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									Budget Car & Truck Rental of Saskatoon is pleased to be quoting rates for the Saskatchewan
Motion Picture Industry Association’s rental needs. To take advantage of the following rates ask
for rate code “SMPIA”.

The rates are as follows:

Vehicle Type                 Daily Rate       Weekly Rate        Optional Loss       Optional Personal
                                                (7days)         Damage Waiver        Accident Insurance
Compact Car                   $38.00/day      $179.00/week           $19.95/day                $5.95/day
Mid Size Car                  $40.00/day      $216.00/week           $19.95/day                $5.95/day
Full Size Car                 $42.00/day      $222.00/week           $19.95/day                $5.95/day
Premium Car                   $48.00/day      $249.00/week           $19.95/day                $5.95/day
Mini Van                      $54.00/day      $305.00/week           $19.95/day                $5.95/day
¼ Ton Pickup                  $49.00/day      $251.00/week           $19.95/day                $5.95/day
½ Ton Pickup 2WD              $49.00/day      $251.00/week           $19.95/day                $5.95/day
Ext. Cab Pickup 4X4           $56.00/day      $305.00/week           $19.95/day                $5.95/day
Crew Cab Pickup 4X4           $65.00/day      $349.00/week           $19.95/day                $5.95/day
Cargo Van                     $49.00/day      $251.00/week           $19.95/day                $5.95/day
1 Ton Cube Van                $65.00/day      $388.00/week           $24.95/day                $5.95/day
5 Ton Cube Van                $75.00/day      $439.00/week           $24.95/day                $5.95/day
15 Pass. Van                 $115.00/day      $489.00/week           $24.95/day                $5.95/day

Rates valid for pick up from any in-city location. Optional coverages, fuel, VLF (Vehicle
Licensing Fee = $0.99/day) and all applicable taxes are extra. No charge for company employees
or spouse listed as additional drivers. All other additional drivers $5.00 per day.

The vehicles are rented with the renter assuming full financial responsibility for loss, up to the full
value of the vehicle plus loss of use, regardless of fault. Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) is offered
to reduce the financial responsibility to zero. The Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) is offered to
give you the renter medical coverage 24 hours a day while you have the vehicle on rent and it also
covers any passengers of the vehicle while they are in the vehicle.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to call myself, Ryan Cey at 664- 0671
or Lloyd Beazley at 664-1695.

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