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 January Edition 2013 - Business Stationery Newsletter

Current News
Welcome to the First Issue of the Business Stationery Newsletter
We are happy to introduce this monthly communication to keep you informed about our business, current events and invite
you to learn more about the people behind the scenes. With winter weather in full effect here in Cleveland, nothing
is stopping BSI from getting the job done.

Business Stationery is nearing its 29th year in business and with 90+ employees we are proud to continue to service our
customers. As the industry changes, we here at BSI understand the need to stay current with technology, stay up to date
with industry standards, and do our best to meet your needs and the needs of your customers.

As a leading manufacturer of custom corporate stationery and short run full-color products,
BSI can also interface with virtually all online ordering programs. If you are interested in a demo or additional information on
our custom program web sites, please contact Director off National Sales,
Mark Cupach at

Business Stationery Understands the Importance of Philanthropy
This holiday season Business Stationery introduced the 1st Annual "Let's Give Back Together" Food Drive. The food drive
ran from November 5th to December 14th, 2012 and included both employees and customers of Business Stationery. The
goal was to collect 240 non-perishable or canned food items to donate to the Cleveland Food Bank. Business Stationery
exceeded the goal in the first week of the drive and in total collected 628 items and $15 in monetary donations. The drive
was a huge success and Business Stationery plans to continue the Annual Food Drive next year.

Click here to view pictures of our success!

Where in the World is Mark?
Mark Cupach, Director of National Sales is always on the go! We'd like to share his travels with you as he visits customers,
attends industry trade shows, and cultivates new relationships. His travels will also offer insight to industry information and

To kick off the New Year, Mark decided to ditch the Cleveland cold and jump on a plane to Orlando, FL! The ASI Show
Orlando took place on January 9th and 10th at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. The show
engaged thousands of distributors by offering the opportunity to learn about new products, meet with industry suppliers, and
network with peers. BSI was excited to meet with current and prospective customers, encourage promotional dealers to give
print a try, and be a part of a growing industry association. For more information on future ASI Shows, visit You can also check out Business Stationery on ASI's very own ESP, ASI #42868.

Click here to view pictures from the ASI Orlando Show.

As Mark continues to travel, we want you to play along!
Be the first to answer the following questions correctly and win a $10 Starbucks Gift Card.
Please email entries to Monica Gasbarre at with "Where in the World is Mark" as the
subject line.

I'm headed north to five cities in five days:
City #1 = Founded September 17, 1630...
City #2 = I am southeast of the state of New York...
City #3 = The heart of the Meadowlands...
City #4 = The best cheese steaks ever! ...
City #5 = In 1996 they moved my hometown football team here...

Employee Spotlight                            Specials                                    Management Corner
Name: Katerina Pavlidis                       Congratulations to Barbara Woodson          Welcome to the first edition of the
Position at BSI: CSR                          of Proforma B. Creative for winning a       Business Stationery Newsletter. We
Time at BSI: 7 years                          Kindle Fire HD in December.                 hope to bring you useful industry
                                              Barbara participated in our Digital         news and sales tips that will help
Please tell us about your most                Promotion from 11/07/2012 -                 grow your business.
rewarding experience, since                   12/14/2012 by simply providing the
you joined BSI?                               code KINDLE with her digital orders.        As Director of National Sales,
I find it very rewarding when                                                             my purpose is to work with
customers are happy with the service          First Quarter Special                       distributors to help bring solutions to
I provide. One of my customers often          From 01/15/2013 - 03/31/2013 BSI is         their customers.
brings me baked goods. It is such a           offering to waive the $95 website set-      With over 30 years of industry
nice gesture.                                 up and hosting fee for any NEW              experience, including 10 years with
                                           Program Accounts.                        American Greetings,
Tell us about yourself?                                                             8 years managing the print
I am an easy-going, fun-loving             For current custom sites,                program at Proforma and owning my
person. I love to laugh and try to stay    add a template to an existing site for   own print business,
positive. I am Greek by heritage and       only $45.                                I have worked with distributors in
my family can get loud at if                                            solving problems and creating
you ever come over... be prepared!         To redeem this quarterly special,        solutions.Your business is important
                                           please use code 1QPromo at time of       to me and to the team at BSI. We
What part of Cleveland do you              quote.                                   view you as OUR sales force and we
live in? I live in a suburb of South                                                will support you with joint sales calls,
Cleveland. I love Cleveland. It really                                              online ordering site demos and
does Rock!                                                                          effective print collateral that sells.
                                                                                    Please contact me at any time and let
What is your favorite food? Too                                                     BSI help make your business goals
hard to pick just one!!!!                                                           reality. You can reach me
                                                                                    at: 800.234.9954 or email,
What is your favorite sports                                              
team? My dogs and I are die hard
Cleveland Browns fans!!!!!! Go                                                      Best Regards,
Browns!!!!                                                                          Mark Cupach - Director of National
Do you have any pets?
I have 3 dogs and recently inherited a
cat. No one told me when a stray cat
that is starving comes to your
driveway not to feed it! He never left!
He is now part of the family and his
name is Larry David, and believe it or
not, gets along great with the dogs.

What is your favorite thing to
do outside of work? Cleveland
has a wonderful theater district and I
enjoy going to plays when I can. I
enjoy going to hockey games, reading
and I am addicted to the TV show

Tell us something unusual or
funny about yourself?
I am addicted to coffee!!!! I truly am a
coffee nut!! I cannot live without

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