once something has been lost, what
  are the chances of it being found?

  Former undergraduate student Karin Konstantynowicz most certainly had
  thought that her wallet was lost forever when it was first misplaced on
  campus. Recently, she received a call that Campus Security had received
  her wallet and it was available for pick up. Ms. Konstantynowicz was most
  amazed by this development, as her wallet had been missing since 1978.
  Contractors working in the Robert C. Brown hall discovered the wallet
  when they demolished a wall during scheduled renovations and promptly                 Former	SFU	student	Karin	Konstantynowicz	
                                                                                        re-united	with	lost	wallet	after	30	years.
  turned it over to Campus Security. Within hours of receiving the wallet,
  Security staff were able to track down the owner and see that the item
  was returned.

           campus security newsletter                          fall 2006

                campus security InFOR maTIOn a T a glan Ce

Emergencies on Campus                                                   EMERGENCY CONTaCTS
At	the	Burnaby	campus,	Campus	Security	is	recognized	as	the	first	      BURNaBY
responders	for	all	emergency	situations	on	campus.	Emergencies	         EMERGENCY ............. 4500
include:	medical	response,	fires,	automobile	accidents,	security	       604-291-4500
alarms,	and	other	unexpected	occurrences	which	can	arise.	
                                                                        NON-EMERGENCY ... 3100
The	Campus	Security	communication	office	coordinates	all	
emergency	responses	on	campus	and	initiates	calls	to	off	
campus	response	agencies	(police,	fire,	ambulance)	as	required.	
The	communication	office	ensures	the	best	use	of	on	campus	             VaNCOUVER
resources	such	as	the	Health	Career	and	Counseling	Centre	              EMERGENCY ............. 5252
(HCCC)	in	emergency	situations.                                         604-291-5252
Detailed	information	about	Campus	Security’s	role	in	emergency	         NON-EMERGENCY.... 5029
response	can	be	found	at	the	front	of	the	new	campus	telephone	

VaNCOUVER                                                               SURREY
Medical Emergency There	are	Occupational	First	Aid	(OFA)	               EMERGENCY ............. xxxx
level	2	attendants	on	site	during	regular	work	hours.	Call	Security	    604-
on	the	Emergency	line	(5252).	You	will	be	asked	to	give	your	
                                                                        NON-EMERGENCY.... xxxx
location	and	identify	the	problem.	An	OFA	level	2	attendant	will	be	
dispatched	immediately.	If	the	person	is	unconscious,	call	911	first.   604-

SFU	Vancouver	Health	Services	is	open	Tuesday	to	Friday	10:00	
am	to	5:30	pm	(closed	for	lunch	between	1:30	and	2:30	pm).	
Health	Services	can	be	reached	by	phone	at	local	5200                   PlEaSE DO NOT USE
                                                                        EMERGENCY lINES fOR:
Suspicious Person If	you	see	a	suspicious	person,	call	the	
Emergency	line	(5252)	to	report	it.                                     •	reporting	uncomfortable	room		
SURREY                                                                  •	requests	to	lock/unlock	rooms
                                                                        •	to	report	audio/visual	difficulties
                                                                        •	to	order	catering
                                                                        •	parking	inquiries

                           fall 2006         campus security newsletter              InFORmaTIOn InSeRT
    lOST & fOUND

     campus security In FOR maTIOn a T a glan Ce

 CONTaCTS                                 lost and found at SfU
 BURNaBY                                  BURNaBY

 OffICE: TC 050 (in	the	Security	         Lost	and	Found	items	on	Burnaby	Campus	are	generally	directed	
 Patrol	/	Information	office              to	Campus	Security	where	they	are	logged	and	retained	for	a	
 604-291-5451                             period	of	90	days.

 Monday	–	Friday	 7	am	–	11	pm            Lost	and	Found	at	Burnaby	Campus	receives	an	average	of	336	
 Saturday	          8	am	–	9	pm           items	per	month	and	an	annual	total	of	more	than	4,000	items		
 Sunday	            8	am	–	3:30	pm        per	year.

