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Minutes - Markfield Parish Council


Present:  Councillors Mr M R Lay, Mr T Lockley, Mrs M Bowler, Mr R Browning, Mrs E A Cook,
          Mr B Gannon, Mr P Johnson, Mrs A Lay, Mr B Walmsley and Mrs J A Williams.
          County Councillor - Mr D A Sprason
Apologies Borough Councillor Mrs S Sprason

There was one member of the public present.

2.     MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING: - Resolved – the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting
held on Tuesday 3rd December 2013 were confirmed and signed by the chair.

3. Casual vacancy: - Mr M Lay welcomed Mrs M Bowler to the Parish Council.
In accordance with the Localism Act, Chapter 7 section 29 Mrs M Bowler had completed the Register of
Members’ Interests and signed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office at the meeting.

4. POLICE REPORT: PCSO 6082 E Green had sent his apologies and had emailed the following report:
PCSO P Cotton attended the meeting.

MARKFIELD CRIME FIGURES- 01/12/2013 TO 31/12/2013

Burglary from dwelling x3
16/12/2013- Between 18:00 and 18:20 a front door forced to a property on Markfield lane, an untidy search
was conducted and electrical items were stolen.

18/12/2013- Between 07:00 and 17:00 a rear door to a property on The Green was damaged and used to gain
entry, electrical items were stolen.

28/12/2013- Sometime during the day an attempt was made to enter a property on Leicester Rd. The attempt
was unsuccessful and no property was stolen.

PCSO P Cotton reported that as a consequence of the high rate of burglaries around the locality a specialist
Burglary Team had been set up. A couple of suspects had been caught in the Skegness area, these suspects
had now admitted to the burglaries.

Theft from motor vehicle x2
05/12/2013- Number plates removed by unknown persons from a vehicle parked up at the Flying Horse

02/12/2013- A tax disc and its holder were stolen from a vehicle which was probably left unsecure on
Oakfield Avenue.

Theft of motor vehicle x2
14/12/2013- A vehicle was taken from a property on Rectory Rd, Suspect was identified and dealt with.

17/12/2013- A broken down motor cycle was left locked and secure on Whitwick Rd, unknown persons had
removed locks and stolen vehicle.
January 2014                                                                                           Page 1
Theft x2
23/12/2013 and 31/12/2013- Theft of fuel from the BP garages

Mr M Lay and Mr T Lockley asked for police assistance to deal with a significant increase in anti-social
behaviour committed by a large group of youths around the community centre site. PCSO P Cotton agreed
to attend the community centre.

5.     Markfield – Street lighting Energy Saving Scheme:- No further update at this time


6.1     Local History Group – Proposal to erect a War Memorial in Markfield adjacent to the Church
Wall: - The planning application had been submitted to HBBC.
Mr M Lay had spoken to a representative of “Churches Together” to discuss a united service including the
British Legion to be held on Remembrance Sunday at 11.00am with the War Memorial as a focal point.
The members also agreed that a formal Dedication Service should be held between June 2014 and October
2014 (before Remembrance Sunday). Mr B Gannon would follow this matter up with War Memorials
Project Coordinator Liz Blood.
Mr B Gannon stated that the design and details of the Memorial inscription had been sent to the stonemason.
Funding:       Anticipated total: £5600.00
Miners’ Welfare Institute                           £2 000.00
The Herald                                          £2 000.00

Mrs M Lay would check that the Markfield Local Village Trail leaflet was available and on display at local
Mr Walmsley suggested an advertisement should be placed in the Herald so that local residents could make
donations towards the cost of the memorial.
Details of the plaque from the Miner’s Welfare Institute was awaited.

