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									Green Energy Jobs
REV Annual Conference

Gary Flomenhoft, Gund Institute,
Rubinstein School of Environment & Natural
Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2011
 Why are we here?

Hubbert’s Three Prophecies
First Prophecy: 1956
Second Prophecy: 1974
Third Prophecy: Cultural Crisis-
exponential growth


“Cultural Crisis”-Switch to flow of Solar Energy/greatest era in
                         human history
                         VY vs. Renewables Multiplier
                        “Crying over Spilt Jobs in Vernon”
                       Multiplier effect of money spent in-state by employment
                                      Multiplier = 1/(1-.75)=1/.25=4

VY Revenue                                                VT Renewable Energy (RE) Revenue
Vt utilities buy ~2.7 billion kwh/yr from VY              Vt utilities buy ~2.7 billion kwh/yr from RE
Price ~4.2c/kwh                                           Price ~10c/kwh
2.7B kwh x $.042/kwh = $113.4 million/year                2.7B kwh x $.10/kwh = $270 million/year

VY multiplier                                             VT Renewables Multiplier
labor cost ~20%                                           labor cost ~30%
.2 x $113.4M = $22.68 million to VY employees             .3 x $270M = $81 million to RE employees
Instate employees ~60%                                    Instate employees ~90%
.6x $22.68 = $13.6 million                                .9x $81 = $72.9 million
4 x $13.6M = $54.4 million                                4 x $72.9 = $291.6 million

                              Multiplier Ratio: 5.36:1
2010 Internship Program-RE Workshop

   *Vermont Energy Education Program          NP/
   (VEEP)                                     ED
   GroSolar/City Market                       RE
   UVM Office of Sustainability               ED
   *ENSAVE                                    EA
   Michael Horrowitz High School Class eco-   ED
   Greentech Biodiesel                        RE
   *Alteris-Solar                             RE
   Turtlerock Masonry Heat                    RE
   Hydro study (private)                      NA
   Solar Energy International-RE for          NP/
   Developing                                 ED
   2nd Law-Energy Analysis                    EA

 * Paying job resulted or offered
    PV survey Research with Chingbin Wang     ED

 ** Multiple hires
2011 Internship Program-RE Workshop
*Efficiency Innovations-Energy Auditing      EA
**Avatar Energy-Biofuel                      RE
Solarquest                                   NP/
Bugbee Electrical                            RE
*Energy Alternatives-Efficiency contractor   RE
Native Energy-Carbon Credits                 EA
*Whole Systems Design-Permaculture           RE
VERA-Windpower                               RE
*REV                                         NP/
VGBN-Green Building Network                  NP/
3rd Planet Windpower                         RE
Mill Yard Condos-PV                          NA
**BERC-Biomass Energy Resource Center        RE/
Other Providers-RE Workshop
**AG Refresh-farm carbon credits/Energy    EA
*Draker Labs-Solar monitoring              EA
Power of Leasing-financing efficiency/      F
Solaflect-market research                   EA
Builders for Social Responsibility (BSR)   RE
*VEIC                                      EA
**Efficiency Vermont                       EA
  VT Academic Programs

•VT Tech
•Community College of Vermont
•Green Mt College
•Solarquest/Renewable Nations

1. ENVS: Sustainability major with focus on eco-design
   and planning

2. ENSC: Eco-Design Concentration

3. Eco-Design grad certificate

4. Green Building and Community Design: minor

5. Environmental Engineering major
    UVM-Courses (partial)
•Energy Alternatives
•Solar Building Strategies
•Renewable Energy Workshop/internship
•Energy Policy (grad)
•Computer Aided design-Archi/Auto/
•Renewable Energy Principles and
•Ecological Design and Living Technologies
•Ecological Design Studio
•Energy and Transportation
•Energy Efficiency and Auditing
•Green Building Certifications/LEED training
•Greening of Aiken
  VT Tech Programs

Sustainable Design and Technology
  1. Renewable Energy Track
  2. Green Sites Track
  3. Green Buildings Track
  VT Tech Courses (partial)

