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					                                              Delisa Skeete Henry, M.D., LLC.
                                                     1625 S. E. 3rd Avenue, Ste # 502 Ft.Lauderdale, FL 33316
                                                          Phone # 954-581-8706 Fax # 954-581-8705

                                                                  WELCOME TO OUR PRACTICE
Appointments                                                You will be asked to sign your superbill to make      Labs / injections
                                                            sure the information in our computer is accurate
 All appointments are given to meet the medical                                                                   Labs and genetic testing’s is based on the
needs of the patient. If you are cancelling or              Insurance must be accurate for claims to be           medical need of the patient. Deductible and
changing appointments, inform us 24 hours in                paid.                                                 co-insurance may be applied. Patients can
advance to avoid cancellation fee.                                                                                refuse standard test and sign consents, prior to
                                                            Phone numbers and address must be current.            the test being performed.
Come 10 minutes early for the appointments.
We schedule patients every 15 minutes. If you               Chiropractic Care                                     Injections: deductible / co-insurance may be
are more than 15 minutes late; your                                                                               applied. Please contact your insurance
                                                            Take advantage of the Chiropractic services           company if you have any questions.
appointment will be rescheduled for another
                                                            provided at our Broward office for all obstetric      Circumcision:
date. If you miss an appointment, please make
                                                            patients. Natural Chiropractic Care has state of
another one immediately.
                                                            the art equipments as well as a group of friendly                Commercial Insurance: Deductible is
Your first visit will be with Nurse Practitioner /          staff that will make you feel right at home.                     applied.
Midwife. Subsequent visits will be with the MD
                                                            Check with your provider on how you can benefit                  Straight Medicaid does not cover
as well as Nurse Practitioner / Midwife.
                                                            from these services.                                             circumcision.
                                                                      Physician Commitment fee                               HMO Medicaid will pay with baby’s
Dr. Skeete would like to delivery all of her                                                                                 identification number.
                                                                        Water Birth $1500.00
patients; However, it is not humanly possible;
                                                                           VBAC $1500.00                                    When to go to the hospital
therefore, cross coverage is with Dr. Coe, Dr.                        Special birth plans $500.00
Fahey, Dr. Noel and Dr. Pouliot.
                                                                                                                  GO TO THE EMERGENCY ROOM
                                                            - must be approved by the physician. Please
C-Section: / Induction:                                     Check with the front desk for more information.
                                                                                                                      If you are less than 20 weeks pregnant
Labor / delivery department will contact you with           Hypnobirthing classes are available upon
                                                                                                                                  o     If you have bleeding /
the scheduled time and instructions. If you don’t           request.
get a call timely; please contact them at 954-
                                                                                                                                  o     Severe Cramps
355-5829.                                                        Medical Leave / short term disability:
                                                                                                                                  o     Severe Nausea / Vomiting
    Calling the office for Medications / Refills            FMLA’s can be completed for your medical                              o     Feeling weak or unable to
                                                            leave. We require five business days to                                     eat
Please listen to the prompt to select the right             complete the paperwork.
extension. Leave a brief message with the                                                                         GO TO THE LABOR / DELIVERY
following information.                                              Patient Financial responsibility
                                                                                                                        If you are over 20 weeks pregnant
o     Your name                                             Contact your insurance company to obtain your
o     Date of birth                                                                                                               o     If you are bleeding and
                                                            maternity benefit.
o     # of weeks in pregnancy                                                                                                           spotting
o     Describe your specific problem                                                                                              o     If you are having
o     Pharmacy phone number                                 Copays are collected at the time service is
                                                            rendered:                                                                   contractions
o     You contact phone number
                                                                       Initial Obstetrical visit                                  o     If the baby is not moving
               Answering Service                                       Sick /problem visit                                        o     If your water broke
                                                                       Ultrasound                                                 o     Fever 100.4 or greater
 Our phone number 954-581-8706 is linked to
                                                            Deductible and Co-Insurance: It is our office
after hour answering service. We have an on-
                                                            policy to collect patient responsibility by the
call physician available after hours. One of our
                                                            28th week of pregnancy. Patients will be
 on-call physicians will return your call. If you
don’t get a call back from a physician within two           placed on a payment plan to pay towards
      hours; please call the number again                   patient responsibility.

      Demographic / insurance information                   All accounts will be reconciled after the delivery,
                                                            once all the claims are paid.