6.2    Christmas tree and lights: - Mr A Statham had removed the lights from Christmas tree. The clerk
had also asked Mr A Statham to attempt to remove all of the old lights from the Horse Chestnuts which
should cost less than £250.
Richards Environmental would remove the tree and the wooden safety barrier.
The clerk had received a letter threatening legal action from Leicester County Council on 13/01/14 for the
unpaid invoice for £1254.54. She had called the direct line as stated on the letter many times over 13/01/14
and 14/01/14 but there was no answer. She therefore telephoned Mrs P Murry at LCC, who again
apologised and told her to disregard the letter. Mrs P Murry agreed to follow the matter up with the Street
Lighting department to ensure that the work was done as per quotation 31/05/12 or the Parish Council to be
invoiced for the work actually done.
Future decorations:
    1) Another Christmas tree and lights on the small planted area outside the shops, adjacent to the car
       park, Main Street. The parish council would need to take on the management of this small planted
       area so permission would need to be sought from the land owner.
    2) Decorations to be hung on lighting columns along Main Street.
The clerk stated that some good deals are available this time of year – such as surplus stock or ex-rental.
She would make some inquiries.

January 2014                                                                                          Page 2
6.3    Protection of highways trees within the grass verge on Neville Drive – Installation of bollards: -
Awaiting Licence to Cultivate from Leics County Council Ongoing

6.4     New noticeboard outside the entrances of Mercenfeld Primary School: The clerk had ordered
the new notice board from Signs Direct to replace the existing one outside the entrance of Mercenfeld
School at a cost of 500.00 + VAT. The clerk had again spoken to the company and told them that the
additional signs awaiting order would go to another company if the noticeboard was not installed by next
week. He was very apologetic (suppliers of cork board had let him down) he would visit the clerk at her
office when the new notice board was installed to discuss additional signs next week.

6.5    Euroshell Bus Shelter,
Chitterman Way, opposite Markfield Surgery: The Perspex had been replaced by Richards Environmental.
Main Street, adjacent to The Nook: The Perspex was to be installed.

6.6   Street name plate for St Michael’s Close had been spelled incorrectly as St Micheal’s Close.

6.7    Two new Heritage Street Lighting Columns, The Nook: - Ongoing

6.8    Winter Rock Salt for parish owned grit bins: – No problems at this time.

7.     COUNTY COUNCILLOR’S REPORT: – Mr D Sprason gave the following report:

7.1     TRO Ashby Road/Main Street junction: - See attached plans TM4103/1/2013 Markfield & Field
Mr D Sprason had met with Mr L Measures and had expressed the Parish Councils comments from the last
meeting (item 7.1 December 2013). As a result Mr L Measures had put forward an amended scheme on 6th
January 2014.
The Parish Council agreed with the following amendments:
Main Street: The original new 1 hour parking bay outside of the chip shop Nos. 106 had been moved across
the road.
London Road: The original TRO had been extended between both Croft Way junctions, except for the bus
stop clearway, as this was a school bus drop off point and busy crossing for children attending Mercenfeld
Primary School.
Leicester Road: - The original TRO been extended from Main Street to The Paddock except for the bus stop

The Parish Council still had concerns about:
Main Street: - The proposal for a new 1hr parking bays, 8am-6pm, Mon-Sat, no return 1hr. This runs from
the new Co-Op store car park entrance to 100 Main Street and then crosses over the road outside of the car
park with a new TRO running on the opposite side of the road. This created a chicane effect which the
County Council felt would slow traffic down. The Parish Council did not agree that this would be the case,
the Parish Council preferred the permitted parking to run all the along one side of the highway or the other
to prevent confusion and allowed a better flow of traffic.

7.2    Policy on academies and school transport: Mr D Sprason stated that the public consultation
period had started at the beginning of January 2014.

7.3    Jelson development, Land off London Road: - Mr D Sprason stated that LCC Highways had

January 2014                                                                                           Page 3
spoken to the site manager and that the company had agreed to clear the road of mud more effectively.

