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PRIVACY AND SECURITY WORK GROUP - New York eHealth by pengxuebo


NAME                  TITLE                                                                 AFFILIATION
Ellen Flink           Director of Research in Patient Safety and Quality Initiatives        NYS DOH-OHITT

Irene Koch               Executive Director                                                 BHIX
Ted Kremer MPH           Executive Director                                                 Rochester RHIO
Aileen Chu               Sr. Privacy and Security Officer                                   NYC Reach
Alan Silver MD MPH       Medical Director                                                   IPRO
Alex Low                 Director of Technology Policy Development                          New York-Presbyterian
Ali Hussaini             Product Line Manager                                               New York eHealth Collaborative
Alissa D'Amelio          Project Manager                                                    Greater New York Hospital Association
Allen Briskin            Counsel                                                            Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP
Amanda Patti                                                                                HealtheConnections
Amelia Shapiro           Deputy Director                                                    Interboro RHIO
Amy S Warner Esq MBA     Privacy Officer                                                    Rochester RHIO
Andrew Fair              EHR Specialist                                                     NYC DOHMH
Barbara O'Donnell        Health Program Administrator                                       NYS DOH
Barbara Phair            Attorney                                                           Abrams Fensterman
Brian Shapley            Vice President, Health Care Operations                             MVP Health Care - Rochester RHIO
Carla Novak                                                                                 HANYS
Charles Feldman          Attorney                                                           Hiscock Barclay
Cheryl Parham            Associate General Counsel                                          New York-Presbyterian
Chris Stanley            Chief Information Security Officer                                 NYS OMH
Corinne A Carey          Senior Public Policy Counsel                                       New York Civil Liberties Union
Danielle Craighead       Program Manager                                                    LIPIX
David Sheidlower         CISO                                                               Health Quest Systems, Inc
Debora Marsden           VP Compliance and Privacy                                          Bon Secours Health System
Deborah Brown            VP, Legal, Regulatory and Professional Affairs & Special Counsel   Greater New York Hospital Association

Deborah C Peel MD        Founder and Chair                                                  Patient Privacy Rights
Donald Ashkenase         Executive Vice President Corporate                                 Montefiore Medical Center
Donna Abbondandolo       Associate Compliance Officer                                       Westchester Medical Center
Elizabeth Herries        Senior Associate General Counsel                                   Mount Sinai Hospital
Emily Pape               Deputy Director                                                    STHL
George Purdue         Chief Administrative Officer                               Hudson headwaters Health Network
Gina Dolan            Associate                                                  Abrams Fensterman
Glenn Martin          Medical Director                                           Interboro RHIO
Gloria Maki           Project Assistant                                          NYS DOH, AIDS Institute
Igor Kraev                                                                       Medical Society of the State of New York
Jeannette Rossoff                                                                Public Health Solutions
John Aveni            Supervising Attorney                                       Office of the NYS CIO/Office for Technology
John Maese            MD                                                         American College of Physicians
John Wheeler          HIT Financial Planner                                      Fort Drum Regional Health Planning Org
Julie Brucker         Director, Health Information Management                    Seton Health - Hospital
Julie Rodak           Associate Counsel                                          NYS OMH
Katie O'Neill         Senior V.P. and HIV/AIDS Projects Director                 Legal Action Center
Larry Whiteside Jr    CISO                                                       VNSNY
Laura Alfredo         Deputy General Counsel                                     Lutheran Medical Center
Lindsay Denny                                                                    HealtheConnections
Lisa Busby            CIO                                                        Inter-Lakes Health
Lori La Salle         Partner                                                    Abrams Fensterman
Manuel Amaez          Executive Director, Information Services                   Schervier Nursing Care Center
Marc Schalberg        RSA NYS Account Manager                                    Vendor
Maria Woods           VP, Legal, Regulatory and Professional Affairs             Greater New York Hospital Association
Meghann Hardesty      Program Director                                           THINC
Michael R Mittleman   Senior Vice President for Corporate Compliance & Support   PSCH, Inc.
Nance Shatzkin                                                                   Bronx RHIO
Nancy Pawlowicz       Sr. Compliance Auditor                                     Kaleida Health
Nick Radov            Director of Software Development                           Axolotl Corp
Patricia Beato        Chief Privacy Officer                                      University of Rochester Medical Center
Phyllis E Johnson     HIT Policy Coordinator                                     NYS DOH
Rashmi Kashyap        Director of Electronic Health Records                      Planned Parenthood of New York City
Ray Murphy            Project Director                                           HIXNY
Raymond A Shelton     Information Security Officer                               Continuum Health Partners, Inc.
Richard Corcoran      Senior Quality Improvement Specialist                      IPRO
Richard Timbol        InfoSec Manager                                            Amalgamated Life
Roberto Martinez      Medical Director                                           NYS DOH-OHITT
Ron Pucherelli         HIT Administrator                                    Medical Society of the State of New York
Rosemary Miller        AVP ISS                                              CVPH Medical Center
Sally Obrien           HIPAA Security Analyst                               Catholic Health System
Sara Kaplan-Levenson   Project Manager, Regulatory & Professional Affairs   Greater New York Hospital Association
Scott Strozyk          Sr. Systems Advisor                                  CTG-HEAL10 (UBA)
Sean O'Shea            IT Security Consultant                               The Bonadio Group
Sharon Bari            Training Specialist                                  New York eHealth Collaborative
Stacey Gulick          Legal Counsel                                        NYCLIX
Stephanie Musso        HIPAA Privacy Officer                                Stony Brook University Hospital
Steve Allen            Director of Operations                               HEALTHeLINK
Steve Smith                                                                 NYS DOH
Thomas T McDonald      Director, IS&T Security Services                     Kaleida Health
Tom Unger              Program Director                                     HEALTHeLINK
Tricia Jewson          Director of Health Information Management            United Health Services
Tury Lee               AVP of IT and Administrative Services                Planned Parenthood of New York City
Vadim Schick           Associate                                            Post & Schell, P.C.
Vikrant Arora          Security Manager                                     New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation
Vivienne DeStefano     Director of Membership and Outreach                  BHIX
Wayne A McNulty Esq    Senior Associate Counsel                             NYC Health and Hospitals Corp.
Zebulon Taintor MD     Clinical Dean                                        Touro COM / Medical Society of the State of New York
Zeynep Sumer           VP, Regulatory & Professional Affairs                Greater New York Hospital Association

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