               Your Prenatal Visits                    system attacks the baby’s blood and can result       grows, you will feel him or her move more
                                                       in a life threatening situation for the baby.        often. After 28 weeks, we recommend
Your First Visit                                       Fortunately, we can prevent the problem with a       counting your baby’s movement once daily
                                                       shot called Rhogam which is given at 28 weeks
We have a lot of information to give you in this                                                            until you get 10 within 2 hours. You should
                                                       or anytime if any vaginal bleeding occurs. If you
first appointment. Please come prepared with all                                                            do this once a day and call your doctor if
                                                       are Rh negative, always call the doctor
your medical history the day of your                   immediately if you develop bleeding or trauma to     you notice a decrease in movements. If you
appointment; Medical Assistant will collect your       your belly. You may need an extra Rhogam shot.       have difficulty feeling your baby, try lying on
information through an interview and enter it into                                                          your side, press your hands on your belly
your chart. The physician and/or nurse                 Frequency of Pregnancy Visits                        and eat a snack. Many babies are more
practitioner will discuss your pregnancy and
                                                                                                            active in the evening when tired moms are
address your specific questions. It helps to write     We would schedule your visits every 4 weeks for
                                                                                                            resting and have eaten dinner, making this
down your questions ahead of time. Your due            the beginning of your pregnancy. Around 28
date will be calculated. You will also have a          weeks, we will increase the visits to every 2        an ideal time to check on your baby.
physical exam where we will test for infections        weeks and then every week after 36 weeks. If
and perform a pap smear.                               you are high risk or having problems, then we
                                                                                                            Prenatal Vitamins / Nutrients
                                                       may see you more frequently.
Blood Work/Test                                                                                             Prenatal vitamins
                                                       28th   week of Pregnancy
At your appointment, you will be given an order                                                             We recommend a daily prenatal vitamin to
for prenatal labs which will test your blood type,     One hour Glucose tolerance test instructions:        help provide the best balance of nutrition for
a blood count and for infections such as syphilis,                                                          you and your baby. Either over the counter
hepatitis B, HIV, and Rubella. We will review the                 Keep the Glucose drink refrigerated.     or prescription vitamins is fine. If you cannot
results at your next appointment. You may                         Do not eat or drink anything three       tolerate a prenatal vitamin, we recommend
decline the HIV testing, but recommend all                         hours prior to drinking the Glucola.
                                                                                                            (2) children’s chewable vitamins a day
pregnant women have the test done to provide                      Drink ½ of the bottle one hour before
                                                                                                            instead. If vitamins are causing nausea, try
the best care for you and your baby.                               coming into the office for your
                                                                                                            raking them at nighttime with a snack. If
          Around 24-28 weeks, we will be                         Do not eat or drink anything including   constipation is an issue, increase the fiber
           performing a diabetes and anemia                        water until after your blood has been    in your diet, drink more fluids and increase
           test.                                                   drawn in the office.                     activity. An over the counter softener may
          At 36 weeks we obtain a vaginal                                                                  be added if needed.
           culture for group B beta strep.
                                                                                                            Key Nutrient during Pregnancy
                                                                                                            Nutrient       Reason for          Sources
                                                       Minimum of two ultrasounds are done                                 Importance
                                                       during your pregnancy. Additional                    Calcium      Helps build         Milk,
Optional Testing
                                                       ultrasounds are performed based on                   (1000        strong bones        Cheese,
                                                       medical necessity.                                   mg)          and teeth           Yogurt,
          Additional testing’s includes but not
           limited to a hemoglobin
                                                       Perinatologist: High risk pregnancies are            Iron (27     Helps create        Lean Red
           electrophoresis, and other genetic
                                                       referred to Perinatology physicians, who             mg)          the red blood       Meat, Dried
                                                                                                                         cells that          Beans and
          Cystic fibrosis screening- This is a        closely monitor the well being of the patient
                                                                                                                         deliver oxygen      Peas, Iron-
           swab performed in the office which          and the unborn child                                              to the baby         Fortified
           determines if you are a gene carrier.                                                                         and also            Cereals
           Further testing is then required if the     Birth Plan - your birth preferences are                           prevents
           test is positive to find out if your baby   unique to each individual. Please speak                           fatigue
           has the disease.                            with your provider regarding your birth              Vitamin A    Forms healthy       Carrots,
                                                       preferences.                                         (770         skin and helps      Dark Leafy
The Rh factor                                                                                               mcg)         eyesight, helps     Greens
                                                       Fetal Movement                                                    with bone           Sweet
If your blood type is Rh negative then you may
                                                                                                                         growth              Potatoes
be at risk for Rh disease. About 10% of people
                                                       You may start feeling the baby move                  Vitamin      Promotes
have this blood type and you will be tested for it                                                          C (85        healthy gums,
in the blood work at your first visit. Rh disease is