 VaNCOUVER                                In	an	effort	to	provide	the	best	possible	service	to	the	community,	
 Located	in	the	guard booths		            the	Burnaby	Campus	can	now	view	lost	and	found	items	online	at	
 located	on	the	main	floor	of		 	(see	James	Perrin’s	article	on	Returnity	
 each	SFU	Vancouver	building.             on	page	8	of	the	newsletter).

 Monday	–	Friday	 7:30	am	–	10:30	pm
                                          Lost	and	Found	items	are	collected	at	the	security	guard	booths	at	
 Saturday	          7:45	am	–	6	pm
                                          each	of	the	three	SFU	Vancouver	buildings.	All	items	are	logged	
 MORRIS J WOSk                            and	retained	for	90	days	as	per	recognized	SFU	policy.

 604-268-7944                             If	you	have	lost	an	item,	check	with	the	security	station	at	that	
                                          building	to	inquire	if	your	item	has	been	turned	in.
 Monday	–	Friday	 7	am	–	6	pm

 Monday	–	Friday	 7:30	am	–	6	pm

 Located	in	the	guard booths		

InFORmaTIOn InSeRT                campus security newsletter                  fall 2006
                                                                  SafE Walk PROGRaM

                campus security InFOR maTIOn a T a glan Ce

Safe Walk Program                                                           CONTaCTS

BURNaBY                                                                     BURNaBY
Anyone	to	anywhere	at	any	time.	In	brief,	this	describes	the	Safe	          Safe	Walks	can	be	requested	in	person		
Walk	program	at	Burnaby	Campus.	Escorts	are	available	for	                  at	the	Campus	Security	office	(TC	050)		
students,	faculty,	staff	and	visitors	to	the	campus	at	any	time	of	the	     or	by	telephone	at	604-291-3100
day	or	night	throughout	the	year	to	and	from	destinations	on	campus.		
                                                                            Safe	Walks	can	be	requested	at	any		
From	September	through	to	May,	the	Safe	Walk	program	is	                    time,	but	during	much	of	the	year,	the	
augmented	by	a	dedicated	evening	shift	from	Monday	to	Friday	               dedicated	Safe	Walk	hours	are:
provided	by	the	Campus	Student	Patrol	who,	walking	in	pairs,	provide	
escorts	to	and	from	classes,	to	and	from	parking	lots,	and	to	and	from	       Monday	–	Friday	      6	pm	–	11	pm
Campus	Residences	upon	request.
                                                                            A	Safe	Walk	station	is	in	the	main	
A	Safe	Walk	station	has	been	established	in	the	main	concourse	
                                                                            concourse	of	the	Harbour	Centre		
of	the	Harbour	Centre	Campus.	This	station	provides	a	focal	point	
                                                                            buildling,	with	groups	leaving	to	adjacent	
where	faculty,	staff,	students,	and	visitors	can	meet	and	walk	together	
                                                                            parking	lots	every	half	hour,	on	the	hour	
in	groups	to	adjacent	parking	lots.
                                                                            and	half-hour.	Or	call	604-291-5029

Persons	who	wish	to	use	the	Safe	Walk	program	can	attend	the	Safe	          Safe	Walk	hours:	
Walk	station	every	30	minutes,	on	the	hour	or	half	hour.	The	third	           Monday	–	Thursday	 6	pm	–	10	pm
person	will	continue	to	drive	their	vehicle	alongside	the	last	remaining	     Friday	     	      6	pm	–	8:30	pm
persons	until	both	other	persons	are	safely	inside	their	vehicles.	No	
                                                                            611 alexander location:	Special	
group	shall	be	smaller	than	three	persons.
                                                                            arrangements	have	been	made	for		
At	any	Vancouver	Campus	building,	you	can	request	a	Safe	Walk	              Safe	Walks	from	this	location.	Please	
from	Campus	Security	to	any	destination	within	a	one	block	radius	of	       speak	with	the	technician	on	site	for	more	
that	building.                                                              information.

