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					                                                                                                   Same Day            Express ( next day )
                                                                                                    Service                (£15 extra)
 CHINESE VISA APPLICATION FORM                                                                    (£20 extra)          Normal ( 3--4days )
1. Chinese Name                                                           2. Previous Name
3. Surname                                                                            4.Sex

 Given Name(in full)                                                                       M            F

5. Date of birth                                                               6.    Place of birth                                      Photo

7. Current nationality                                                    8. Former nationality

9. Occupation                                                  10. Name of Work Place

11. Office telephone                                                                   12. Home telephone

13. Home address

Type            Diplomatic                   Service (Official)           Ordinary                Other___________

Issued by                                           Valid until:            /          /               Passport No.
                                                                   Year      month         day
15. Purpose of journey                                         16. Place to visit

17.邀请单位名称或邀请人姓名, 地址和电话。
 Name, Address and Telephone No. of company or person to visit in China

18. Number of entries                            19. Date of (each )entry                                       20. Duration of (each )stay

 □        Single entry(valid for 3 months)       First time:
                                                                                                             1.                     Day (s)
 □        Double entry(valid for 3 months)
                                                                                                             2.                       Day (s)
 □          Half Year Multi
                                                 Second :
 □          One Year Multi
                                                                   year        month             day
                                                                                                             3.                     Days (for multiple)

 □          Two Years Multi
21. Have you ever applied for a Chinese visa before?                                Yes                                 No

22. Have you ever been declined for your Chinese visa application?                         Yes                           No

23. Accompanying child(ren) using the same passport

  Full Name                              Date of birth                    Relationship with applicant

24. I hereby declare that the information given above is true, correct and complete, I shall bear the responsibility for the
  above information.

                   Year                Month             Day Signature

(For official use only)

Description: This is an example of China visa application. This document is useful for applying China visa.