                                                       around 16-22 weeks. Initially, movements
                                                       will be small and infrequent. As your baby           mg)          teeth, and
pregnancy complication in which your immune                                                                              bones. Helps
            your body                           Normal weight women (BMI 20-25): 25-35                                        of bread, or
            absorb iron.                        lb                                                                            ½ a cup of
Vitamin     Helps form red     Beef, Liver,                                                                                   cooked rice
B6          blood cells,       Pork, Ham,       Overweight women (BMI 26-29): 15-25 lb                                        or pasta can
            helps body use     Whole Grain                                                                                    be
            protein, fat and   Cereals,         Obese women (BMI>29): up to15 lb                                              considered
            carbohydrates      Bananas                                                                                        as 1 ounce
Vitamin     Maintain           Liver, Meat,                                                      Vegetables      2 ½ cups     1 cup of raw
B12 (2.6    nervous            Fish, Poultry,                                                                                 or cooked
mcg)        system             Milk (only       Healthy Diet                                                                  vegetables or
            needed to form     found in                                                                                       vegetable
            red blood cells    animal           The first step toward healthy eating is to                                    juice, or 2
                               foods,           look at the foods in your daily diet. Having                                  cups of raw
                               vegetarians                                                                                    leafy greens
                                                healthy snacks that you eat during the day
                               should take                                                                                    can be
                               a                is a good way to get the nutrients and extra                                  considered
                               supplement)      calories that you need. You may find it                                       as 1 cup
Folate      Needed to          Green Leafy      easier to eat snacks and small meals             Fruits          1 ½-2 cups   1 cup of fruit
(600        produce blood      Vegetables,      throughout the day rather than three big                                      or 100% fruit
mcg)        and protein,       Liver,           meals a day.                                                                  juice, or ½
            helps some         Orange                                                                                         cup of dried
            enzymes            Juice,           Meal Planning                                                                 fruit can be
                               Legumes                                                                                        considered
                               and Nuts         Pregnant women need to eat an additional                                      as 1 cup
                                                100-300 calories per day. This is not a lot of   Meat and        5-5 ½        2-3 ounces of
                                                                                                 Beans           ounces       meat, poultry,
                                                food. It is equivalent to a small snack such
Recommendations for Weight Gain                                                                                               or fish, ½ cup
                                                as one half of a peanut butter and jelly                                      cooked dried
during Pregnancy
                                                sandwich and a glass of low fat milk.                                         beans, 1 egg,
Underweight women with a low weight gain                                                                                      2
                                                Extra Nutrients                                                               tablespoons
during pregnancy appear to have an
increased risk of having a low birth weight     Pregnant women need extra iron and folic                                      butter, or ½
infant and preterm birth. On the other hand,    acid and these are usually prescribed in a                                    cup nuts or
obese women have an increased risk for          pill form as prenatal vitamins. Taking folic                                  seeds equals
having a large for gestational age infant,      acid for 1 month prior to pregnancy and                                       1 ounce
post term birth, and other pregnancy            during the first three months of pregnancy       Milk            3 cups       1 cup of milk
complications.                                                                                                                or yogurt, 1
                                                can reduce the risk of certain birth defects
                                                                                                                              ½ oz. of
                                                such as spinal bifida.                                                        natural
There is an increased risk of small for
gestational age births in women who gain                                                                                      cheese, or
                                                Check with your doctor before taking any                                      ounces of
less than the recommended weight, based         vitamins, herbs or other supplements that                                     processed
on pre- pregnancy weight. Women who             are not prescribed for you. Just because a                                    cheese can
exceed the weight gain recommendations          product is natural does not mean it is safe                                   be
double their risk of having a very large        to use during pregnancy.                                                      considered
infant. It may also increase the risk of                                                                                      as 1 cup
childhood obesity and makes weight loss         Food Groups
more difficult after delivery.
                                                As much as possible, you should                  You can eat while pregnant as long as it
                   Recommendations for         incorporate a balance of healthy foods in        is cooked and in moderate amount
                    weight gain during a        your diet. The best way to do this is by
                                                                                                           Shrimp
                    singleton pregnancy are     following the food pyramid listed below.
                                                                                                           Pollock
                    as follows:                                                                            Salmon
                                                Food Group       Servings        Examples
                                                Grains          6 Ounces       1 cup of                    Crab
Underweight women (BMI less than 20): 30-
                                                                               cereal, 1 slice             Halibut
40 lb                                                                                                      Catfish
                                                      This includes some homemade                                iron, B12, and vitamin
                                                      Caesar dressings, mayonnaise,                              D.
