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 The Internet Corporation for
Assigned Names and Numbers
         M. Stuart Lynn
       President and CEO

        July 16, 2001

l   ICANN: background and role
l   Future of the Internet
l   ICANN: status, issues and progress
l   Involvement
    The Internet Domain Name System
l   Started as a simple memory aid
l   Map easy to remember names into IP addresses
     – --->
     – Domain name --> IP address
l   Handled by late Jon Postel under contract to USG
l   Internet “commercialized” in 1994/5
     – Worldwide Web
l   Domain names became important
     – Free ---> Pay
     – Identifier ---> Identity (e,g,
     – Cybersquatting and trademarks
l   Became “too hot to handle” by one person
l   Led to the formation of ICANN
l   Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
    – Founded in 1998
    – Following global community input via Green Paper/White Paper
    – Memorandum of Understanding with U.S. Department of Commerce
l   Coordinates global policy relating to assignment of:
    – Internet domain names
        l the Domain Name System (DNS)

    – Numerical IP addresses
    – Other technical numbers
l   Coordinates DNS Root Server System
    – Acting through Root Server System Advisory Committee
l   And more
ICANN Principles (MOU)

l   Ensure Internet stability
l   Promote competition
l   Private, bottom-up coordination
l   Broad representation
    – Global diversity
    – Stakeholders and constituencies
l   An exercise in technical self-management by the
    global Internet community
l   ICANN =
    – Internationalization of policy functions plus
    – Private sector management
l   A global partnership
l   ICANN’s policy roles are limited
    – ICANN does not run the Internet!
    – Some regulation via contract management
                        ICANN Roles

l   Technical policy coordination
l   Other areas implied by four MOU principles including
    – Orderly introduction of new top level domains
    – Orderly delegation of authorities
       l   To gTLDs, ccTLDs, countries
    – Promotion of orderly competition
       l   Registries, registrars
       l   From 1 registrar to 80 active registrars for gTLDs
             – Halved average price
       l   New gTLD registries
    – Protection for Intellectual Property
   ICANN Organization

Technologies   Names   Numbers
              Overall Goals
l   Effective stewardship of global policy
    – Governed by 4 principles
l   International and representative
l   Bottom-up
l   Guardian of stability
Future of the Internet
            Driving Forces
l   More and better of the same
l   IP telephony
l   Mobile IP
    – The wireless Internet
    – Cell phones with imbedded radios, cameras etc
l   IP everywhere
    – From picture frames to wristwatches
    – Information appliances
l   Multimedia
    – MPEG to MP3
l   Other “killer” applications?
l   Infrastructure
    – Sufficient bandwidth “everywhere”
    – Wired and wireless
l   Key technologies
l   Sufficient IP address space
l   A stable DNS
    – Evolving
l   Policy issues
    – ICANN and not
Status, Issues, and Progress
           Technical Issues
l   IANA Services
l   Emerging RIR’s
    – Emerging RIR document
l   Root server architecture
    – Distribution master
l   InterNIC
    – Now at ICANN
    – IETF/ITU
    – ENUM
l   IPv6
                 IP Address Space
l   IPv4 “runs out” when?
    – 2004 - 2010
    – NAT’s etc not a panacea
l   IPv6 moving forward?
    – 32-bit --> 128-bit addressing
         l   4 x 109 nodes --> 340 x 1027
         l   18 billion billion network addresses each containing 4 billion nodes
             and more
    –   RFC1972 in 1994
    –   Lack of real experience
    –   Some work to be done e.g., mobile, DNS support
    –   Production support starting to roll
    –   Scaling and upgrading problems
    –   Business case?
The DNS: Progress and Issues
l   New TLDs
    – 2 agreements signed: .info and .bus
    – 1 posted awaiting board approval: .names
    – 4 in progress
        l   1 unsponsored: .pro
        l   3 sponsored: .museum, .aero, .coop
l   More TLDs?
    – Evaluation of “proof of concept”
        l   Board appoints committee to plan evaluation
    – Do we need more? When? What?
l   Alternate roots
    – Lynn paper posted as ICP-3

    – Other documents
The DNS: Progress and Issues
l   IP issues
    –   UDRP review (DNSO)
    –   WIPO-2
    –   WhoIs vs privacy
    –   Sunrise etc
    –   Lotteries etc
l   Internationalized Domain Names
    – Global vs local solutions
    – Server side vs client side
    – Evolution of interface “standard”
         l   Design group and DUDE-2
    – Testbeds
             Other Policy Issues
l   How should ICANN be governed?
    – At Large Study Committee
       l   Paper posted
       l   Interaction with overall ICANN structure
    – Related issues
       l   ccTLDs
       l   DNSO
l   Redelegation issues
l   Competition model
    – How much “regulation” is enough/too much?
              Status of Agreements
l   TLDs
    – Unsponsored (2/1/1)
    – Sponsored: template imminent
l   Root server operator agreements
    – RSSAC meeting, London, August
l   Address registry agreements
    – Resolve remaining issues end of July?
l   ccTLD agreements
    – Trilateral draft within 3 weeks
    – New counsel for international affairs starts August 1
        l   Theresa Swinehart
    – Building up capacity for 5 agreements per month
               Budget and Staffing
l   2001-2002 budget approved
l   10% growth in operating budget
l   Approved growth in staffing
    – International support
    – Technical support
    – Communications and legal
l   New approach to ccTLD funding support
    – Voluntary contribution if no agreement
    – Over $850,000 pledged against goal of $1.3 million for 2000-2001
        l   Our thanks to TWNIC!
    – Requests for 2001-2002 to be sent around November

l   ICANN can only be as good as the people who get
    involved with its policies and processes
l   What ICANN does will affect you
l   We need your help!

 M. Stuart Lynn
                    The DNS Hierarchy

Top Level Domains
Second Level Domains
Third Level Domains

                            Global Top Level Domains          Country Code
                                     gTLDs                  Top Level Domains

            Users register domain names in registries (e.g., .com)
             using registrars (e.g., as their agents
                    The DNS System
                Zone              Root             ICANN
                 File            Server

   USER          ISP                                REGISTRIES

                             IP                          IP
                          Address                     Address   Domain        of           .tw            of
                Name        .tw         Registry     Registry
               Resolver   Registry                    Registry

                                     IP Address of

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