SURREY                                                                      SURREY
                                                                            Call	604-xxx
                                                                            Safe	Walk	hours:	
                                                                             Monday	–	Thursday	 x	pm	–	xx	pm
                                                                              Friday	        	      x	pm	–	xx	pm

                           fall 2006          campus security newsletter                   InFORmaTIOn InSeRT

       campus security In FOR maTIOn a T a glan Ce

 CONTaCTS                                  Parking at SfU
                                           As	there	is	a	natural	cross-over	between	personal	safety	and	
 Parking	Services	is	located	on	the	3rd	   security,	as	well	as	visible	deterrence	for	property	crime,	parking	
 floor	at	the	northwest	entrance	to	the	   at	the	Burnaby	campus	is	managed	under	the	umbrella	of	Campus	
 West	Mall	Complex.	604-291-5534
 Monday	–	Friday	 8:30	am	–	4:30	pm
                                           Parking	is	available	on	campus	for	faculty/staff,	students	and	
                                           visitors.	There	are	seven	designated	lots	for	faculty/staff	and	
 Parking	information	for	400	West	         students,	and	five	visitor	parking	lots.	For	more	information,	refer	to	
 Cordova	lot:	604-681-2233                 the	parking	website	at

 SURREY                                    VaNCOUVER
 xxx                                       The	Vancouver	Campus	does	not	have	its	own	dedicated	parking	
                                           lot,	but	does	have	access	to	a	number	of	neighboring	parking	

                                           The	most	convenient	lots	for	SFU	at	Harbour	Centre	are	located	
                                           at	400	and	500	West	Cordova	Street,	respectively.	The	400	
                                           lot	offers	a	special	rate	for	SFU	evening	students	with	valid	SFU	

                                           The	most	convenient	parking	closest	to	the	Wosk	Centre	for	
                                           Dialogue	is	located	at	the	Conference	Plaza	(Segal	Court	at	
 ROaD REPORT                               Seymour	street).

 Concerned	about	travel	conditions	        The	most	convenient	lot	to	the	Segal	Graduate	School	of	Business		
 during	poor	weather?		                    is	at	443	Seymour	Street	(Pender	at	Seymour).

 Campus	Security	maintains	the	road	
 report	hotline	which	can	be	reached	at    SURREY

 Or	get	the	information	online	from	
 the	SFU	home	page	by	signing	on	to	and	clicking	on	the	“Road	
 Conditions”	link	at	bottom	right.

InFORmaTIOn InSeRT                 campus security newsletter                   fall 2006
A	door	found	unlocked,	
equipment	moved	or	missing,	                        meet your zone liasons
or	lingering	concerns	about	
the	general	security	of	your	
workspace	may	well	warrant	            zONE 1           zONE 2          zONE 3          zONE 4         zONE 5         zONE 6
security	to	attend	and	
investigate.	Who	do	you	call	             HEI            JaMES         MaNMOHaN          JUlIE          PETER        GORDON
                                         fUNG            PERRIN          MaND           GlaZIER        OVERDUIN     SCHEURER
when	a	situation	occurs	that	
	you	feel	requires	further              [WEST]         [CENTRAL]        [NORTH]         [SHRUM]        [SOUTH]      [PERIMETER]