Artificial Sweeteners                                 and homemade ice cream.                         Lactose Intolerance
                                                     Soft cheeses: imported soft
These are okay to use but we would                                                           During pregnancy, symptoms of lactose
                                                      cheeses may contain listeria. Soft
recommend limiting it to 1-2 servings per                                                    intolerance often improve. If you are still
                                                      cheeses made with pasteurized
day. If you have diabetes, the artificial                                                    having problems after eating or drinking
                                                      milk are safe.
sweeteners are better than sugar to help                                                     dairy products, talk with your doctor. We
                                                     Unpasteurized milk: May contain
control your blood sugars.                                                                   may prescribe calcium supplements if you
                                                      listeria which can lead to
                                                      miscarriage.                           cannot get enough calcium from other
        Foods to Avoid in Pregnancy
                                                     Pate: Refrigerated pate or meat        foods. Remember, calcium can also be
Fish that you should not eat while                    spreads should be avoided due to       found in cheese, yogurt, sardines, and
pregnant                                              risks of listeria.                     certain types of salmon, spinach, and
                                                                                             fortified orange juice.
                                                     Caffeine: Avoid caffeine during
         Sword Fish                                  the 1st trimester to reduce the risk
         Shark                                                                              Smoking
                                                      of miscarriage. After the first
         Tilefish
                                                      trimester limit caffeine intake        If you smoke, SO DOES YOUR BABY!!!
         Mackerel
         Albacore Tuna                               equivalent of 1 cup of coffee a        This is very important fact of pregnancy.
         Raw Fish of any kind                        day or less. Excess caffeine may       The placenta (afterbirth) is the organ that
         Sushi                                       be associated with miscarriage,        connects the developing baby to you. It
                                                      premature birth, low birth weight,     consists mostly of blood vessels and is
                                                      and withdrawal symptoms in             attached to your uterus on one side and to
         Raw Meat: Avoid uncooked                    infants.                               your baby on the other side by the way the
          seafood and undercooked beef or            Alcohol: There is NO amount of         umbilical cord. Its job is to allow the
          poultry due to risk of bacterial            alcohol that is known to be safe       passage of nutrients, oxygen, vitamins and
          contamination, toxoplasmosis and            during pregnancy and therefore it      other substances to pass form your blood to
          salmonella.                                 should be avoided. Continue to         the baby allowing it to grow and develop. It
         Deli Meat: In rare cases, may               avoid alcohol while breastfeeding.     also carries away your baby’s waste
          contain bacteria called listeria that      Unwashed vegetables: Wash all          products to your kidneys, liver, and lungs
          can lead to pregnancy                       vegetables well to avoid exposure      act for the baby until his/her organs are
          complications and miscarriage. If           to toxoplasmosis which may             mature enough to do well on their own
          eating deli meat, reheat until              contaminate the soil where             outside the womb (37-42 weeks of
          steaming to kill any bacteria.              vegetables are grown.                  pregnancy).
         Fish with mercury: Avoid fish with
          high levels of mercury including                                                   Cigarette smoke contains more than 2,500
          shark, swordfish, king, mackerel                                                   chemicals. It is not known or certain which
          and tilefish. For other fish, limit                                                of these chemicals are harmful to
          consumption to two servings per                                                    developing the baby. However, both
          week.                                                                              nicotine and carbon monoxide (the same
         Smoked seafood: Refrigerated,                                                      gas released from car’s exhaust) are
          smoked seafood should be                                                           believed to play a role in causing bad
          avoided due to risk of listeria                                                    pregnancy outcomes. These chemicals are
          contamination.                                                                     taken directly from your lungs, to your
                                                        Special Concerns                     blood, to your baby’s blood. Imagine how
         Raw shellfish: including clams,
          oysters, and mussels can cause                                                     these chemicals affect the fragile tissues of
                                                     Vegetarian Diet
          bacterial infections.                                                              your developing baby.
                                                          o Be sure you are getting
          Cooked shrimp is safe.
                                                               enough protein. You will      Here are some known complications
         Raw eggs: Raw eggs or any                            probably need to take         from smoking during pregnancy:
          foods containing raw eggs can be                     supplements, especially
          contaminated with salmonella.

Low birth weight baby: Low birth weight can      more likely to have a low birth weight baby      Exercise and Sex
be caused by prematurity (birth less than 37     than a woman who never smoked. Even if a
weeks), poor growth or combination of both.      woman is not able to stop smoking during         In an uncomplicated pregnancy, we
Prematurity is increased in pregnancy            her first or second trimester, stopping during   recommend 30 minutes or more of exercise
smokers and is the number one cause of           the third trimester (the last three months)      daily which includes aerobic activities
neonatal death and chronic illness in            can improve her baby’s growth.                   (walking, jogging, biking, aerobic classes,
babies. Problems such as cerebral palsy,                                                          yoga, swimming, tennis, etc ). Weight
life-long lung, kidney, or other organ           Ways to Quit Smoking                             training and toning are fine. You can
problems, mental retardation and learning                                                         continue your usual workouts but may need
                                                 Talk to your doctor. No matter what your         to reduce intensity or shorten them. It is a
disabilities are much more common in
                                                 approach to quitting, a conversation with        good idea to listen to your body during
premature and low birth weight babies.
