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					Onteora High School

   Student/Parent Handbook
   And Registration Guide For

   College Credit Earned While Still in High School

         2013-2014 ACADEMIC YEAR

       491 Cottekill Road, Stone Ridge, New York 12484
                845.687.5000     800.724.0833
                 Welcome to SUNY Ulster!
                                 Start Here. Go Far.

Ulster County Community College, a dynamic, comprehensive community college, located in the
heart of the Hudson River Valley, serves over 11,000 credit and noncredit students each year.
SUNY Ulster is a student-centered community college providing innovation and excellence in

SUNY Ulster is a unit of the State University of New York (SUNY), and is accredited by the
Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, The Commission on Higher Education is an institutional accrediting agency
recognized by the U.S. Secretary of Education and the Commission on Recognition of
Postsecondary Accreditation.

The College's Nursing Program is accredited by the National League of Nursing (NLN)
Accrediting Commission (NLNAC),

In addition, the Engineering Science Program is affiliated with the Two-Year Engineering Science
Association (TYESA) and the Association of Engineering Colleges of New York State (AECNYS).

Our Mission Statement

SUNY Ulster is a vibrant community of learners distinguished by academic excellence,
collaboration, innovation, service, and responsible use of resources.

As a public, comprehensive two-year institution dedicated to providing affordable, accessible
education, we work within an ever-changing environment to:

       Prepare students for transfer to four-year institutions;
       Prepare students for success in college and in the workforce;
       Provide enrichment and lifelong learning opportunities;
       Augment learning through the integration and application of emerging technologies;
       Prepare students to live and work in a global society;
       Play an active role in economic development; and
       Enhance the quality of life for residents of Ulster County.

                           Overview of the Collegian Program

Concurrent enrollment is becoming a nationwide trend as high schools seek to enrich the
curriculum for qualified students and as colleges strive to enroll students who are prepared for the
rigors of higher education. The Collegian Program is a concurrent enrollment program, which is a
dual enrollment program, allowing students to earn college credit and high school credit through
college courses taken in the high school.

Through the cooperation of the State University of New York (SUNY), SUNY Ulster, and local
high schools, concurrent-credit programs have been developed to provide qualified students with
an opportunity to enroll in select college courses and gain advanced standing or college credit.
These classes afford the high school student additional course choices as well as course
enhancement. They may be an alternative to AP credit or taken in conjunction with AP courses.
In addition, they can provide challenging motivation to the upper level student.

SUNY Ulster courses in the Collegian Program are taught by teachers at local high schools who have
been approved by the college as adjunct level instructors. They are required to complete all SUNY Ulster
requirements in accordance with the college’s standard practices and procedures.

Since the program began, students have taken hundreds of classes for thousands of credits.
Students in the Collegian Program are required to meet the standards SUNY Ulster maintains for
all of its students. Coursework completed in the program is comparable to the academic
expectations of on-campus classroom instruction. Collegian students are part-time, non-
matriculated SUNY Ulster students.

While specific classes vary from high school to high school, classes include College English,
American History, Computer Art, Psychology, Accounting, Criminal Justice, Math, General
Biology, Spanish, and Computer Applications for Business.

Collegian students are entitled to access the SUNY Ulster portal called MySUNY Ulster and use
the MY.SUNYUlster e-mail system. All students will be receiving correspondence concerning the
portal use. The SUNY Ulster portal provides a wealth of information as well as access to your
final grades.

Collegian students are expected to adhere to all SUNY Ulster policies that pertain to Academic
Honesty and Classroom standards. These policies and procedures are found in the SUNY Ulster
College catalog located on the SUNY Ulster website –

Advantages of Participating in SUNY Ulster’s Collegian Program include:
       Becoming a more attractive college candidate by accepting the challenge of taking
        college level courses in high school.
       Possibly graduating from college earlier by earning transferable credits.
       Lightening the first or second semester course load in college and relieving some of the
        pressure and stress in the first year.
       Having the time to take more electives in college, earn a double major, do a special work
        internship, or spend a semester abroad by starting early in high school.
       Saving money by reducing future college costs.

Enrolled students should be high school students in good standing, and meet both the high school and
SUNY Ulster Academic Department requirements.