investigation	by	a	trained	eye?	     Residence	and	    WAC	Bennett	      Robert	         Shrum	          South	       Diamond	
                                       Housing           Library        C.	Brown	        Science	       Science	    Alumni	Centre
SFU	Security	has	introduced	                                            Building         Centre:        Building
                                      Lorne	Davies	    Convocation	                                                 East	Academic	
                                                                                       •	Chemistry
a	zone liason	initiative	at	the	        Complex           Mall          Education	                      TASC	1          Annex
                                                                                       •	Biology
Burnaby	campus	to	address	                                                             •	Kinesiology
                                       West	Mall	        Maggie	                                        TASC	2       Facilities	
                                                                                       •	Physics
this	very	question.	Listed	at	         Complex           Benston	        ASSC	1                                     Management
                                                          Centre                                        Applied	
right	are	the	six	zones	and	the	     Transportation	                    ASSC	2
                                                                                                        Sciences	   Multi-Tenant	
Patrol	Shift	Supervisors	who	            Centre         University	
                                                                                                        Building      Facility
are	the	zone	liasons	responsible	                       Building                                                    Alcan	Aquatic	
for	each.	All	are	highly	trained	                                                                                      Centre
                                                       SFU	Theatre
with	investigative	and	law	                                                                                          Animal	Care	
                                                        Academic	                                                      Facility
enforcement	backgrounds,	                               Quadrangle
and	are	available	to	you	for	                                                                                       Bee	Research
                                                        Strand	Hall
assistance	in	your	zone.	                                                      Call 3922 to reach
                                                       Contemporary	            your zone liason
In	the	meantime,	here	is	an	                               Arts                                                       Childcare	
informal	introduction	to	your		
zone	liasons.

   zone           1
                                    Be aware of Wildlife
                                    Throughout the year at Burnaby                   measure to ensure that communication
                                    Mountain, it is common that wildlife             gets out to all members of the campus
                                    is spotted roaming about the campus              community who may be potentially
                                    and adjacent wooded areas. Most                  affected.
                                    frequently, Campus Security is alerted
                                    to sightings of bears on campus — but            You can help to make the campus less
   Hei fung
                                    there have also been sightings of deer,          appealing to wildlife by ensuring that all
                                    raccoons, and coyotes in recent years.           refuse (particularly food waste) is placed
    		Residence		                                                                    into garbage cans and covered. This will
      and	Housing                   Most times, these animals do not                 help to prevent animals from wandering
                                    interfere with human activities.                 into areas occupied by humans.
    		Lorne	Davies	Complex
                                    However, as wild animals are
    		West	Mall	Complex                                                              For more information on wildlife safety
                                    unpredictable, reporting any sightings
    		Transportation	Centre         to Campus Security is an important               you can visit

                                                         fall 2006           campus security newsletter                             7
         meet your zone liasons

    zone            2
                                    new lost and Found: Returnity
                                    Effective September 1, 2006, members either email, phone or visit in person
                                    of the campus community will be able to provide a description to see if it is
                                    to review ‘found’ items online.      in fact your lost item.

                                    As items arrive to the Lost and Found       It is expected that the Returnity
    James Perrin                    department, items will be logged and        System, which is employed by other             posted online with general descriptions     campuses across Canada, will provide
                                    and dates and locations associated to       a greater service to the community
     		WAC	Bennett	Library
                                    each found item.                            and in turn, see that a greater number
     		Convocation	Mall
                                                                                of items are returned to their rightful
     		Maggie	Benston	Centre        For instance, if you lost a cell phone in
                                                                                owners. Feel free to view our website
                                    the AQ on January 1st, our Lost and
     		University	Centre	Building                                               at
                                    Found department will post online
     	SFU	Theatre                                                               In	his	official	capacity,	James	Perrin	is	
                                    that a cell phone was found in the
                                                                                primarily	responsible	for	the	maintenance	and	
     	Academic	Quadrangle           AQ. Security staff will have access to a    management	of	the	Lost	and	Found	collection,	
     	Strand	Hall                   more detailed description of the item.      among	other	key	departmental	functions.	
                                                                                James	has	been	seconded	to	a	Supervisory	
     	Contemporary	Arts             If the item, date and location are a        role	to	support	Jim	Poulin’s	appointment	to	the	
                                    possible match to your item, you can        Surrey	Campus	during	the	Fall	2006	semester.