                                                 your doctor can make the difference              exercise and drink plenty of fluids. After 20
         Placenta previa: Low-lying             between success and failure. Quitting cold       weeks you should avoid lying flat on your
          placenta that covers part or all of    turkey is a great way. If you want to try a      back during exercise. Your target heart is
          the opening to the uterus.             quitting aid such as a nicotine patch, gum,      calculated by your age. Basically, if you’re
          Placenta previa blocks the exit of     or the medication Zyban or Wellburtin, you       breathing hard, slow down. Avoid activities
          the baby from the uterus causing       doctor can help you choose a method right        with high risk of falling or trauma to your
          the baby and mother to bleed.          for you. The use of a nicotine patch and/or      belly.
                                                 gum has not been adequately studied:
         Placental abruption: The placenta      therefore, they should only be considered        Sex, you bet! You can have sex during
          tears away from the uterus             during pregnancy when non-medical                pregnancy unless you are having
          causing the mother and baby to         treatments, such as counseling, are not          complications or you are too uncomfortable.
          bleed.                                 successful. Because potential benefits           If there is any concern for sexually
                                                 seem to outweigh potential benefits seem to      transmitted diseases, then use condoms or
                                                 outweigh potential risks, research to            don’t have sex.
         Stillbirth
                                                 determine the safety and efficacy of
                                                 medications is underway. Some tobacco            Exercise and sex should be avoided at
         Preterm premature rupture of                                                            times. This includes:
                                                 control experts have reported that if nicotine
          membranes: The water breaks
                                                 replacement therapy is used during
          before 37 weeks of pregnancy,                                                                              Vaginal bleeding
                                                 pregnancy, products with intermittent
          which is associated with an                                                                                Leaking amniotic fluid
                                                 dosages, such as gum or inhaler, should be
          increase of preterm and low birth                                                                          Preterm Labor
                                                 tried first. If the nicotine patch is used, it
          weight births.                                                                                             Chest pain
                                                 should be removed at night to reduce fetal
                                                 nicotine exposure. Great Start (1-866-66-                           Regular uterine
                                                 START) is a national pregnancy specific                              contractions
The effects smoking has on your baby
continue when you take him/her home.             smoker’s quit line operated by the American                         Decreased fetal
                                                 Legacy foundation.                                                   movement
Children exposed to smoke in the home
have higher levels of lung problems such as                                                                          Growth restricted baby
asthma, pneumonia, or bronchitis. They                                                                               Headache/Dizziness/
also suffer from more ear infections than                                                                             Weakness
children not exposed to smoke. Even more
troubling is the increased incidence of
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)                                                               Sleep
found in children exposed to smoking in the      Alcohol
home. A child exposed to smoking in the                                                           It’s normal to feel more tired when you are
                                                 There is no safe amount of alcohol so we
home during the first few years of life are at                                                    pregnant. You may also notice you need
                                                 recommend avoiding all alcohol during
an increased risk of developing asthma.                                                           more sleep than usual. Try to get at least 8-
                                                 pregnancy. Drinking alcohol can cause birth
The more a pregnant woman smoke the                                                               10 hours of sleep per night. Sometimes you
                                                 defects, mental retardation and abnormal
greater the risk to her baby. However, if a                                                       will require significantly more so listen to
                                                 brain development.
woman stops smoking by the end of her first                                                       your body and plan extra sleep time when
trimester (first three months), she is no                  Extracurricular Activities             you are tired.
It is safe for women experiencing a normal       having pregnancy complications depending                  for you. It requires a fine, thin
pregnancy to lie on their back for sleep.        on your job activities. Also, women who                   catheter or tube to be placed in
However, sometimes lying on your back can        have strenuous jobs may be at risk for early              your back when you are in active
cause your blood pressure to drop. Hot or        delivery or smaller babies. Please discuss                labor. Medicine slowly drips
cold sweats and nausea may occur. If this        this with your doctor.                                    through the tubing to provide
happens, don’t worry, you did not hurt the                                                                 excellent pain relief throughout
baby. Many women find it helpful to put a                 Getting Ready for Delivery                       labor. It is removed after delivery.
pillow behind them to support the back and                                                                Local: Many of our patients
hips. As your pregnancy progresses, it may                                                                 deliver without pain medication.
require more pillows and frequent position       We deliver babies exclusively at Broward                  Sometimes we need to give you a
changes during the night to keep                 General Medical Center. A doctor from our                 small injection of numbing
comfortable.                                     call group; Dr. Skeete, Dr. Noel, Dr. Coe,                medicine for stitches called
                                                 Dr. Fahey and Dr. Pouliot will be available               lidocaine. It feels like a small
Sauna and Hot Tubs                                                                                         pinprick when we inject the
                                                 at all times. The “on-call doctor” will take
                                                 care of you in labor, delivery and after                  medicine.
