; Why A Fantasy Book Is An All Time
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Why A Fantasy Book Is An All Time


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									Nowadays life has become quite stressful and to some extent cruel. The problems of loneliness and depression are plaguing the young and old
alike. Every day is a struggle for survival and there seems to be no respite from the endless rat race. This is why a fantasy book seems to
provide the much needed respite from the dreariness of the day. At the end of a hard day dealing with life’s realities if you curl up with a
fantasy story it seems to drive all the demons out of your mind and heart. After all who doesn’t want to be in a perfect world where good
always is victorious over evil and true love is not only appreciated but also reciprocated. The idea of such a world is a balm to the tired and
injured soul and this is the reason why people of all ages and both genders like to read fantasy books.

One of the most potent and popular fantasy sagas of all times is the Old star wars. Again it is the same old story of the struggle between
good and evil and the ultimate triumph of good over evil. However, it has been told in such a lucid and imaginative style that people actually
lose themselves in the plot. After the runaway success of the star war movies, books based on the saga were published and these books are
high in demand even today.

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