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 Freeware is copyrighted software for
       the computer that’s FREE.
                                             The term 'freeware' may
There is some software which may be          include public domain
considered freeware, but it’s actually       software and commercial
shareware. It has limited distribution; it   software.
may only be downloaded from a
specific site, and cannot be
redistributed.                                    •Some authors create
                                              freeware to “give something
                                               to the community.” Others
  •“The term freeware was coined by
                                                 want to gain exposure.
Andrew Fluegelman when he wanted to
sell a communications program named
  PC-Talk that he had created but for         •It is made available free of
which he did not wish to use traditional     charge for an unlimited time.
methods of distribution because of their
                 Terms of Use
• The only criterion for being classified as "freeware" is
  that the software must be made available for use for an
  unlimited time at no cost.
• Everything created with the freeware programs can be
  distributed at no cost (ex. graphics, documents, or
  sounds made by users).
• The software license may impose one or more other
  restrictions on the type of use including personal use,
  individual use, and non-profit use.
    Terms of Using Freeware
• Copy written freeware has different terms based
  on the producer. It may be redistributed or it may
  not, it may be modified with permission and
  derivative works are encouraged
  – Source code
• Public domain freeware can be manipulated,
  decompiled and redistributed
• Commercial freeware is usually safer than
  others (there have been incidents)
           Types of Freeware
• Business
  – Accounting, Microsoft Office add-ins, Label/Business
• Education
  – Computers, Language, Engineering
• Games
  – Action, Adventure, Game Creation
• Graphics
  – Animation, Graphic Manipulation (photos)
• Programming
  – Compilers, Editors, HTML Tools
          Some good sources
Collection of free programs (freeware, open
source and shareware free for non-commercial
The most visited website out of this four
sources. Propose a great variety.
Classified by categories of freeware
Gives all the new updates on freeware and
also tells the top ten of freewares.
        Problems and
Risk Associated With Freeware
               • Poor interfaces
               • Difficult installation
               • No vendor support
               • Users can make
                 changes to the
                 freeware (open-
               • Unwanted or hidden
               • Spyware and viruses
           Freeware Programs
• There are hundreds of        • Examples of Freeware games
  freeware games                 include:
                                       1) Arch lord is a
• It appears that most           MMORPG
  applications are not free            2) Cube is a first-person
  but rather shareware           shooter
• Lots of older games and              3) Eternal Daughter is a
  some newer ones                adventure game
  become freeware when                 4) GeneRally is a top-
                                 down arcade racing game
  the author of the game
                                       5) Imogen is a cartoon
  releases to the public for
                                 platform puzzle game
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