Schools currently participating in the Collegian Program:

  John A. Coleman Catholic High School                     Ellenville High School

  Highland High School                                     Kingston High School

  Marlboro High School                                     Onteora High School

  Rondout Valley High School                               Saugerties High School

  Ulster BOCES Career and Technical School                 Ulster BOCES New Visions Program

  Wallkill High School                                     Woodstock Day School

                        Collegian Student Registration

        Fall Registration Deadline: Thursday October 10, 2013

At the beginning of each semester, registration materials will be provided to the
high school instructor by a Collegian Program representative. The representative
should be contacted with any questions regarding the Collegian courses or
registration process.

Students interested in participating in the Collegian program must submit the
following to the College, no later than Thursday October 10, 2013

  1.     Completed registration form, signed by student and parent/guardian
          Please retain the gold copy of the registration form for your records.
  2.     Tuition payment (MasterCard, VISA, Discover, check or money order
         made payable to SUNY Ulster) for the exact amount due. Please – no
            Students eligible for the free or reduced lunch program through their
             high school must also submit the Lunch Verification Form, included
             at the end of this handbook, with payment in order to receive the
             discounted rate of $1/credit.
            Students interested in paying by credit card should use the Credit
             Card Payment Form included at the end of this handbook.
  3.     Your cancelled check or credit card statement is your receipt.
  4.     Registrations should be sent in the postage paid envelope or by mail to:
                                               SUNY Ulster –Collegian Coordinator
                                                                  491 Cottekill Rd.
                                                            Stone Ridge NY 12484

   No incomplete registrations will be accepted. Registrations received after the
                              deadline will be returned.

   Once the registration process has been completed, Collegian students will be
   invited to various campus events, hosted by SUNY Ulster, specifically
   designed for them! You will have access to our Portal. Look for this invitation
   with your password in the mail.

                                  Withdrawal Policy

Withdrawal Deadline for a ½ year course:          December 13, 2013
Withdrawal Deadline for a full year course:       March 14, 2014

Students who withdraw from a Collegian course are not entitled to a refund and
their SUNY Ulster transcript will show a “W” as a course grade. Withdrawal
forms are available from your Collegian instructor.


Tuition is based on the number of credit hours designated for each course.
Collegian students currently pay $55 per credit hour. This is a great savings and
offers an affordable jumpstart on your college education. (Students eligible for
free/reduced lunch pay tuition at the rate of $1 per credit hour. Verification forms
must be completed in order to receive this reduced rate. This form is included
with this handbook).

                                  Credit Transfer

Collegian credits may be accepted by other institutions several ways:
   1.     Credit hours may be directly transferred toward your chosen degree.
   2.     They may be accepted as elective credits.
   3.     They may exempt you from taking a required course, or they may
          make you eligible for placement into a higher level course.
   4.     They may provide advanced standing when applying to colleges and

        (Please note: A grade of “C” or better is usually required for transfer)

Transcript Request:
Student may request official copies of the SUNY Ulster transcript by completing a
transcript request form, available from SUNY Ulster’s Registrar’s Office, or by
making a written request. Telephone and email requests cannot be accepted.
Written requests should include:

   1.       Student’s full name as it appears on SUNY Ulster’s records, and any
            name change since leaving the College.
   2.       Date of birth
   3.       Social Security number
   4.       A photocopy of a photo ID
   5.       Telephone #, in case of questions
   6.       Name/Address the transcript is being sent to
   7.       Student’s signature

There is a nominal fee for official transcripts. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE
Most State University of New York (SUNY) system colleges accept Collegian
Program credits and post them to the student’s permanent records, although not
all posted courses may meet specific major and degree requirements.

It is at the discretion of any college or university to decide whether they will
accept transfer credits from another institution. It is strongly recommended that
students check with the college or university of their choice for acceptance of
Collegian credit before registering for a Collegian course. SUNY Ulster makes
no guarantee of the transferability or applicability of Collegian credits to other

Other Important Information:

                While many colleges and universities accept SUNY Ulster
                 credits, be aware that specific conditions for transfer may exist.
                 We encourage you to contact prospective colleges/universities
                 to discuss Collegian course transferability.
                It is solely the decision of the receiving college whether to
                 accept transfer credit.
                SUNY Ulster highly recommends maintaining a complete
                 portfolio of all your course materials to verify the quality of work
                 covered in the Collegian program. The portfolio should consist
                 of all the work you produced during the Collegian course, as
                 well as instructor handouts and notes pertaining to the course.

Remember, the positive educational experience gained through the Collegian
program will undoubtedly contribute to your college success and your life’s goals.

