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					       AMAT SPECTRUM
Winter 2013 Newsletter

 AMAT Board of Directors
Bobby Howard—President
                               The President’s Corner
Remonia Chapman— President                            Holiday Greetings!! I am   and every member of AMAT is on that list.
Elect                                                 sure we have all been      Without your hard work and dedication, we
                                                      enjoying the wonderful     would not be the prosperous and
Sandy Andrada—Past President                          festivities the holidays   progressive organization that we are. More
Carla Hawkins—Secretary                               bring and are probably     lives are being saved and healed by your
                                                      all stuffed from the       great work and as we move forward, we will
Kelvin Satcher—Treasurer                              Thanksgiving turkey.       make even more leaps and bounds in this
                                                                                 country regarding the acceptance and
                                                       What a great treat after
                                                                                 support of organ donation. Our national
                                                       attending our 21st
       BOARD MEMBERS                                                             partners are pulling closer together to fulfill
                                                       Annual Conference in
                                                                                 our ultimate mission, to serve the needs of
       Ayanna Anderson                                 Universal City, CA in
                                                                                 multicultural professionals working in the
                                                       September! It was a true
          Sabrina Ho
                               pleasure to see you all and gain knowledge and field of transplantation.
        Jeffery Graham         an experience that has already had such a            We are looking forward to another great
                               great influence in our respective communities. year for AMAT! Thanks to everyone for
          Kenny Boyd
                               The phenomenal speakers and amazing               making AMAT the organization that it is.
         Audrey Brown          presentations from our very own, gave for great
                               take-a-ways, as well as the relationship building
        Michelle Tolliver
                               from the ‘Cross Cultural Communications’          Sincerely Yours,
         Heidi Nicome          training, which examined our personal cultural
                               and racial beliefs.
          Kevin Myer
                                I’d like to say a special thank you to the
       Elena De La Cruz        Conference Planning Committee for doing an          Bobby Howard
                               amazing job for this year’s conference. I’d also
                               like to thank everyone who joined an AMAT
                               committee and those that took on greater roles
                               and responsibilities.
                                December is here, and whether we are
                               celebrating Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa,
                               Bodhi Day, or Las Posadas, let us do so with
                               much joy and peace. As I sit and reflect, AMAT
                               has grown by leaps and bounds this past year.
                               Our membership numbers are increasing, our
                               outreach goals have grown, and our impact and
                               presence in the multicultural communities are
                               greater than ever before. Our online presence
                               has grown significantly, as well, with the launch
                               of the new AMAT Facebook page!
                                There is much to be thankful for, and each
Page 2                                                                                                              AMAT SPECTRUM

   Star Power Abounds at AMAT’s 21st Annual
   Conference in Universal City: HIGHLIGHTS
          By Carla Hawkins and Kaysha Cranon

            Thought leaders and donation champions from
            around the nation focused on AMAT’s mission of edu-
            cating multicultural populations about the importance
            of organ and tissue donation during the 21st annual
meeting, “Diversity is the Star,” which was held on September
17th - 20th in Universal City, CA.
Subject matter experts from palliative care, healthcare reform,             ‘Tis the season to ramp up our social media
diverse religions along with immigration representatives shared                               presence!
their viewpoints on organ and tissue donation and presented ways
to reach, educate and empower target populations to register as
organ and tissue donors.                                              Rejoice, AMAT members, as the AMAT PR Team has an
                                                                      extra special gift for our association! We are pleased to
                                                                      announce that we have revived our AMAT Facebook
                                                                      Page, and it is already being 'liked', 'shared', and 'talked
                                                                      about' in the social networking world! Please join our
                                                                      page by clicking the link below.