    zone            3

                                    Be aware of
                                    Unfamiliar Faces
                                    Thefts and break-ins are crimes of          help you find a person or an office?”
                                    opportunity. Each of us can play a          is enough to send a criminal out of
                                    vital role in order to reduce these         a building. Criminals do not want
    Manmohan Mand	
                                    occurrences. Campus Security relies         to be recognized. Any interaction                    on the specific area knowledge of           with a suspicious individual should
     		Robert	C.	Brown	Building     members of the community who are            be reported immediately to Campus
                                    familiar with the faces within their        Security so that they can be aware of
     		Education	Building
                                    own work area.                              any questionable characters roaming
     		ASSC	1                                                                   about the campus.
     		ASSC	2                       There may be instances where
                                    you observe an individual whom              Crime prevention on Campus is
                                    you do not recognize wandering              most effective when the community
                                    through office areas. Often, a simple       works together and looks out for one
                                    acknowledgement such as: “Can I             another.

8        campus security newsletter                 fall 2006
                                        meet your zone liasons

zone            4
                               We’re Just
                               a Phone Call away
                               Throughout Burnaby Campus,
                               there are a number of emergency              Red Phones — red, wall-mounted
                               telephones. These phones, when               phones will dial security immediately
Julie Glazier	                 activated, will immediately put you          upon pick up.                  in touch with a security dispatcher
                                                                            Blue phones — push button-activated
                               via the campus security emergency
 		Shrum	Science	Centre:                                                    phones, found in parking and exterior
                               line (local 4500) and are available for
                                                                            areas activate a strobe and audible
  Chemistry                    students, staff, faculty, and visitors for
                                                                            alert that security is being called.
  Biology                      a direct access to security should the
  Kinesiology                  need arise.                                  Physically challenged access phones
  Physics                                                                   — push button activated phones.
                               While each phone reaches the same            Pay telephones — a number of pay
 		Shrum	Classroom	Building
                               destination, there are some variations       phones on campus are now equipped
                               in appearance, should you find them          with a direct dial feature which
                               while out and about on campus:               will call campus security. No coin
                                                                            payment is required.

zone            5
                               CallIng aDam 12! …all UnITS!
                               One of the most persistent questions         and when can truly determine the
                               I have received over the years at            difference between life and death.
                               Campus Security is “Who do I call
                               in an emergency?”                            All emergency calls on campus
                                                                            should be directed to local 4500,
Peter Overduin	                A critical issue relating to emergency       rather than 911. Calling Campus          response on campus is its location.          Security emergency will ensure that
                               This is a beautiful location atop            our professional team dispatches
 		South	Science	Building      Burnaby Mountain, but it’s also              help immediately, as well as alert the
 		TASC	1                      isolated compared to many other              required emergency response agency.
 		TASC	2                      populated areas. This means that             Whether it is a medical or other
                               the response from emergency                  type of emergency, Campus Security
 		Applied	Sciences	Building
                               services off campus to any situation         is equipped to provide immediate
                               could be delayed much longer than            assistance while police, ambulance
                               similar situations in the surrounding        or firefighters make their way up
                               community below. Who gets called             Burnaby Mountain.

                                             fall 2006           campus security newsletter                       9
          meet your zone liasons

     zone          6

                                       First aid and
                                       medical Response
                                       Everyone is well aware of the potential     effective and rapid response to a wide
                                       for workplace illness and injury as well    range of medical emergencies occurring
     Gordon Scheurer	                  as the importance of receiving medical      about campus.            assistance in a timely manner when the
                                       need is identified. As SFU’s primary        Upon identification of a medical
      		Diamond	Alumni	Centre          responders to medical situations on         situation requiring first aid or more
                                       campus, Campus Security is keenly           critical response, dial 4500 from any
      		East	Academic	Annex
                                       interested to ensure that all campus        Campus phone (or 604-291-4500 from
      		Facilities	Management
                                       agencies are aware of the procedure         external/cellular phones). Security
      		Multi-Tenant	Facility                                                      will dispatch first aid immediately
                                       to follow in the event of a medical
      	Alcan	Aquatic	Centre            incident on campus.                         and contact agencies such as SFU’s
      	Animal	Care	Facility                                                        Health Services physicians and/or off
                                       All contract security personnel are         campus Ambulance services as required.
      	Bee	Research
                                       certified at Occupational First Aid         With direction of medical help being
                                       level two, and Patrol Shift Supervisors     managed by security, patient care at the
      	Childcare	Centre                are trained in the use of Automated         incident scene can be more effectively
      	Cornerstone	Building            External Defibrillators to allow for        and efficiently managed.