7.4     Markfield Library: - Mr D Sprason stated that Leics County Council had identified the Library as
one of those under threat of closure, unless they could be handed over to other organisations to run ie. Parish
Councils/Voluntary Groups. The cost of running the library was approximately £25 000; half of this cost
was due to staff costs, which the County Council were looking to reduce. Mr D Sprason was currently
trying to clarify some sort of support package.
Mr B Gannon asked if the primary school had been approached to support the Library, as one of the main
users. Mr D Sprason stated that he had already approached the school and was hopeful. At this time he
suggested that a grant of £4 000 would be sufficient to keep the Library running and asked if the Parish
Council would be able to support with a grant.
Mr T Lockley stated that without details of a support package and without knowing how long or whether
core Library expertise would remain, it was difficult to make an informed decision.
Mrs M Bowler asked if the building would be retained and stated that it appeared that some very crude
accounting had been done and disputed the viability of making staff redundant and replacing with
volunteers. She asked if Leics County Council Reserves could be used to support Libraries. Mr D Sprason
stated that any Reserves had already been spent.
Mr M Lay stated that the Parish Council was not in a position to take on the management of the Library,
however long term the Parish Council may be able to look into some sort of grant funding. Much more
details and discussions to look into other options with other partnership organisations needed to be done but
the timescale was so short. Mr D Sprason stated that the proposed cuts wouldn’t come into force until 2015.
He stated that unfortunately the Community Budget had to be cut from £4million to £2million and Museums
and Libraries were the easiest targets.
Mr B Walmsley asked Mr D Sprason if he could find out the footfall for the Library before the next meeting
– Mr D Sprason agreed to do this.
Mrs M Bowler asked if Leicester City Council were planning to sell off Libraries – Mr D Sprason confirmed
this was the case.
Mr M Lay asked when more details would be known – Mr D Sprason stated that this was unclear but he
planned to convene a meeting with the Library Service after Easter.

7.5   Leics County Council – Council Tax Increase: - Mr D Sprason informed the members that the
Council’s proposed increase was 1.5% for 2014/2015.

7.6   Bardon Aggregates – Quarry extension: - Mr D Sprason stated that works to build the temporary
bunding meant that the footpath had now been diverted.

Mr D Sprason left the meeting at 8.55pm.


8.1    Miners’ Welfare Institute: - There was no update at this time.

8.2    Environmental Improvement Scheme 2013/2014 Village Plaques and Village Trail: - Previously
    1) The Parish Council would design and purchase an information board, similar in nature to the notice
       board at the junction of Neville Drive and Main Street. This would be placed inside the existing car
       park on Main Street in the proximity of the disabled space. This would incorporate MLHG “Village
       Trail” with a caption “You are here”.
    2) The subcommittee had met and came up with the following suggestions for the information plaques:
       i)      Old School: This was the NATIONAL SCHOOL built 1861 closed 1982
January 2014                                                                                            Page 4
       ii)     The Green: The VILLAGE GREEN formerly known as the SAWPIT
       iii)    Wardle's: Formerly WARDLE'S BAKER'S SHOP closed in the 1990s
       iv)     The George: Formerly THE GEORGE INN until the early 21st Century
       v)      Bown's: This building was once THE EARL GREY ARMS public house
       vi)     Rectory: THE OLD RECTORY built in 1770, used as Rectory 1847-1960
       vii)    Old post office: THE OLD POST OFFICE which was once the original RED LION

Resolved, the above proposals were accepted, this would now form the Parish Council’s proposal for these
works to be done under the Borough Councils’ Environmental Improvement Scheme funding 2013/2014.
The clerk should write to Mr A Davies, to inform him that all of the signs were within the conservation area
and that the Parish Council would like to plaques to be of Cast Aluminium and painted in 2 or 3 colours.
The Borough Council would need to write formally to any proposed properties affected by the plaques.
The Parish Council would also request that any remaining funds allocated to the scheme be passed over to
part fund the information board above.

8.3      The Co-Op store redevelopment, Main Street: - Mr M Lay had raised concerns regarding the
traffic management with the Chief Executive at the Borough Council, to request traffic enforcement be
properly undertaken. Mr M Lay had also met with the site manager to raise the Parish Councils concerns.
Mr T Lockley had also spoken to Leics County Council's traffic and safety manager Mr G Payne about some
additional traffic enforcement, clearing the highway of mud and debris and about signage being left lying
flat on the highway and footpaths.