Highlights included Attorney Daniel Dawes’ presentation on how
healthcare reform is changing the face of medical care,
especially its impact on transplantation and donation. Robin
Worker LCSW, PsyD, Clinical Social Worker at UC Irvine detailed
her research concerning donation and transplantation among un-
documented immigrants. An influential roundtable of OPO execu-
tive directors, including Tom Mone, OneLegacy; Lloyd Jordan, Car-
olina Donor Services, and Kevin Myer, LifeGift, discussed how
OPOs need to adapt to demographic changes in their donation
service areas. Attendees also learned about best practices that
resulted in increased awareness and donor registrations.
With more than 120,000 people waiting for a life-saving organ
transplant, including 67,000 African American, Hispanic, Asian or        Feel free to comment and post pictures and videos of
American Indians, these targeted messages are important tools         events and success stories in your OPO, and be sure to
which help to further educate the professionals that are involved     share on your page! If there is something you'd like for
in organ donation and transplantation.                                us to post (i.e. a transplant or organ donation story in the
                                                                      news), feel free to send to Ashley Moore at ash-
AMAT members also enjoyed the sights and sounds of Universal,, and we will post it on be-
City. A networking event at Jillian’s in Universal City afforded mem- half of AMAT.
bers the opportunity to relax and network with colleagues from
around the nation.                                                        Those of you who are headed to the 2014 Rose Pa-
                                                                      rade in Pasadena, we are eager to post details about
With the success of the California conference, AMAT’s planning        how your OPOS are being represented. Send us your
committee is busily working to prepare another jam-packed con-        Rose Parade updates and we’ll post it to our FB Page.
ference –in Houston, TX, 2014. Stay tuned for more details!!
Page 3                                                                                                 AMAT SPECTRUM

 AMAT Workgroup Updates: Working Hard to Bring the Message of Donation into Diverse
                          Asian/Pacific Islander (API) Workgroup
  A number of targeted multicultural initiatives are underway with the Asian Pacific Islander (API) Workgroup.
Chairperson Sabrina Ho is especially excited about a series of new and empowering brochures that have been
developed in multiple languages: Vietnamese, Korean, Tagalog and Mandarin. These brochures are now available
for order through Donate Life America.

   The API workgroup is also very pleased with the outcome of a webinar they recently hosted on October 29th.
Entitled, “The Culture of Donation in the API Community: Partnership Development and Filipino community edu-
cation,” which featured Gay Prozio from Legacy of Life Hawaii and Shin Ito, of A3M. More than 120 participants
listened in. The workgroup is busy putting final touches on its March 2014 webinar that will explore Buddhist per-
spectives on donation. Stay tuned for more details!!

                                   Hispanic/Latino Workgroup
  What’s up with the Latino Work Group?
  2013 was a very productive year for the AMAT Latino Work Group! We held 11 calls during which a wide range
of topics were discussed, new ideas explored, and members aligned their outreach efforts with best practices and
proven strategies. We count 35 active, passionate and dedicated members as the keys to the success of our
group – our goal is to provide an open forum and collaborative approach to problem-solving and idea-sharing.
  What makes our group’s calls so effective? Strategy! We set a topic for discussion ahead of the call which al-
lows for members from Hawai’i to Puerto Rico and everywhere in between to focus on a common core that im-
pacts the work that we all do. In addition to the discussion, we always follow through with a detailed recap of the
conversation so that even those who weren’t able to be on the call are still “in the know.”
  Looking ahead to 2014, we are scheduling a series of Webinars that will highlight proven campaigns that effec-
tively move the donation needle in Latino communities throughout the U.S. and Puerto Rico. We hope that you will
join us (yes, the Webinars will be in English!)
  On behalf of the entire Latino Work Group we wish you and your loved ones a ¡Feliz Navidad!
Page 4                                                                                                 AMAT SPECTRUM

                                   AMAT Workgroup Updates: (con’t)
                                  African American Workgroup
    The African American workgroup is putting the finishing touches on its 2014 webinar series. Topics will include:
“Diversity vs. Multiculturalism: Key Differences;” “Focus on Faith: Interfaith Denominations & Donation;” and
“The Cycle of Life: Involving Donor Family DLAs in our Mission to Save Lives.” Stay tuned for dates and more de-
tails. The workgroup is also working towards the creation of an updated Donate Life America brochure targeting
the African American community. We wish all AMAT members a joyous and festive holiday season!!!

                           I AM AMAT: Member Spotlight                By Michelle Tolliver

                 Name: Sabrina Ho
               Position: API Programs Manager
          Organization: One Legacy