RCmP and SFU: Partners for a Safe University
The Royal Canadian Mounted               Many of the programs are student/         Our partnership with Simon Fraser
Police is proud of our relationship      staff driven and we encourage you to      University is part of our Safe Homes,
and history with Simon Fraser            participate in the continuing effort to   Safe Communities Initiative, which
University. The RCMP and SFU             educate and prevent the opportunity       will continue to provide meaningful
have been partners for over forty        of criminal victimization. Not only       solutions to today’s security
years. We started working with SFU       at any one of the three university        challenges.
Security the year before the Burnaby     campuses, but in your home and
Mountain Campus opened. SFU              community.                                A/S/Sgt. Fred Elder
Management and the SFU Security                                                    District Commander
Department have been pro-active          Your SFU Security Department, like        Burnaby Mountain District
in campus programs and initiatives       the police in your community are          “Partners For A Safe Community”
to enhance student and staff safety.     working 24/7, every day of the year.      Burnaby RCMP

10        campus security newsletter                     fall 2006
                                                   Campus Student Patrol
                                                   at Your Service
                                                   Charles	Florio,	Campus	Student	Patrol	Supervisor		
                                                   	Arts	and	Social	Sciences	Co-operative	Education	Program

                                                                        As your              provide instant communications with
                                                                        department, club,    Campus Security dispatchers and
                                                                        or student group     Supervisors should an incident arise.
                                                                        plan events          For other events, CSPs can provide
                                                                        through the year,    monitoring of sensitive/valuable
                                                                        it is important to   items, bike patrols to assist patrons
Student	Patrollers	Jeff	Huang	and	Angus	McBlane	                        keep safety and      unfamiliar with the campus, parking
officiate	over	the	ever-popular	bike	rodeo.
                                                   security high on your list of concerns.   direction, Occupational First Aid level
                                                   Whether the event is a licensed           1 coverage and response, and many
Kids’                                              beverage garden, dance, open house,       more duties that are invaluable to
Safety Day                                         or another type of activity, there are    ensuring your event runs efficiently
                                                   various safety and security concerns      and safely. As students, CSPs offer
Jordan	Vanstone,	B.Sc.
Campus	Student	Patrol                              in which may require consultation/        an unparalleled understanding of the
                                                   involvement from Campus Security.         grounds and culture associated with
Campus Security hosted the 9th                     At Burnaby Campus we are fortunate        Simon Fraser University that can
annual Kids Safety Day at the                      enough to have a great student-based      without a doubt be an asset to your
Burnaby campus during the summer.                  security resource, known as the           special event.
This event, held for children of                   Campus Student Patrol.
faculty, staff, and students and also                                                        If you are planning an event in which
those living on campus is presented                Campus Student Patrollers (CSPs)          you think CSP service may be helpful,
each year to create awareness of                   can help ensure your event runs           don’t hesitate to contact me at
potential child health and safety                  smoothly. For licensed events, CSPs or local 5425.
issues with the community. It                      can perform identification checks
also gives parents and children an                 to ensure patrons are of legal age;
                                                   provide a security presence that                  >>
opportunity to interact with the
                                                   is in touch with student life; and        	       					604-291-5425
many government health and safety
branches and private companies.