8.4     Bob Jones’ Garage: - Mr T Lockley stated that the premises had been visited by Mr B Whirrity,
Conservation Officer at the Borough Council. One flue had been removed but the second was still there,
this didn’t comply with Building Regulations.

8.5    Request for 5 street names for the new Jelson development – H & BBC:
1) Dr Alfred Wright
2) Marston
3) Cooper
4) Chapman
5) Hopwood
No further update

8.6    Traffic enforcement: - The clerk had written to Caroline Roffey, whose response was that
enforcement on street is a County Council responsibility and as such our request needed to be addressed to
Highways section at LCC she had therefore forwarded the email to Mr G Payne. Hinckley and Bosworth
Borough Council only had responsibility for enforcement on HBBC car parks.
Mr T Lockley had also raised the matter with Mr G Payne (see item 8.3 above).

8.7     Council Tax Support Grant: - Mr Lay stated that the Borough Council faced a 17% reduction in
revenue support next year, which the Borough Council had factored in. The following year further
reductions may be necessary as the Government’s Discretionary Support Grant should be available next year
but not in the following year.


9.1    Skate park- Contributors signs: The Parish Council would purchase A1 size Perspex signs to
display around the park, “This Park was funded by generous donations from:” (details of funders).
January 2014                                                                                          Page 5
9.2      Open Space – Countryman Way – Correspondence from a resident of Countryman Way: - Mr
M Wilson, Countryman Way asked if some ground works could take place sooner rather than later to deter
footballers. Mr T Lockley explained that the works were currently out to tender and envisaged the works
would be done during this year’s planting season before the end of March 2014. He also stated that large
tree pits would need to be dug and could not be dug out in advance prior to planting for Health and safety

9.3      Connecting People & Wildlife grant application: - Mr M Springthorpe was undertaking the works

9.4  Raunscliffe Field: Mr & Mrs Milnthorpe had paid £200.00 to rent the field for one year to the end of
December 2014.

9.5      Millennium Garden: - Notes from the November Parish Risk Assessment:

     1. No Golf, no Quad Biking and no fly tipping sign to be placed at entrance.

     2. Fly tipped garden waste and compost on the boundary from No 47 Rectory Road.
        Resolved, the clerk should write and give two weeks’ notice to clear the area. If this is not done the
        Parish Council would employ a contractor to clear the site and invoice the owner of the property for
        costs incurred. Await drier weather.

     3. Encroachment – No 55 Rectory Road – Resolved, the Parish Council to Grant a Licence to Cultivate.

     4. Encroachment – No 57 Rectory Road. Resolved, the Parish Council to Grant a Licence to Cultivate.
        Two overhanging Ash Trees should be removed. Quotations awaited.


10.1     Memorial Applications: -              Headstone      - Grave             - T B Chapman
                                               Addl Insc      - Casket Plot (GOR) - J Upton

The memorials were accepted

10.2 New Footpath: - Inspection chamber & drainage: The clerk stated that in the past the inspection
chamber had frequently silted up and every five years or so had asked someone to dig the silt out. She had
found that this had much improved the flow of water from the area.
It was suggested that the clerk should ask the grave digger for some assistance.

10.3     New hedge planting – Entrance Gate: - CJ Springthorpe was undertaking the works.

10.4     Footpath Improvements: - Completed.

10.5     Recommendations from the Parish Council Risk Assessment 23rd November 2014

      1. Chapel – Several slates in need of replacement. This had not been done. The clerk to follow up.

      2. Spruce tree near to the Chapel (The Rushes side) – causing excessive pine cones and needles on
         the footpath – could cause slipping hazard.
January 2014                                                                                             Page 6
       Resolved, the Spruce should be felled and replaced with something more suitable. To be done

10.6 Cemetery Fees – Recommendation from the Budget Review Workshop:
Future improvements and some maintenance should be covered by implementing a Cemetery Improvement
Levy to all of the fees and charges made by the Parish Council.
Recommendation, a C.I.L. charge of 10% should be implemented on 1st January 2014. This levy would be
“Earmarked” for expenditure on the Cemetery only.
Resolved, the C.I.L charge should be implemented. Completed and Funeral Directors notified and displayed
on the Parish Website.