              SUNY Ulster Collegian Program Contact Information

Registrar’s Office                                              845-687-5075

Student Accounts Office                                         845-687-5099

Collegian Program Coordinator                                   845-687-5034

How to register for your Collegian Courses

1. Pick up a Collegian Program registration packet from your teacher.
This packet consists of:
                            Collegian Program Handbook
                            Registration Form
                            Postage Paid Envelope
2. Complete the course registration form:
                            Locate your course CRN, code(s),and credits
                            Don’t forget to have your parent/guardian sign
                            the form
                            If you are taking more than 1 course for credit,
                            list all course codes on one form.

3. Submit the completed form, along with your payment, to the SUNY
Ulster Collegian Coordinator:
                                 Use the postage paid envelope or send to:
                                                     SUNY Ulster –Collegian Coordinator
                                                                        491 Cottekill Rd.
                                                                  Stone Ridge NY 12484

                                  Be sure to include your payment in the form of
                                  credit card, check or money order payable to SUNY
                                  Ulster. Please – no cash.
                                  Be aware of the registration deadline!
                                  Registrations received after this date will be

                Payment Deadline is Thursday October 10, 2013

     Students enrolling in courses through the high school and New Visions/BOCES
      must submit one form for high school courses and one for New Visions/BOCES
       If you are eligible for free or reduced lunch, please include the Lunch Verification
      Form, signed by a school official, in order to receive the reduced rate.
      Please use the Credit Card Payment Form (included in packet) if you wish to pay
      by credit card.
      Payment MUST accompany the registration form. Students will not be registered
      if payment is not received.

Students enrolling in Collegian courses through their high school and New
Visions/BOCES must complete both a Collegian Registration Form for their high
school and a Collegian Registration Form for New Visions.

         THURSDAY OCTOBER 10, 2013

                           DUE DATE

Students must have their registrations, including payment, to SUNY
                        ULSTER by this date.

               WITHDRAWAL DATES FOR 2013-14

         Fall 2013 ~ ½ year courses: December 13, 2013
Fall 2013 ~ Full year courses (ending June 2014): March 14, 2014

   Please contact the Collegian Program Coordinator with any questions.

                     Collegian Program Coordinator
                  Office of the Dean of Academic Affairs
                              SUNY Ulster
                         Stone Ridge, NY 12484
      845-687-5034     Fax 845-687-5133

                      (Spring courses will be listed in the January packet)

                          Onteora High School

        Course Code
CRN     and Section        Course Name                       Credits           Term       Instructor

80755   ART 117-48         Intro to Drawing I                     3           Full Year    Hamilton

80756   ENG 101-48         College English I                      3             Fall

80757   FRE 201-48         Intermediate French I                  4           Full Year

80759   MAT 115-48         College Algebra                        4           Full Year     Cohen

80760   SPA 201-48         Intermediate Spanish I                 4           Full Year

                                  STUDENT INFORMATION

Student Name__________________________________________

Telephone          _________________________________________

Student Address           ____________________________________



School Name               ____________________________________

                             CREDIT CARD INFORMATION
                          (MasterCard, Discover, and VISA accepted)

Credit Card #             ______________________________________

Security Code 3 digit number (located on back of card) ________

Credit Card Type:         MasterCard:___ VISA:___ Discover:___

Expiration Date            _____________

Name on Credit Card                ________________________________

Credit Card Billing Address ________________________________



Parent Daytime Phone Number______________________________

Cardholder’s Signature ____________________________________

Amount Charged:           $____________              Today’s Date _________

                                  Collegian course tuition is $55 per credit.
(Students eligible for free or reduced lunch pay a discounted rate of $1/credit. Please complete and submit
                               the Lunch Verification Form with your payment.)

            Free or Reduced Lunch Verification Form

Ulster County Community College offers a special Collegian tuition rate for students who
qualify for the free or reduced lunch program in the participating high schools.
Qualifying students pay $1 per credit instead of the regular tuition rate of $55 per credit.

Students seeking the reduced tuition rate must submit this form at the time of registration.
Qualification for the free or reduced lunch program must be certified by a school official
(high school principal, assistant principal or guidance counselor) by completing the
information, below:

The student listed below qualifies for the free or reduced lunch program for the
2013-2014 school year.

____________________________                  __________________
Student                                       Date of Birth

Signature of School Official



*PLEASE NOTE:              Students that have submitted this form for Fall 2013 Collegian
courses do not need to resubmit to qualify for the Spring 2014 Collegian course reduced


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