This year, more than 20 agencies                                                                 Did you know?
were on hand including: BC Hydro                   included the ever-popular bike rodeo,
Power Smart, RCMP, CN Rail Police,                 activity centre, carnival games, and a        Each	year,	the	Campus	Student	
South Fraser Health Services, and                  jumping castle.                               Patrol	is	used	for	an	increasing	
many more. This event is offered for                                                             number	and	variety	of	security	
free and would not be possible if not              Campus Security would like to                 service	requests	on	campus.
for the support of many community                  extend a special thank you to Laura
sponsors who donate to this event.                 MacDonald and Jordan Vanstone who             This	resource	has	been	used	for	
                                                   were responsible for coordinating this        	bike	patrols,	Emergency	call	out	
This year’s event was well attended                year’s event, as well as the members          exercises,	beverage	garden		
by members of the campus                           of the Campus Student Patrol whose            security,	overnight	protection		
community, as well as by residents                 participation helped to make the              of	SFU	property,	convocation	
of the UniverCity Highlands. Events                2006 Safety Day a success.                    security	needs,	and	special	events	
                                                                                                 on	campus.

                                                               fall 2006         campus security newsletter                           11
                                   campus security newsletter                  fall 2006

Concord Security at SFU
                                                                  CONTaCT US
Campus Security at Simon Fraser University was first
established in early 1965, prior to the University’s
official opening. It has evolved over the years from a            EMERGENCY
guard force (originally responsible almost exclusively             Burnaby	           604-291-4500			[4500]
for the physical assets of the University) to a modern             Vancouver          604-291-5252				[5252]
community-minded team providing a variety of                       Surrey	            778-782-7511							[27511]
services to the campus community.
                                                                  burnaby contacts
Contract security services for Simon Fraser University
at all three campuses (Burnaby, Surrey, and Vancouver)             General	Inquiry	             604-291-3100

are provided by Concord Security Corporation.                      Supervisor	Line	             604-291-3922
Concord is a Western Canada-based security agency                  Personal	Safety	             604-291-5450
which has been in business for 24 years and is                     Key/Card	Access	             604-291-3920
recognized as one of the largest service providers in the          Lost	and	Found	              604-291-5451
industry for British Columbia.                                     Parking	Services	            604-291-5534
                                                                   Traffic	Enforcement	         604-291-3866
As a full service security firm, Concord offers guard
                                                                   Road	Conditions	             604-444-4929
services, mobile patrol, CCTV and alarm systems,
private investigation, and locksmith services. Concord’s
                                                                  vancouver contacts
track record includes clients such as Simon Fraser
                                                                   General	Inquiry	             604-291-5029
University, Thompson Rivers University (Kamloops),
                                                                   Supervisor	Line	             604-268-7908
and Camosun College (Victoria).
                                                                   Harbour	Centre	              604-291-5029
Concord’s working relationship with the SFU began                  Morris	J	Wosk	Centre
with the Vancouver campus in 1987, then the Surrey                 			for	Dialogue	             604-268-7944
campus, (initially for Tech BC) in 2001. The Burnaby               Segal	Graduate	
campus commenced working with Concord Security                     			School	of	Business	       604-268-7911
in September 2005. Throughout their involvement
with SFU, the management of Concord security has                  surrey contacts

striven to maintain a consistent level of industry                 General	Inquiry	             778-782-7511
experience and customer service skills. All contract
                                                                  security administration
security personnel are certified at Occupational First
Aid (OFA) level two, and are among the most visible
of the Campus Security team about campus.                          Director	                    604-291-4174
To learn more about Concord Security, visit their                  		Patrol	Operations	         604-268-6938
website at                                Manager,	Programs	           604-291-5898
                                                                   Manager,	Ancillary	          604-291-3919

 BURNaBY kEYS & aCCESS CaRDS                                       Operations	Manager	          604-291-5003
 The	Burnaby	campus	key	and	access	card	service	desk	is		          Operations	Supervisor	       604-291-5004
 located	in	the	security	general	office	at	TC	1300	(just	east		   surrey
 of	the	pool).	Hours	of	operation	are	8:30	am	to	4:00	pm		
                                                                   Facilities	Manager	          778-782-7496	
 Monday	through	Friday.	
                                                                   Facilities	Coordinator	      778-782-7495
 Inquiries	about	services	can	be	made	by	telephone	as	well:
 Key	Inquiries:			291-3920			|			Card	Inquiries:			291-5448

                           serving burnaby, vancouver and surrey campuses

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