A manager’s report was not available this month.

11.1 Community Centre Energy Survey Report: - Mrs D Grantham had supplied Mr B Gannon with
several folders relating to the buildings heating and lighting systems but some plans of the older piping
system plan were missing. However Mr B Gannon was able to report that there was 300mm of insulation
above the ceiling which was quite adequate. The clerk said that she would check through the information
she held about the centre and Mr B Gannon was also welcome to check what was held.

1)     Car Park lights on during daytime hours.
2)     External energy efficient lighting

The above was to be addressed or quoted for by Mr A Statham.

1)     Entrance Hall light always on.
2)     Internal energy efficient lighting.

The above was to be addressed or quoted for by Cousins Electrical.

11.2   Stationary & stores controls: - That ESPO purchases were now within budget

11.3    Recommendation from the November Risk Assessment and Budget Review Workshop:
    1. Ground floor downpipes – pulled out of guttering joints, some brackets broken – to be repaired and
       fixed with tap-in screws.
    2. Ground floor windows (small hall). In need of replacement with new energy saving windows. Mr B
       Gannon an Mr T Lockley to obtain quotes.

11.4 New signs – Richards Environmental had installed them but not to the expected standard. The clerk
informed the members that he had only charged £10.00.

11.5 Farmers market: - Mr T Lockley and Mrs D Grantham had followed this matter up with
Leicestershire Food Links and couldn’t for see adverse comments or objections from the organisation.

11.6 Installation of new bench: - The bench was delivered 23rd December 2013. The clerk would ask Mr
M Springthorpe to install onto a base of slabs recycled from the cemetery footpath.

11.7 Outdoor lighting – Floodlighting over the Play Area and Car Park: - Mrs D Grantham had met
Mr A Statham on 10th December 2013 to discuss this matter.
January 2014                                                                                           Page 7
1)     He replaced the broken photo cell with a new one. Outside lights were to be monitored during the
daytime to see if this had stopped the lights coming on in daytime hours.

2)      Lighting timer for the car park lighting – left alone at present

3)      The two bulbs on the outside lighting system failed last year; the Parish Council agreed to leave them
off and monitor. Mr A Statham recommended replacing as a matter of urgency as the lights were on a timer
system and the starting gear in the column which was not working, would still be trying to start these lights.
This would possibly use more power in its efforts to start rather than having the lights on. The starting gear
could also get very hot by this constant effort and could be a fire hazard.

Quotation from Utility. Com (Mr A Statham): The cost of the bulbs to change the existing yellow lighting to
white lighting is £17.00 each. The cost to get the dormant column working is £39.00 per fitting, plus the
bulbs, a total of £112.00. The cost to get the all of the car park lighting working and switched to white
lighting is £260.00, this included the labour costs.
Resolved, the quote was accepted.

4)     Outside light to the rear of the building; correct type and timer looked in working order but the siting
wasn’t ideal.

11.8    Correspondence –Mr & Mrs Nutt : Welcoming replacement of the Laurels

11.9 MUGA – twice yearly inspection Dura-Sport (Leisure Care) Ltd: No problems found but th
wooden kick boards were showing signs of wear and tear – to be monitored.


12.1 Playground Inspection: - The Play Inspection Company had been informed that they should undertake
quarterly inspections, the inspection had been undertaken on 16th December 2013 the report was awaited.
Further resolved a sign should be placed at the entrance stating that “This play area is inspected in compliance with
ROSPA guidance. “If you notice anything defective please ring – clerk’s no.” Ongoing.

12.2 H & BBC - Parish & Community Initiative Fund 2014: - – Closing date 7th February 2014.
Resolved in Principle, the existing “Rabbits Burrow” should be replaced with something similar. The clerk
would obtain quotations.


13.1    Management Committee Meeting: - Wednesday 15th January 2014 at the Coach & Horses.

13.2 Freewoods Scheme: - Mr A Hancock had completed the application for the National Forest
Company Freewoods Scheme.

Resolved, the scheme was accepted.