1. What is your position at your OPO and how long have you been with your OPO and AMAT?
I was recently promoted from DMV & Media Relations Specialist to API Programs Manager. I have been with One-
Legacy for 12 years and with AMAT since 2005. I am chairperson of the API Committee in 2010-2011, 2012-
present and board member since 2012.
2. What are some of the things you do in your role with respect to the community/hospitals/media/etc.?
I develop strategic relationships with Asian and Pacific Islander (API) community organizations and religious lead-
ers to drive community outreach, donation development, family care, and volunteer recruitment, media relations
with the goal of increasing first-person and family authorization for donation among Asian communities. I also
build relationship with international diplomats with transplant centers and OPOs in Asia to teach and learn culture
and donation.
3. What professional milestone/accomplishment are you most proud of in your work to save lives through dona-
tion and transplantation?
With the teamwork of API Committee members, we have developed Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Tagalog
(Filipino) languages Empowering Testimonial Brochures for Donate Life America as well as developed multi-ethnic
API Brochure in English. We have also garnered a number of media stories thanks to partnerships with Buddhist
4. What do you like about being an AMAT member?
I like being an AMAT member because I could represent API communities and be able to address the multicultural
issues in the national level. It is a great place to meet colleagues from other OPOs and transplant centers to learn
best practices from each other.
5. What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about you?
Per request by Buddhist temples, I have prayed and provided Buddhist chanting for deceased Chinese in my free
Page 5                                                                                                 AMAT SPECTRUM

     National Donor Sabbath 2013: Area Churches Embrace the Message of Donation

           This year’s National Donor Sabbath marked a new milestone for LifeChoice Donor Services in Connecti-
           cut. More than 15 partner churches throughout the OPO’s donation service area (DSA) supported Na-
           tional Donor Sabbath throughout the weekend of November 15th—November 17th. LifeChoice Donor
           Services staffer, Heidi Nicome (she also serves on the AMAT board), was instrumental in leading this
  Nicome created faith-based educational materials that were mailed to places of worship and made countless
phone calls to potential participants. To her delight, the religious community was very supportive and grateful for
the opportunity to take part in this national life-saving effort.

 As a result of this initiative, more than 2,000 people in the community were provided with donation-related infor-
mation that was placed in their weekly bulletins stressing the importance of “giving the gift of life” through organ
and tissue donation.

 This important community outreach program would not be possible without the collaboration and support from
Family Support Manager, Pam McGee and Public Education Specialist, Caitlyn Bernabucci.

                                                                                          Crystal Lake United Methodist
                                                                                          Church Pastor Reney with
                                                                                          Nancy –Tyson Alexander,
                                                                                          donor wife/DLA. You may
                                                                                          recognize Ms. Alexander from
             Pastor Kathy Faber, Enfield Congregational Church                            the 21st Annual AMAT
             UCC Welcomes Staffer from LifeChoice Donor Services                          Conference in Universal City.
             during NDS weekend.

                                          AMAT Members On the Move
Huge accolades are in order for One Legacy’s Sabrina Ho, who was recently promoted to a new role: Asian and
Pacific Islander Program Manager. A veteran in the OPO world, Sabrina has been with One-
Legacy for 12 years; she has been a member of AMAT since 2005. She currently serves as the
chairperson of the API Workgroup—a position that she has held since 2010. Sabrina has also
served as an AMAT board member since 2012.
“I am very excited in my new role as Asian Pacific Islander (API) Manager of OneLegacy” said
Ho. “In my new position, my experience and resources will drive high level community out-
reach, media exposure, donation development, family care and volunteer recruitment to in-
crease donor designation rate and consent for the API community. Additionally, my new role
will contribute to AMAT as national resource in term of API cultural competence training and
                                         We salute you, Sabrina!! Bravo!!
Page 6                                                                                                             AMAT SPECTRUM

