GMT by xiuliliaofz


                      (THE GENERIC MAPPING TOOLS)
① Be superuser and make a directory for the install (e.g., at /usr/local).
[miyamoto@wrf local]# mkdir gmt
② Download the compressed file from Tokai university’s FTP server and move it to
[miyamoto@wrf local]# cd gmt
[miyamoto@wrf gmt]# ftp
Name (
ftp> cd pub/gmt4
ftp> get install_gmt
ftp> cd 4
ftp> mget *.bz2
③ Execute ’install_gmt‘ , and answer the questions shown as below.
[miyamoto@wrf gmt]# sh install_gmt
④ Set the path.
[miyamoto@wrf miyamoto]# cd /home/miyamoto
[miyamoto@wrf miyamoto]# vi .cshrc
# GMT4
setenv GMTHOME /usr/local/gmt/GMT4.1.2
set path = (/usr/local/gmt/GMT4.1.2/bin $path)
setenv MANPATH ${MANPATH}:/usr/local/gmt/GMT4.1.2/man
[miyamoto@wrf miyamoto]# source .cshrc

                                                                      Yoshiaki Miyamoto
[miyamoto@wrf gmt]# ftp
Connected to
220 FTP proxy ready.
500 Syntax error, command unrecognized.
500 Syntax error, command unrecognized.
KERBEROS_V4 rejected as an authentication type
Name (
331 Guest login ok, send your complete e-mail address as password.
230 Guest login ok, access restrictions apply.
Remote system type is UNIX.
Using binary mode to transfer files.

Choose among these GMT versions:
1. GMT 4.1.2 [Default]
2. GMT 3.4.6
==> Enter GMT version to install (1-2) [1]: 1
You chose to install verion 4.1.2
+++ Will expand *.bz2 files made with bzip2 +++
==> Enter make utility to use [make]: make
If you are behind a firewall you are unlikely to have permission to initiate a
normal ftp session (which involves the server connecting back to the client).
If so, you may want to select passive ftp mode.
==> Do you want passive ftp transmission (y/n) [n]:n
==> Have you installed netcdf (version 3.4 or later)? (y/n) [y]: y
==>    Enter     directory   with   netcdf   lib   and   include     [/usr/local/netcdf-3.6.1]:
==> Get any of the GMT version 4.1.2 archives via ftp? (y/n) [y]: y
We offer 8 different ftp sites. Choose the one nearest
you in order to minimize net traffic and transmission times.
The sites are:
1. SOEST, U of Hawaii [GMT Home], Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
2. NOAA, Lab for Satellite Altimetry, Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
3. IRIS, Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology, Seattle, Washington, USA
4. IAG-USP, Dept of Geophysics, U. of Sao Paulo, BRAZIL
5. Inst for Geologi, U of Oslo, NORWAY
6. Goodie Domain Service, Vienna U of Techology, AUSTRIA
7. Tokai U, Shimizu, JAPAN
8. Charles Sturt U, Albury, AUSTRALIA
==> Enter your choice [1]:7

                                                                         Yoshiaki Miyamoto
You selected site number 7:
7. Tokai U, Shimizu, JAPAN
This anonymous ftp server only accepts
connections from computers on the Internet that are registered
in the Domain Name System (DNS). If you encounter a problem
connecting because your computer is not registered, please
either use a different computer that is registered or see your
computer systems administrator (or your site DNS coordinator)
to register your computer.
The first three archives are required for a minimal GMT install
==> Want the program source archive [0.55 Mb] (y/n)? [y]: y
==> Want the shared run-time files (cpt, patterns) [0.05 Mb] (y/n)? [y]: y
==> Want the basic support data (coastlines) [3.5 Mb] (y/n)? [y]: y
The next seven archives are optional but recommended for a typical GMT install
==> Want optional GMT supplemental programs [0.53 Mb] (y/n)? [y]: y
==> Want optional GMT example scripts and data [3.1 Mb] (y/n)? [y]: y
==> Want optional GMT Documentation 1 (PS version) [6.1 Mb] (y/n)? [y]: y
==> Want optional GMT Documentation 2 (PDF version) [8.1 Mb] (y/n)? [y]: y
==> Want optional GMT Documentation 3 (Unix MAN) [0.09 Mb] (y/n)? [y]: y
==> Want optional GMT Web Documentation (HTML of all Docs) [1.6 Mb] (y/n)? [y]: y
==> Want optional GMT tutorial data sets [1.0 Mb] (y/n)? [y]: y
The next two archives are larger and contain more accurate coastline data:
==> Want optional high resolution coastline data [8.6 Mb] (y/n)? [y]: y
==> Want optional full resolution coastline data [28.8 Mb] (y/n)? [y]: y
GMT can use two different algorithms for Delauney triangulation.
 Shewchuk [1996]: Modern and very fast, copyrighted.
 Watson [1982] : Older and slower, public domain.
Because of the copyright, GMT uses Watson's routine by default.
==> Use optional Shewchuk's triangulation routine (y/n)? [n]:n
==>      Directory       for      GMT        data?      [/usr/local/gmt/GMT4.1.2/share]:
==>     Directory      for     GMT       executables?      [/usr/local/gmt/GMT4.1.2/bin]:
==> Directory for GMT executables? [/usr/local/gmt/GMT4.1.2/bin]:
==> Directory for GMT linkable libraries? [/usr/local/gmt/GMT4.1.2/lib]:
==> Directory for GMT include files? [/usr/local/gmt/GMT4.1.2/include]:
Unix man pages are usually stored in /usr/man/manX, where X is
the relevant man section. This is usually l for local. Below,
you will be asked for X and the /usr/man part; the /manX will be
appended automatically, so do not answer /usr/man/manl
==> Directory for GMT man pages? [/usr/local/gmt/GMT4.1.2/man]:

                                                                      Yoshiaki Miyamoto
==> Enter Man page section for GMT man pages (1-9,l) [l]:
==> Directory for GMT www pages? [/usr/local/gmt/GMT4.1.2/www]:
At run-time, GMT uses the $GMTHOME environmental parameter to
find the directory /usr/local/gmt/GMT4.1.2/share.
The name must NOT contain the trailing /share.
You may want to override the default if users will see a different
mount point or a symbolic link instead of the local directory.
==> Enter default GMTHOME selection [/usr/local/gmt/GMT4.1.2]:
The answer to the following question will modify the GMT defaults.
(You can always change your mind by editing share/gmt.conf)
==> Do you prefer SI or US default values for GMT (s/u) [s]:s
The answer to the following question will modify the GMT defaults.
(You can always change your mind later by using gmtset)
PostScript (PS) files may contain commands to set paper size, pick
a specific paper tray, or ask for manual feed. Encapsulated PS
files (EPS) are not intended for printers (but will print ok) and
can be included in other documents. Both formats will preview
on most previwers (out-of-date Sun pageview is an exception).
==> Do you prefer PS or EPS as default PostScript output (p/e) [p]: p
Building the GMT libraries as shared instead of static will
reduce executable sizes considerably. GMT supports shared
libraries under Linux, Mac OS X, SunOS, Solaris, IRIX, HPUX,
and FreeBSD. Under other systems you may have to manually
configure macros and determine what specific options to use
with ld.
==> Try to make and use shared libraries? (y/n) [n]: n
If you have more than one C compiler you need to specify which,
otherwise just hit return to use the default compiler.
==> Enter name of C compiler (include path if not in search path):
==> Enter name of C compiler (include path if not in search path): cc
GMT passes information about previous GMT commands onto later
GMT commands via a hidden file (.gmtcommands). To avoid that
this file is updated by more than one program at the same time
(e.g., when connecting two or more GMT programs with pipes) we
use POSIX advisory file locking on the file. Apparently, some
versions of the Network File System (NFS) have not implemented
file locking properly. We know this is the case with Linux
pre-2.4 kernels when mounting NFS disks from a Unix server.
If this is your case you should turn file locking OFF.
==> Use POSIX Advisory File Locking in GMT (y/n) [y]: y
==> Want to test GMT by running the 25 examples? (y/n) [y]: y

                                                                     Yoshiaki Miyamoto
==> Delete all tar files after install? (y/n) [n]:
Normally, all coastline files are installed in ./GMT4.1.2/share/coast.
However, you can also place some of them in separate directories.
These dirs must exist or you must have write permission to make them.
If alternate directories are specified then a coastline.conf file will
be kept in ./GMT4.1.2/share to contain the names of these directories.
NOTE: Do not append the final /share/coast as that is done automatically!

==> Directory for int, low, and crude coastline files (without /share/coast)
==> Directory for high coastline files (without /share/coast) [/usr/local/gmt/GMT4.1.2]:
==> Directory for full coastline files (without /share/coast) [/usr/local/gmt/GMT4.1.2]:
Several supplemental packages are available:
dbase:      Extracting data from NGDC DEM and other grids
gshhs:       Global Self-consistent Hierarchical High-resolution Shoreline extractor
imgsrc:      Extracting grids from global altimeter files (Sandwell/Smith)
meca:       Plotting special symbols in seismology and geodesy
mex:        Matlab interface for reading/writing GMT grdfiles (REQUIRES MATLAB)
mgd77:        Programs for handling MGD77 data files
mgg:        Programs for making, managing, and plotting .gmt files
misc:       Make posters on laserwriters and create bit-patterns
segyprogs: Plot SEGY seismic data files
spotter: Plate tectonic backtracking and hotspotting
x2sys:      New (Generic) Track intersection (crossover) tools
x_system: Old (MGG-specific) Track intersection (crossover) tools
xgrid:      An X11-based graphical editor for netCDF-based .grd files
==> Install any of the supplemental programs? (y/n/a(ll))? [a]:a
The mex supplement requires Matlab.
==> Enter MATLAB system directory [/usr/local/matlab]:
==> Enter name of the parameter file that will now be created [GMTparam.txt]:
Session parameters written to file GMTparam.txt
+++ Will expand *.bz2 files made with bzip2 +++
Getting GMT by anonymous ftp from (be patient)...
For csh or tcsh users:
setenv NETCDFHOME /usr/local/netcdf-3.6.1
setenv GMTHOME /usr/local/gmt/GMT4.1.2
set path=(/usr/local/gmt/GMT4.1.2/bin $path)
For sh or bash users:

                                                                                 Yoshiaki Miyamoto
export NETCDFHOME=/usr/local/netcdf-3.6.1
export GMTHOME=/usr/local/gmt/GMT4.1.2
export PATH=/usr/local/gmt/GMT4.1.2/bin:$PATH
For all users:
Add /usr/local/gmt/GMT4.1.2/man to MANPATH
Add /usr/local/gmt/GMT4.1.2/www/gmt/gmt_services.html as browser bookmark

                                                              Yoshiaki Miyamoto

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