It’s okay! You deserve the muscle soothing
and relaxation of a warm tub or sauna, but       delivery of your baby and will also return
                                                                                                 In general, we encourage you to see how
keep the thermostat no warmer than 102           your emergency calls after office hours.
                                                                                                 you do during your contractions. The pain
degrees Fahrenheit.                                                                              relieving options are available to you at any
                                                 You will be provided a registration packet
                                                 for Broward General Medical Center. Make        time.
If you feel overheated, always listen to your
body and remove yourself from the source.        sure you take the time and register before
Try to keep the upper half of your body out      you are in labor as this will make admitting
of the water to help prevent overheating.        you to the hospital much easier. There is       We plan to help you deliver your baby with
                                                 also information on birthing, breastfeeding,    the least amount of trauma. Episiotomies
                                                 and baby care classes which are provided        are not routinely needed and many of our
                                                 by the hospital. Please call the hospital. We   patients deliver without the need for any
Travel                                           especially encourage you to consider these      stitches. Sometimes we need to make a
                                                 if you are a first time parent!                 small incision at the vaginal opening to help
Traveling is safe during pregnancy for most
women. The best time to travel is between                                                        the baby deliver. We make sure you are
                                                 Pain Relief in Labor
weeks 14-18 as most common emergencies                                                           numb and then will stitch the area after
usually happen in the first and third            There are many options to provide pain          delivery. The stitches dissolve over time
trimester. If you are planning a trip out of     relief while you are in labor. We are           and do not need to be removed. We provide
the country, discuss this with your doctor       supportive of whatever you choose.              you with medicine to keep you comfortable
and check with the CDC to see if any             Common options include”                         after delivery.
specific vaccines are needed
                                                          Nubain: This is a narcotic given      Forceps/ Vacuum
For flights, or cruises, find out whether your             with an injection or IV and helps
                                                                                                 Obstetrics is our name and obstetrics is our
airline or cruise line have any travel                     take the edge off the strong
                                                                                                 game. We are highly skilled in the use of
restrictions during pregnancy. Have a                      contractions. It usually makes you
                                                                                                 vacuum and forceps for deliveries. We will
prenatal checkup before you leave on your                  sleepy. It can be given in early
                                                                                                 recommend using them only if medically
trip and take a copy of your health records                labor. We avoid giving this near
                                                                                                 indicated. Our goal is to deliver your baby in
with you. If long trips are planned, drink                 delivery time as your baby could
                                                                                                 the safest manner. There are definitely
plenty of fluids and walk every few hours.                 be born extra sleepy and not cry
                                                                                                 times when this safest way to help your
This can reduce the risk of developing blood               well.
                                                                                                 baby into this world.
clots in the legs.                                        Epidural: This is a safe and
                                                           popular option available any time     Cesarean Section
Working/ School                                            of day at Broward general medical
                                                           Center. A specialist called a nurse   We are highly skilled in this area and will
A woman usually continues working or
                                                           anesthetist stays in the hospital     perform when needed. For more information
attending school until she goes into labor.
                                                           24 hours per day to provide these     on the procedure.
We may want to restrict your work if you are
Vaginal Birth after Cesarean (VBAC)              1 week after birth by his/her doctor. There
                                                 are many excellent doctors in our area to
Our practice is ideally set up for those         choose from. You will need to contact the
interested in VBAC. A physician on-call will     doctor’s office prior to delivery and make
always be present in the hospital with you       sure they are accepting your insurance and
immediately available for emergencies.           are taking new patients. We can provide
More information is available at:      you with a list of doctors if you have trouble
                                                 locating one.
