Business Introduction Letter


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									Business Introduction Letter
This template can be used to introduce a business to a potential customer. Introduction
letters can be a useful way to gain new clients or consumers. Customize the information
of the business, the products or services offered, the business’s major clients, and
more. In addition, a brochure can be included with this letter that describes the business
in further detail. This letter is ideal for small businesses or self employed individuals that
want a simply way of gaining new clientele.
                         ___________ [Instruction: Insert Name of Company]
                             ___________ [Instruction: Insert Address 1]
                             ___________ [Instruction: Insert Address 2]

                                                                      ___________ [Instruction: Insert Date]

___________ [Instruction: Insert Name of Potential Customer]
___________ [Instruction: Insert Address 1]
___________ [Instruction: Insert Address 2]

         RE:      ___________ [Instruction: Insert Company Name]

Dear ___________ [Instruction: Insert Name of Potential Customer]:

        My name is ___________ [Instruction: Insert Name], and I am the ___________
[Instruction: Insert Title] at ___________ [Instruction: Insert Company Name]. I am writing
to introduce you to ___________ [Instruction: Insert Company Name].

       According to ___________ [Instruction: Insert Name of Most Renowned Reference],
___________ [Instruction: Insert Company Name] is synonymous with excellence in the
___________ [Instruction: Insert Type of Business] field. At ___________ [Instruction:
Insert Company Name], it is our mission to timely and affordably provide the best quality
___________ [Instruction: Insert Brief Description of Goods/Services Provided] in the
industry; and we have results to prove it. Leading companies such as ___________
[Instruction: Insert Name of Clients] swear by our [Instruction: Choose One] products ///

        I am certain that ___________ [Instruction: Insert Company Name] can provide value
to your business. When you next consider your needs for ___________ [Instruction: Insert
Goods/Services Provided], I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you and show you
how we at ___________ [Instruction: Insert Company Name] can provide your business with
timely, effective, high quality and affordable solutions.

       Along with this letter, I have enclosed a brochure that provides information about our
company; this information can also be accessed online at [Instruction:
Insert URL]. Should you be interested in any addition information about our company or
discussing how we can provide value to your business, feel free to contact me.

                                                                 Best Regards,

                                                                 __________ [Instructions: Insert Name],
                                                                 __________ [Instructions: Insert Title]
                                                                 __________ [Instructions: Insert Phone #]
                                                                 __________ [Instructions: Insert Email]

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