•Energy Systems/Sustainability
•Green site survey
•Sensors instruments
•SDT Design Studio I & II
•Renewable Energy Systems
•ELM Power Systems
•Environmental Systems
•Advanced Technology Vehicles
•Manufacturing Processing
•Architectural Design I&II
•HVAC Systems
•Green Bld Tech Survey
•Lighting systems
       Yestermorrow Programs

1. Woodworking Certificate
2. Natural Building Certificate
3. Certificate in Sustainable Building and
      Yestermorrow Courses (partial)

1. Design for Climate Change and Peak oil
2. Home Energy Audit
3. Solar Design
4. Natural Design/Build
5. Passive House consultants
6. Urban Regeneration
7. Solar Electric Design and Install
8. Super Insulation for Net-zero blgs
9. Architectural Modelmaking
10.Natural Building in Costa Rica
Community College of Vermont

 Sustainable Building Technology
 Certificate Program-fall 2010
 Required Courses '11 - '12
 INT-1050 or INT1060 First Semester Seminar
 ENV-1010 Introduction to Environmental Science
 ENV-1310 Sustainable Buildings
 ARC-1011 Introduction to Drafting and Blueprint
 ARC-1211 CAD I
 ENG-1070 Effective Speaking
 PHY 2025 Physics for the Environment (4 cr)
 BUS-2230 Principles of Marketing OR
 BUS-2430 Small Business Marketing
 BUS-2020 Principles of Management OR
 BUS-2210 Small Business Management
      Green Mt College

Renewable Energy & EcoDesign Certificate
ELA 1135, The Nature of Design (3 credits)
ELA 1123, Energy & Society (3 credits)
ENV 2100, Renewable Energy Technology & Applications (3
ENV 3125, Ecological Design (3 credits)
ENV 3100, External Practicum (3 credits)

Elective Distribution: Total of 7 Credits
ENV 4000, Topics in Energy and the Environment (3 credits)
ENV 4025, Environmental Design/Build (4 credits)
ENV 2010, Intro to Geographical Information Systems (4
BUS 4051, New Venture Creation & Entrepreneurship
ENV 3012, Non-Profit Management (3 credits)
ENV 4100, LEED Certification Exam Preparation(1 credit)
 Norwich University Programs

•4 yr bachelor’s degree in Architectural
•1 ½ yr Master of Architecture degree
•A minor in Architectural Studies
   Norwich University Courses
•Fundamentals of Architecture I
•40276 Architectural Design I -VI
•Site Development and Design
•Intro Passive Envir.
•Active Building Systems
•Arch Sem in History & Theory
•Arch Seminar in Design
•Arch Seminar in Technology
•Arch Seminar in Process
•Project Delivery/Documentation
•Special Proj in Architecture
•Architectural Studio VII
•Arch Thesis Research
•Global Issues in Architecture
    Middlebury College Programs

Energy & Climate Change
Food Systems
Sustainable Design
Resource Management
Solar Decathlon
Environmental Studies (1965)
    Middlebury College Courses
ENVS 0112 - Natural Science & Environment
ENVS 0170 - Chemistry in the Environment
ENVS 0240 - The Science of Climate Change
ENVS 0277 - Body & Earth
ENVS 0360 - Env Science Practicum
ENVS 0377 - Nature and Creativity
ENVS 0380 - Global Challenges of the 21st
ENVS 0390 - Env Negotiation/Dispute Res   ▲
ENVS 1010 - Pvt Environmental Protection
ENVS 1011 - Reading Nature's Winter Lands
ENVS 1012 - Environmental Justice
ENVS 1013 - Corporate Soc Responsibility
ENVS 1014 - Class and the Environment
ENVS 1017 - Landscape Analysis in Winter
ENVS 1018 - Law and the Environment
Middlebury 4th Place Decathlon
Solar Energy International (SEI)-Colorado

  •Solar Electric
  •Solar Thermal
  •Green Building
  •International Rural Development
  •Micro Hydro
  •Training K-12
  •Professional Development
  •Cursos en español
  •Women's Workshops
  •Continuing Education Courses
Solarquest/Renewable Nations

International Training Program in
Renewable Energy for Students
(In development)

•Get through Hubbert’s cultural crisis-
(get rid of debt based money system)
•Make the transition to solar energy
•Opportunities are infinite

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