                                                 Umbilical Cord Banking
Human milk is a perfectly designed nutrition
for babies. Babies who are breastfed get         Your baby’s blood is valuable source of
fewer infections and are hospitalized less.      cells that could be used by your baby or
Mothers that breast feed burn 500 calories       another family member to treat nearly 80
a day which can help lose extra weight.          life-threatening diseases. New treatments
Breastfeeding also reduces a women’s risk        with cord blood for diseases such as
of developing breast cancer. Broward             cerebral palsy, diabetes, and heart disease
General Medical Center provides classes          are currently being studied. Umbilical cord
we recommend especially for first timers.        blood can easily ad safely be obtained
After delivery, the nurses and a lactation       immediately after delivery. Parents can
specialist (upon request) are there to help      choose to have their baby’s blood saved.
moms and babies learn the art of                 Insurance does not generally cover this.
                                                 If you are interested in saving your baby’s
Circumcision                                     cord blood, you can order a kit and bring it
                                                 with you to delivery. Recommended web
A circumcision is the removal of excess
                                                 site for more information:
foreskin from the penis in baby boys. We
can perform this procedure for you while         Seat Belts
you and your baby are still in the hospital or
in the office. All babies receive local          Please wear your seat belts at all times
numbing medication and are soothed by            while in the car or on a plane. The proper
suckling during the procedure. It takes a few    placement is cross your lap below the belly
minutes to perform and babies heal in 1-2        for the lower belt and across the chest
weeks. We recommend applying Vaseline            between the breasts for the upper belt. If
to the baby’s penis with each diaper change      you are involved even in a minor accident,
to prevent sticking to his diaper while he       this may save the life of you and your baby.
heals.                                           If you are involved in a car accident, call our
                                                 office immediately. You may need to be
This is an optional procedure. It may help       monitored.
reduce infections and penis cancer in
males. Many parents decide to not have
their baby circumcised. We respect your
choice in this matter.

Choosing a doctor for Baby

You will need to decide on a doctor for your
baby’s care by the time you deliver. This is                                                       Frequently Asked Questions regarding
usually a pediatrician or a family practice
doctor. The hospital will send your baby’s
information and test results to your chosen
doctor. Your baby is commonly seen within
Acne             Antibiotics     Colds/Allergi                  Tylenol       after meals)                  Tylenol PM     Throat
Benzoyl          Ceclor          es
Peroxide         Cephalosporin   Benadryl,
                                                                (regular or   Aciphex,                      Warm Milk-     Lozenges
Clindamycin      ’s              Claratin,Zyrtec                Extra         Maalox,Mylan                  add vanilla
Topical          E-mycins        Claritin-D**                   Strength)     ta,                           or sugar for
Erythromycin     Keflex          Chlor-                         Acetamino     Pepcid, Milk                  flavor
Salicylic Acid   Macrobid/Mac    Trimeton,
                 rodantin        Dimetapp
                                                                phen          of Magnesia      Tooth        Yeast
                 Penicillin      Drixoral-Non                                 Pepcid           Pain         Infection
                 ZithromaxV      Drowsy                                       Complete         Oragel       Gyne-
                          O      MucinexA                                     Prevacid,Prilo                Lotrimin,Mo
                          I             V
                          D             O
                                                                              sec,Rolaids                   nistat-3
                          :             I
                                 afed 12-hr**                                 Zantac                        Terazol-3
                                 Sudafed PE                                   Tums (limit                   Avoid 1
                       A                :
                                 Pseudoephedr                                 4/day)                        Day
                       c         ine** C
                       c         Tylenol Cold &
                                                   Hemorrho     Herpes        Leg Cramps                    Creams
                       u         Sinus p           ids          Acyclovir     Benadryl         Influenza Vaccine
                       t                r
                                 Vicks Vapor       Anusol/An    Famir
                       a         Rub o             usol H.C.    Valtrex                        Seasonal flu vaccines are recommended
                       n                T
                       e                e
                                 **AVOID if
                                                   (RX:                                        during pregnancy to reduce the risk of
                       R         problems with
                                        t          Analapra                                    serious infections in moms and their babies.
                       e         your blood
                                        r          m 2.5%)
                       t         pressure.
                                        a                                                      Pregnancy causes the immune system to
                       i                c
                                                   sone OTC                                    weaken so pregnant women are higher risk.
                       n                y
                       -                c          Preparatio                                  The best way to protect your newborn baby
                       A                l          n H, Tucks                                  is to be vaccinated and breastfeed. If you
                       T                i          Vaseline                                    are planning to become pregnant or are
                       e                n
                       t                e
                                                   lotion                                      currently pregnant, talk with your doctor
                       r                M          applied to                                  about getting vaccinated.
