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					                               Gender Discrimination Initiatives

Meeting Minutes 10/17/12

Location: 4401 Sennott Square

Meeting began: 3:00 p.m.

In Attendance: Kacey Marra; Irene Frieze; Steve Wendell; Stephanie Hoogendoorn; Joan
Lakoski; Doris Rubio; Julie Phillippi; Carol Mohamed

Meeting Summary:

   1. Lactation rooms on campus:

          a. There are 16 Lactation Rooms identified on the HR website. They are currently
             listed under the Diversity tab but will be listed in Work/Life Balance as well.
          b. Searching for ‘lactation’ results in viewing the site.
          c. We would like to send the lactation room link to the Post-Doc and OIS sites.
             (Stephanie Hoogendoorn has sent the site info to the UPPDA).
          d. Julie Phillippi suggested that we look into a reservation system for rooms with
             high usage.
          e. Doris Rubio noted that ICRE now has created a lactation room.
          f. Steve Wendell stated that the high number of lactation rooms has received much
             positive press, especially from graduate students.

   2. Discussion of contracts for non-tenure stream faculty:

          a. Irene Frieze has sent the ‘recommendations for NTS faculty’ to the Anti-
             Discrimination Policies Committee and was approved in September.
          b. The subcommittee has also sent the draft to TAFC on recommendation of Tom
             Smitherman, and the draft will be discussed during the Nov 13, 2012 TAFC

   3. Get Well room at Pitt:

          a. Mary Vandivier, Director of the The Children’s Center, has requested that we
             help publicize the Get Well room at Pitt.
          b. We have asked Mary to write a paragraph description, which we will then forward
             to Women’s Studies, Office of Faculty Affairs, and the UCDC newsletter.

   4. Additional items of discussion:

          a. A discussion on improving women’s negotiation skills was initiated. The
             committee feels that the wage gap can be decreased by improving the
             negotiation skills of women at all stages of their careers.

           b. Doris Rubio is attending a retreat in Baltimore in November on negotiation:
           c. Steve Wendell discussed his course in scientific career planning and skills
              assessment. It is open for all graduate students, but will have potential impact on
              the female students regarding salary gap and negotiation skills.
           d. Carol Mohamed asked if there were faculty salary ranges at Pitt (as there are
              staff salary ranges).
           e. Stephanie Hoogendoorn announced that the Provost’s office should be releasing
              their five year salary report in January.
           f. Joan Lakoski informed the committee of the Women’s Negotiation Academy at
              the Heinz School at CMU:

We will continue our discussion on developing a strategy to decrease the salary gap.

The committee will plan to meet again in December or January.

Meeting adjourned: 3:53 p.m.


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