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Cancel Contract Letter

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This is an example of cancel contract letter. This document is useful for creating cancel contract letter.

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									Sample letter to trader asking to cancel a contract where it is to be financed
with credit arranged by the trader- Contract signed off trade premises.

                                                                             Your Name

Trader’s Name

Dear Sir/Madam (or name of person)

Re: Invoice/Contract number, Item involved (e.g. three piece suit, car, building
work etc.) , Cancellation of Contract

I write further to my discussion with (name of person or sale person etc.) on the
(date) regarding the above matter.

On the (date) I (ordered the above item/entered into the above contract) which
was to be paid on finance arranged by you with (name of finance company).

I signed a finance agreement but changed my mind and asked to cancel the contract
on the (date) which I believe am entitled to do, with out liability, under the Consumer
Credit Act 1974.The effect of my cancellation of the credit agreement also cancels
the supply contract I have with your company.

I therefore ask you not to proceed the order and inform the finance company that I
am not going ahead with the order.

In addition I request you refund my deposit of £.... which I paid you on the (date)
within the next 14 days.

Yours sincerely/faithfully;

Sign and print your name.

This is only a sample letter to give you guidance on what to write. You will
need to write the letter out and substitute your own details at the appropriate
places shown in bold. Send your letter by recorded delivery and keep a copy.

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