                       a                i          tissue
                       c                n          Nasal        Nausea        Pain
                       y                o                                                      Dental Care
                       c                c          Spray        Vitamin B6    Tylenol,
                       l                y          Saline       25 mg 3       Darvocet**       Cavities and gum disease are common
                       i                c          Nasal        times daily   Lortab**,
                       n                l                                                      during pregnancy due to the hormonal
                                                   Spray        Unisom ¼      Percocet**
                       e                i                                                      changes. You may notice your gums bleed
                       M                n                       or ½ tablet   Tramadol**,
                       i                e                       at bedtime    Tylenol 3**      easily. To prevent this, we recommend
                       n                L                       Vitamin B6    Ultram**.        brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing
                       o                e                       and           Vicodin**
                       c                v
                                                                                               every day. Also visit your dentist on a
                       y                a                       Unisom at     ** Narcotic      regular basis for check-ups and teeth
                       c                q                       bedtime       medications
                                                                                               cleaning. Cavities and dental problems
                       l                u                       Dramamine     should only
                       i                i                       , Emetrol     be used when     should be treated. Bad teeth can lead to
                       n                                                                       infections in the uterus or premature
                       e                                        Ginger        prescribed for
                                       n                        Root 250      a legitimate     delivery of your baby so take care of your
Constipat        Cough           Crab/Lice                      mg 4 times    medical          pearly whites.
ion              Cough           RID                            Daily         problem by a
Colace,Mir       Drops           Avoid:                         High          doctor for a
alax,Sena        Phenergan       Kwell                          Complex       short period
kot              w/ Codeine                                     Carbs @       of time.
Dulcolax         if                                             Bedtime
Suppositor       prescribed                                     See Bands-
y                Robitussin                                     Acupressur
Fibercon,        (plain &                                       e
Metmucil         DM)                               Rash         Sleep Aids    Throat
Perdium                                            Benadryl     Ambien,       Cepacol
Gas              Headache        Heartburn         1%           Benadryl      Cepastat
Gas-X            s               (avoid lying      Hydrocorti   Chamomile     Salt water
Mylicon          Cold            down for at       sone         Tea           gargle w/
Phazyme          Compress        least 1 hour      Cream        Unisom,       warm water                     10 Tips for Dad’s
There are many things that dads can do               outside activities so your partner
build their own relationship with their baby         can focus on the baby and rest.
(and mom too):                                   8. It’s important to spend time
                                                     together with your new baby, as
     1.   Remember that the only thing               well as alone as a couple when
          Dads can’t do is breastfeed. Dads          the baby is sleeping.
          can soothe a crying baby, change       9. Keep an eye on mom for signs of
          diapers, carry the baby and play-          postpartum depression. This is
          all of which can be very rewarding         the most critical job dad takes on
          for the baby, fun and satisfying for       after the new baby arrives. If you
          dad, and a great help to mom.              notice your partner is restless or
     2.   Whenever possible, get up with             irritable, feeling sad, or crying a
          the baby and bring the baby to             lot, lacks energy, is experiencing
          mom for feedings- especially               headaches, chest pains, heart
          those in the middle of the night!          palpitations, numbness, or
     3.   Take a walk with the baby and              hyperventilation ( fast and shallow
          suggest your partner relax, nap or         breathing), talk with her and seek
          do something for herself like take         advice of a medical professional.
          a relaxing bath.                       10. While feeding can be a special
     4.   After the baby has been fed, offer         time to bond, it’s important not to
          to rock, burp or sing the baby             pressure mom to express her milk
          back to sleep.                             or supplement with formula so
     5.   One of the best ways to keep               you can help feed the baby before
          baby happy is to keep mommy                she’s ready. It’s important for her
          happy. Help pick up around the             and the baby to have
          house or run errands so mom can            breastfeeding firmly established
          concentrate on breastfeeding and           (4 weeks or so) before introducing
          the baby. Continue helping to              a bottle. Doing this too early could
          keep your relationship balanced,           affect her supply and could
          too, since the birth of a baby can         possibly derail breastfeeding
          be overwhelming to many                    success.
     6.   Guard you partner against well-             Adding a new baby to the mix is
          meaning but intrusive visitors who          always going to stir your life up a
          come bearing unsolicited advice.            bit, even if it’s not your first baby.
          Many friends and relatives                  Give yourself a break if you need
          suddenly become experts about               it and always keep the lines of
          breastfeeding and parenting when            communication open with your
          a new baby arrives. Although                partner.
          these ‘words of wisdom’ may
          come with good intensions, they             Fathers of breastfed infants soon
          can sometimes be hurtful or even            learn the many unique and
          harmful.                                    meaningful ways, apart from
     7.   When there are other children               feeding, that they can bond with
          involved, a new baby can shake              their new baby and partner.
          things up a bit. If possible, take a
          short leave to help with the older
          children during the first few weeks
          the baby is born. Go to the
          playground or schedule other


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