                 Rose Parade Spotlight: Lighting Up the World, One OPO at a Time
         CTDN’s 2014 Rose Parade Float Rider Helps to Launch Innovative Campaign Targeting
                                        Bay Area Filipinos By Ayanna Anderson
  2013 has been quite the year for 28-year-old heart transplant recipient, A. J. Reyes. In addition to his ongoing
Donate Life Ambassador efforts with the California Transplant Donor Network (CTDN), the uber active Vallejo resi-
dent participated in several half marathons throughout the Bay Area. This a quite a feat for a young man who—just
three years ago—required the use of a mechanical heart after suffering from a life-threatening diagnosis of conges-
tive heart failure. A.J. received a second chance at life when he received a donated heart in 2010. His donor, Jus-
tin Olivera, was a Northern California man who was involved in a fatal motorcycle accident.
  In addition to running several marathon events, A.J. was able to pay his gift of life forward to young people with
health challenges. This summer, he had the chance to work as a counselor for Camp Taylor, which caters to chil-
dren and teens with congenital heart diseases. He also learned that he had been named CTDN’s float rider for the
2014 Rose Parade.
                                                    Apropos of this year’s Rose Parade theme, “Dreams Come True,” A.J.
                                                  and his family had the opportunity to meet the mother and sister of the
                                                  man whose heart saved his life three years ago. “One of the most un-
                                                  forgettable highlights of our meeting occurred when my mother, who is
                                                  a nurse educator, gave her teaching stethoscope to my donor mother
                                                  so that she could hear her son Justin’s heart beating in my chest,” not-
                                                  ed Reyes.
                                                           As he gears up for the Rose Parade activities, A. J. is excited to have
                                                         the opportunity to share his powerful journey to donation, while also
  Joel (pictured left) is given a big hug by his cousin, A.J.
                                                               issuing a clarion call about the need for increasing support for
 (pictured right) at the Puso Ng Pinoy Prayer Rally in Daly organ and tissue donation within the Filipino community. The
                              City.                            need for increased education and advocacy for organ and tissue
                                                               donation is especially critical given the growing number of Filipi-
nos who are on the UNOS waiting list awaiting life-saving transplants—especially kidneys. This is an issue that hits
home for A.J., as his 27-year-old cousin Joel Cruz, suffered end-stage renal disease, and is now on the national
waiting list for a kidney.
   One of the cities covered in CTDN’s donation service area is Daly City, a Bay Area locale primarily comprising resi-
dents who are of Asian/Pacific Islander (API) descent—most of whom are Filipino. As part of its ongoing effort to
bring the message of donation to multicultural communities, CTDN launched a brand-new campaign in December:
The Puso Ng Pinoy (PNP) Movement. Puso Ng Pinoy translates into “A Filipino Heart,” and the multi-pronged cam-
paign will showcase those who are in need of transplants; those whose lives have been transformed by the gift of
life; and the need for galvanizing participation from community influencers—especially those in faith-based and
clinical arenas.

“At CTDN, we wanted to create a campaign which spoke to the Filipino populations throughout our donation ser-
vice area and exploring new and innovative ways to create donation champions within this community,” said Sandy
Andrada, community education manager, CTDN. “Culturally speaking, we know that the ‘baynihan’ spirit of giving
and community is celebrated widely among Filipinos. With this in mind, the impetus for CTDN’s PNP Movement is
an effort to galvanize this community into action and showcase the dire need for more organ donors from the Filipi-
no community. We felt it also very critical to give supporters of our movement tangible ways that they can get in-
volved—whether sharing the message at churches or through social media. By framing this campaign as a heart-to-
heart movement, we are hopeful that we’ll begin to see donor designation and authorization rates increase in the
years to come.”                                   - (con’t) -
Page 7                                                                                                    AMAT SPECTRUM

          Rose Parade Spotlight: Lighting Up the World, One OPO at a Time (con’t)
           CTDN’s 2014 Rose Parade Float Rider Helps to Launch Innovative Campaign Targeting
                                       Bay Area Filipinos By Ayanna Anderson
  On the first Saturday in December, CTDN kicked off the campaign with a prayer rally, held at St. Andrews Church
in Daly City. Along with A.J., the speaking panel included: Lloyd LaCuesta, a well-known Filipino Bay Area media per-
sonality and CTDN board member; Father Piers Lahey, a huge champion for donation; the Honorable Jaime Ra-
mon, Deputy Counsel General of Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco; Joel Cruz, a 27-year-old Filipino
resident in need of a kidney transplant; Ginny Jimenez, RN, a Filipina ICU nurse, who is an outspoken champion for
organ and tissue donation; and Sandy Andrada, community education manager for CTDN.

  The one-hour prayer rally culminated with a call to action, and all attendees were encouraged to become PNP
ambassadors to help support this effort to reach more Filipinos with the message of hope, health and life—all
made possible through organ and tissue donation. Attendees were also given free t-shirts, and enjoyed an array of
Filipino pastries and delights.
  On the heels of the event, A.J. has been participating in a number of media opportunities to showcase the PNP
campaign, and, of course—the 2014 Rose Parade.
  Be sure to look out for A.J. Reyes on the “Light Up the World float” this year; he is sharing the miracle of his heart
transplant and encouraging those in his community to open their hearts to the gift of life.

