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Sabrina Jones-Schroeder
EXIT Real Estate - Jones & Associates
         The LA Law Plan
So there I was on my way
to becoming Susan Dey of
LA Law, when I realized I
hate practicing law. What
to do? What to do? What
to do?
 “I want to sell real estate, but
I’ve got to make as much as a
        lawyer would!”
So I set out a long-term
business plan to make
six figures in real estate
– what I would have
made as an attorney in
 Don’t Set The Bar Too Low!
Year after year I set my goal at $100,000-$150,000 income and
 for years, I hit at or slightly above or below the goal (except
      note 2002 and what I call my breakout year 2007!).

 2001    $140,000    $120,902
 2002 No biz plan!   $83,875
 2003    $150,000    $110,449
 2004    $150,000    $115,333
 2005    $100,000    $114,554
 2006    $150,000    $113,304
 What Happened In 2002?
Emerson Grace
Schroeder – born
February 13, 2003
after 6 weeks of bed
rest and a difficult
          Income Ceiling?!
•   2001 - $120,902
•   2002 - $83,875
•   2003 - $110,450
•   2004 - $115,333
•   2005 - $114,554
•   2006 - $113,305
December 2006 – Business
    Planning For 2007

A sudden manifestation or perception of the
essential nature or meaning of something; an
intuitive grasp of reality through something (as an
event) usually simple and striking

—Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary
         Sabrina’s Personal
• In order to make more money, I needed to
  set my income goal higher. In order to
  make more income, I needed to sell more
  houses. In order to sell more houses, I
  needed to figure out where to go find
  those clients!
Ask Yourself – Where Does My
  Business Come From?
First off, to plan where you want to go, you must
track where you have been! Look at your closed
business transactions and figure out from where the
prospects came to you.
Where Do You Go To Get More?
 Next, figure out where you can go find more of these
 prospects. For me, my business was coming from
 my sphere of influence mailing database.
        GOAL           GOAL                     FROM SOI
2001   $6,500,000    $140,000      $120,902       80%
2002   No biz plan   No biz plan   $83,875        82%
2003   $6,000,000    $150,000      $110,449       89%
2004   $6,000,000    $150,000      $115,333       84%
2005   $4,000,000    $100,000      $114,554       87%
2006   $6,000,000    $150,000      $113,304       90%
2007   $6,000,000    $150,000      $191,637       91%
2008   $9,500,000    $200,000        ???           ???
           My Bouncing Ball!
• Clearly my business was coming from people I knew
  (either directly or as referrals), friends and family, past
  clients, agents, etc.

• I had been mailing to my sphere of influence for years,
  but not consistently.

• If I wanted to break the income ceiling, I had to beef up
  my direct mail campaign – go get more business from
  where I was getting business!
Step One: Create Your Sphere Of
     Influence Database
• You must take the time (and it may take an entire
  day) to pull together a list of names for your

• Consider using an Excel spreadsheet.

• Consider who all should be on the list.
  Who Should Make Up Your
       Mailing List?
• Friends and family

• Past clients

• Acquaintances

• Community organizations, church contacts, etc.

• People with whom you do business
      NAR Past Client Survey
• 75% of people were happy with their agent.
• 74% said they would buy from the same agent again.
• Only 9% actually bought from their same agent 3 years
• Only 10% could recall the real estate agent’s name after
  3 years.
• All could recall the company name.
  Step Two: Create A Direct
     Mail Campaign Plan
• Mail something to your sphere of influence at least
  once a month, if not more

• What are you going to mail?

• When are you going to mail it?
         Sabrina’s Direct Mail
           Campaign Plan
• January
    1. Newsletter: personal update, market update,
            lender update & home maintenance tips
     2. Final HUD to all closed clients from previous year

• February - Home By Design magazine

• March – Spring postcard
       Sabrina’s Direct Mail
         Campaign Plan
• April
    1. Newsletter
    2. Seed Packets
    3. Home By Design magazine

• May – Home inventory checklist with copy of
        personal brochure

• June – Home By Design magazine
        Sabrina’s Direct Mail
          Campaign Plan
• July – Newsletter

• August – Home By Design magazine

• September – Back to school postcard

• October
     1. Newsletter
     2. Home by Design
        Sabrina’s Direct Mail
          Campaign Plan
• November – Thanksgiving postcard

• December
     1. Magnet calendar
     2. Home By Design magazine
     3. Holiday card and letter

For a grand total of 18 mailings!
Step Three: Create Your Mail
• Get creative!

• You don’t have to be fancy

• Outsource – EXIT Promo Shop, Home by Design

• Group orders create buying power and more
  affordable pieces e.g., our office group orders seed
  packets and magnets
Spring Seed Packets
Home Inventory Checklist
Personal Brochure
Annual Client Appreciation
Annual Calendar Magnet
Annual Holiday Cards
Custom Magazine
Step Four: Follow Your Plan!
• Again, outsource what you can ($10 per hour
  assistant to stuff envelopes, label and hand address

• Check them off your list as you go.

• If you miss a month, make up next month with two
Step Five: Watch The Ceiling
        Crash Down!
Once you become consistent and persistent in your
mailings to your sphere of influence, stand back and
watch your income ceiling come crashing down as
your business soars!
Breaking Through My Personal
   Income Ceiling In 2007!
 2007 income goal of $200,000 (production goal
   of $8,000,000)
           I made $191,637 income!
 $8,000,000 sales production
 (surpassing my highest year
 by $2,000,000)!
How Many Should Be In Your
How many do you think I had in mine after 18 years
in the business?



Believe it or not –
     only 150!
       “But, It’ll Cost A Lot!”
• Printing full pages (newsletter, personal brochure,
  etc.) -$.15 per page

• Postcards - $.51 each mailed

• Seed packets - $.39 each

• Magazines - $3.09 each mailed

• Calendar - $.41 each

• Holiday cards - $.19
    Sabrina’s Annual Budget:
•   January - $108
•   February - $463.50
•   March - $76.50
•   April - $121.50 + $463.50
•   June - $463.50
•   July - $108
•   August - $463.50
•   September - $76.50
•   October - $108 + 463.50
•   November - $76.50
•   December - $124.50 + 91.50 + $463.50
    Total: $3,780
           OK, Do The Math

An investment of $3,780 created production in
excess of $4,000,000 = $80,000 additional take home
income for me in 2007!

I couldn’t afford not to do this!
It May Seem Old Fashioned,
          But . . .
Many speakers out there today will tell you that
refrigerator magnets are old school real estate,
but given they generated $4,000,000 additional
business for me, I’ll be old fashioned every day of
the week!

It’s a touchy market out there, but do you think there
are people making money in real estate?
Absolutely! It can be YOU if you treat your business
like a business, get off your duff and go to work, and
yes, get out there and have a ball with your sphere of
Thank You So Much!

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