manufacturing capabilities by xiuliliaofz


									                                          SOFTWARE                    TELECOMMUNICATIONS
                                          ENGINEERING                        Voice Server PBX
                                                                               o     Schools, Health Care
                                         Application Design                         Facilities, Financial
                                            o Database Engineering                   Institutions
                                            o Point Of Sale Systems            o     Call Centers
                                            o Inventory Management             o     Retail or Corporate
                                            o Customer Relationship
                                                Management                   Voice Over IP (VoIP):
                                            o Intelligent Character            o    High Quality Voice
                                                Recognition                         Communication
Ann Kennedy, co-founder                                                        o    Substantial Cost Savings
                                            o Telecommunication
        & President                             Billing Software
                                            o Electronic Medical             Computer Telephony
                                                Record Handling                o Integration with business
                                                                                  specific applications
    Minority owned
                                         Web Based Solutions:                 o Contact Databases
   Woman owned
                                            o Application Service            Network Services
   Over 30 yrs experience
                                               Provider.                     Consulting
    ISO 9001/2000 compliant
                                            o Website Design,                  o Telecommunication
    Highly qualified individuals,
                                               Hosting and Domain                 Audits, Strategic
    In Dunedin, Florida since 1986.
                                               Registration                       Expansion/Planning
    Over 4,000 sq ft facility with
    design, production & assembly           o E-Commerce Tools
    lines                                                             WIRELESS SOLUTIONS
                                                                             Metropolitan Area Network
    MANUFACTURING                                                             Design and Implementation
     CAPABILITIES                                                            Low Cost, High Speed Design
                                                                             Laptop Based Wireless
                                                                              Ethernet Connection
    PRODUCTION                                                               Free Access to Local Services
                                                                             Paid Access to High Speed
   PCB assemblies
                                                                              World Wide Web
    Power Supplies
    Surge Protectors
    Military/Commercial Contracts.                                                  CONTACTS
                                                                      For further information or to tour our facility
    Manual or Wave Soldering                                                     Phone: (727) 733-0700
    Conformal Coating                                                             Fax: (727) 733-1495
SUPERIOR ELECTRONICS, INC.                       Printed circuit board assembly
                                                 testing:                                      SUPERIOR
      Automatic Test
                                                         Using state of the art, computer
                                                         controlled test equipment and
       Capabilities                                      software tools to test Units
                                                         Under Test (UUT) thoroughly
                                                                                              Manufacturing Software & Test
    TEST REQUIREMENTS                                    and cost effectively.
                                                        Box Level testing: Test
 Designs Test Procedures for factory                    solutions for complex               Start with SUPERIOR
  and field for both military and                       electronics.                           Products. . .
     commercial applications
                                                        CardLevel (SRU/SRA) testing               Get the Best results
MANUAL AND AUTOMATIC                                    BIT/Testability        analysis:
 TEST IMPLEMENTATION                                    Validate existing BIT capability
                                                        or design new tests.
     Test Requirement Document
     (TRD) development: Test design                     Compliant with Boeing C-17
     for automatic test applications compliant
     with military and commercial
                                                        & F-18 specifications
                                                        Software tools for quality and
     Test Program Set (TPS)                             efficiency
     development: Test software
     development for military (CASS/IFTE
     etc.) or commercial (Genrad/TDS/
     etc.) testers to test major
     systems/subsystems or sub-

     Work categories: Circuit
     analysis, test design, testability
     analysis, BIT analysis, test
     compatibility analysis, TRD
     development, TPS development,                                                       
     fixture design.                                                                             Phone: (727) 733-0700
                                                                                                  Fax: (727) 733-1495
                                                 Customers: BAE, Goodrich, Boeing,
                                                 Ametek, NGC to name a few

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