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									Software for Contract Management

The Contract Management Problem                                       The Contract Life-cycle
Contract Management is DIsParaTe & re-aCTIVe

                                                                          specify &           tender &
 We expend a great deal of time, money, and effort,                        define             evaluate
 on negotiating and specifying agreements, but                          requirements            offers
 when we finally sign the contract, we lock it
 away in a filing cabinet, and only take it out
 when something goes wrong. By this time it                  project & contract                          negotiate
                                                                  planning                                terms &
 is too late.                                                                                            conditions
 - Adam McInnes, Open Windows CEO

For contracting to succeed, you need                               renew,                            let contracts
positive, and pro-active management
of the terms and conditions of your                                            manage        approvals,
contracts and the contract life-cycle,                                       compliance,
including deliverables, to lower the risk of                                     & risk

non-compliance, errors, and issues occurring.

 Independent analysts quote payback of investment in
contract management software in less than four months

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Software for Contract Management
                    solving the Contract Management Problem
                                                                                               5 areas of System Capability

Central repository of Contract Information
Your contract management team can be
decentralised, but your contract information                                                    contract                                        central
and knowledge must be centrally visible                                                         creation                                      repository
and accessible to anyone who needs it.

Pro-active Management                                                                                                                               contract &
                                                                      integration &
A systems approach helps you anticipate                                  services                                                                  management
contract issues before they occur and take
positive pre-emptive action to increase
                                                                                                                    reporting &
compliance and reduce risk.                                                                                          analytics

            Open Windows Contracts – enterprise Contract Management
Open Windows Contracts provides a
central repository of organisational                                                              reporting & analytics
contract data and documents allowing
                                                                                                                                                       advanced decision evaluation

contract managers access to tools and
                                                                                                                             document management
                                                                        contract management
                                                 project management

information across their secure delegation,
                                                                                                     tender / pre-contract

                                                                                                                                                                                      eTender portal

and giving managers the reporting and
analytics they need in real time.
The system automates the contract
management life-cylce using email
notifications and business process
workflow,    to   provide    pro-active
management of agreements, increasing
compliance and reducing contractual risk.                                                                    notifications
Better Contract Management means                                                              workflow / business processes
increased revenue on the sell side, and
cost savings on the buy side.                                                                                integrations

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Software for Contract Management
Tender Management                                                 Business Process automation
Open Windows Contracts manages the ‘preliminary’ process,         Open Windows Contracts facilitates a complete procurement
or pre-contract execution period by managing the details          process from project development, through submission
of the whole phase, from project inception, through risk          and evaluation phases, to letting contracts and on-going
management and the formation of business cases, through           management of any category of spend or contract delivery.
calling for offers and evaluation.
                                                                  Open Windows business process workflow promotes
The system comes out of the box with workflow tools and           corporate consistency of procedures and document
functionality to facilitate contract development and award,       templates, enforces compliance, and provides accountability
and can be expanded with advanced functionality in the            and auditability of all contract management tasks.
areas of evaluation and eTendering, all tightly integrated with
Open Windows Contracts.                                             • automate procurement processes
                                                                    • Decrease contracting cycle times
                                                                    • Manage sLas and Performance
risk & Compliance Management                                        • reduce expenditure & increase revenues
Open Windows Contracts facilitates visibility of agreements         • Deliver greater value in agreements
and pro-active management of contract deliverables.

Open Windows Contracts provides on-line alerts, and email         Document Management
notifications when contract milestones and compliance items
fall due, including advance notification of:                      Open Windows Contracts manages Contract Documents
                                                                  and can operate stand alone or fully integrated with your
  • deliverables,                                                 corporate document management system.
  • renewals,
                                                                    • Index and search agreements
  • obligations,
                                                                    • Control document versioning
  • insurance expiries, and
                                                                    • Check in – check out capability
  • process tasks.
                                                                    • email correspondence storage
Supplier and Customer relationships have never been managed
more comprehensively than with Open Windows Contracts.            A comprehensive contract repository allows all contract
                                                                  correspondence to be easily accessible, all in one place.

advanced evaluation
Open Windows Advanced Evaluation provides a user defined
approach to the creation, completion, evaluation & ranking        Open Windows eTendering provides a secure environment
of selection criteria, thereby providing the ability to handle    in which you can manage the complete tender-box cycle
any level of evaluation, from simple to complex.                  electronically, streamlining the tendering process by
                                                                  eliminating costly paper based and manual data entry
The module enables an organisation to easily generate a           processes.
full evaluation questionnaire directly into MS Excel that can
be included with their RFP documents, then automatically          Fully integrated with Open Windows Contracts, eTendering
scored following receipt of supplier submissions.                 enables the advertising of public and private RFPs, supplier
                                                                  notifications, secure tender closing events, time stamping
                                                                  of submissions, publishing of upcoming tenders events, full
                                                                  supplier portal, and full audit history of the whole process.

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Software for Contract Management
Open Windows                                                    a systems approach
Open Windows is the only company effectively solving the        Every organisation relies on processes to deliver consistent
Contract Management Problem for Australian organisations.       results. But most processes are still paper based and do not
Trusted by Government and top 10 BRW companies to               add value. A process must be more than an extra layer of
automate and manage the contract management life-cycle,         paperwork.
Open Windows continues to deliver the best and most
                                                                Processes must be accessible and easy to use or they will not
relevant Contract Management Software system in the
                                                                be adopted by staff. Using a software system to automate
market today.
                                                                processes, helps push out procedural steps and tasks to staff
Founded in 1994 by brothers Shane and Adam McInnes,             members, making their jobs easier, and applying corporate
Open Windows is now headed by the brothers and the              consistency.
Honourable Jeffrey Kennett AC (Chairman of the board).
                                                                Contract Management systems provide an efficient method
With a family background in Contracting and Contract            of educating contract managers as to why certain tasks need
Management, Shane and Adam developed the first                  to be performed, can provide documents and forms required
Australian Contract Management Software system to               at each stage of the contract life-cycle, facilitate approvals,
manage contracts in the family business. They then adapted      and monitor contract and project progress. A systems
this product to take it to market, and help Australia manage    approach also keeps an electronic time and user stamped
contracts as well as they did.                                  record of tasks having been completed.

Today, the fully scalable Open Windows Contract                 Remember that these processes need to be performed,
Management Software systems are used by over 150 major          regardless of how they are delivered, so a systems approach
corporations and governments. The Enterprise Contract           does not have to mean extra work.
Management application has an estimated 10,000 users
                                                                 The end result is:
per day, and manages in excess of $30 billion dollars in
agreements.                                                       •   staff find it easier to follow mandated processes,
                                                                  •   you achieve corporate consistency,
Open Windows provides full implementation services,               •   you create accountability, and
support & maintenance and has a consistent record of              •   you create auditable records with no extra effort.
on-time, on-budget, large scale implementations.

                            Open Windows Contracts Product Portfolio

         Contracts-NOW                           Contracts-LITE                           Contracts-PRO

         on-demand essential                     entry-level enterprise
         contract automation                      contract life-cycle                   professional enterprise
                                                     management                            contract life-cycle
                                                                                          including business
                                                 management module
                                                                                           process workflow
                                                 preliminaries module

                                                                                          advanced evaluation


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