 Donor Network of Arizona (DNA) Hosts Floragraph Event to Honor Hispanic Donor By Luz Jimenez
  On Monday, Dec. 16, donor mother, Alejandra Rivera of Phoenix, joined the Donor Network of Arizona (DNA)
team to add the finishing touches to the floragraph, a portrait made from organic materials, of her son, Fernando
Rivera. The recipient of Fernando's heart, Greg Welsh of Goodyear, was also at the event. The floragraph will be
placed on the Donate Life Float with 81 other floragraphs from across the country for the Rose Parade in Pasade-
na, Calif. on Jan. 1, 2014.
  While the floragraphs on the Donate Life Float remember the legacy and generosity of organ and tissue donors
throughout the country, the 30 riders of the Donate Life Float celebrate the gifts from donors, as the riders are the
recipients of those life-saving and life-healing gifts.
  Alejandra will travel to Pasadena to watch Greg, representing DNA, as he rides the float and honors her son.
Greg is alive today due to the generosity of Fernando's family.
Page 8                                                                                                      AMAT SPECTRUM

            Rose Parade Spotlight: Lighting Up the World, One OPO at a Time                             (con’t)

                                         On the night of March 17, 2011, 17-year-old Fernando said goodnight to his par-
                                       ents, gave his mother a kiss and went to his room to go to sleep. Hours later,
                                       Fernando's parents were awakened by the sound of loud gunshots near their
                                       home. Fernando’s father first rushed outside, assuming the noise came from the
                                       street. When he saw nothing outside, he went inside to check on his son. It was
                                       then that he found Fernando lying in his bed with multiple bullet wounds in his
                                         Fernando passed away at the hospital that evening, and it was Alejandra who
                                         asked the doctors if her son would be able to donate his organs. Fernando's
  Donor Fernando Rivera and his mom,
                                         gift saved the lives of five people. "I knew I could turn this tragedy into good
               Alejandra                 news for someone. My son would have wanted to be a light for other people."
  After the transplant, Alejandra and Greg became close friends. "I'm so grateful to have Alejandra in my life and
for the gift she and her son have given me," says Greg. "It's something I treasure and take care of and value. There
are no words to explain my gratitude."
  Alejandra takes joy in knowing that Fernando's gift has given Greg more time with his daughter, Cassandra. "Her
eyes light up like Greg's," she says. "I am so happy to see them together, that Cassandra has her father today be-
cause of Fernando."

                           Congrats Q3 Trivia Question Winners !! By Carla Hawkins

These loyal and lucky winners will each receive a $50 Visa Gift Card for correctly answering the five trivia questions
from the last AMAT Spectrum Newsletter! Thank you to everyone who participated.
Do not be dismayed, for there will be a chance for three winners with each newsletter issue. The key is to read, an-
swer, and respond correctly within seven days! We look forward to announcing the winners from the Winter issue,
so stay tuned!

Joycelyn C. O’Mard
Quality Improvement Coordinator
National Transplant Services

Terri Reaves
Hospital Services Specialist
Washington Regional Transplant Community

Angela Carlton
Clinical Transplant Program Manager
Annette C. and Harold C. Simmons Transplant Institute
                                                AMAT’s Bold Request:

                                                   Take Ownership
     Association for Multicultural Affairs in      Share your expertise
     700 N. 4th Street                             Commit to AMAT
     Richmond, VA 23219
                                                   Be in Action for 12 months
     Phone: 866-276-4871
     Fax: 804-782-4816
                                                         Together, WE can make a difference!

           The mission of the Association for Multicultural Affairs in Transplantation (AMAT)
           is to support our partners in the donation and transplant field as they save and heal lives
           in our diverse communities.

           AMAT Connections is a newsletter provided quarterly by AMAT to its members and
           friends. We welcome articles for consideration in future issues of AMAT Connections or
           suggestions for articles. Please submit these to Ayanna Anderson at

           Thank you for your continued support of our mission in the donation and transplant

                                  Q4 AMAT Trivia Questions —NEW!!!! By Carla Hawkins
AMAT Trivia Questions
     What four languages are the Donate Life ‘Empowering Testimonials’ brochures availa-
       ble in? Hint: these were developed by the API Workgroup committee.

     What is the Rose Parade theme for 2014?
     How many lives did donor Fernando Rivera save? Hint: Check out the Donor Network of
       Arizona story.
     Who is on the list for things President Bobby Howard is thankful for?
     Which panelists were referenced in the 21st Annual Conference Highlights article?

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