13.3 Barrier: - Mr R Browning reported that the padlock had gone missing. The Parish Council
suggested that these be replaced as soon as possible.

14      Correspondence:

January 2014                                                                                                     Page 8
1.   H & BBC                                    Section 215 Notice of the Town and Country Planning
                                                Act 1990 served on 35 Upland Drive on 6/1/2014.
                                                Work to be completed by 6/5/2014
2.   H& BBC                                     Submission of Earl Shilton and Barwell Area Action
3.   Charnwood BC                               Submission of the Charnwood Local Plan 2006 to
                                                2028 Core Strategy
4.   LCC                                        Markfield, Ratby & Groby Community Forum 20/3/14
5.   LCC                                        3 year Community Safety Consultation (20/12/13-
6.   LCC                                        Green Plaque Scheme launched: Closing date for
                                                nominations 24th January 2014
7.   Mineral Products Assoc                     Winter 13-14

15     Planning Applications:

DESCRIPTION :     Extensions and alterations to dwelling.
LOCATION : 49 Bradgate Road Markfield Leicestershire LE67 9SQ

DESCRIPTION : Extensions and alterations to dwelling
LOCATION : Hobby Hall Farm Copt Oak Road Copt Oak Markfield

There were no objections to the above applications.

DESCRIPTION :    Erection of 2 dwellings with associated parking
LOCATION : Land Rear Of 106 Main Street Markfield Leicestershire

The Parish Council objects to the above applications on the grounds that:

       The location for the proposed dwellings is within a conservation area, therefore planning permission
for residential development should not be granted as it would set a precedent for further development in this
particular area. Part of the original retaining Granite stone wall will be removed; therefore part of the
original character will be lost.
       Two proposed buildings would result in an unacceptable over-development of the site, resulting in
the premises compromising existing car parking arrangements as well as having an overbearing and visually
intrusive impact on adjacent properties, to the detriment of the amenities which the residents could
reasonably expect. One house might be acceptable, set away from the boundary wall. It would then have a
reasonable sized garden and the amount of car parking could also be reduced.
       It is strongly felt that the building would have an adverse effect on the appearance and character of
the landscape, it is not in keeping with the scale and character of the general surroundings.
To describe the site as “wasteland” (design and access statement) is inaccurate and misleading. Part of the
site has been untended, but could be put to use if the owner so chose, however another part of the site is a
well-tended garden. There would be a loss of mature conifers and other shrubs from that garden, which

January 2014                                                                                           Page 9
doesn’t appear to have been mentioned in the application.
       The proposed erection of the building virtue of its scale and the potential impact of the increase in
noise and traffic terms would have an adverse impact on the neighbouring properties.
       The development if permitted would be likely to introduce an unacceptable increase in turning traffic
into and out of this busy, section of road onto an extremely narrow part of the highway; “The Nook” and
therefore would not be in the interests of highway safety. The Nook has never seen the level of car parking
which the Design and Access statement implies is regularly there.
       Drainage has been a problem down The Nook and there is no mention of how drainage issues will be
addressed. As proposed the site will be mainly hard surfaced, roofs, car parking etc. so there is a need to
incorporate sustainable drainage into the plans.


Dog fouling: Mrs A Lay stated that many residents were complaining about the regular instances of dog
fouling along Neville Drive, Oakfield Avenue and The Green. It appeared that an irresponsible dog walker
was taking a regular route between 5.45pm and 6.45pm every night and allowing their dog to foul the
pavements. The clerk would report the matter.
Car Sales A50 Field Head Roundabout: Mrs A Lay informed the members that the illegal roadside car sales
had started again.
Speeding – Thornton Lane: Mrs M Bowler had noted that residents had complained about speeding traffic
along Thornton Lane and had informed Leics County Highways and requested the police to undertake
mobile speed checks. As the Parish Council had previously taken these steps could Markfield Parish
Council share the results with Ratby Parish Council.


Resolved, the accounts were accepted.

18     Bank Reconciliation Statement was produced for the quarter ending 31/12/13.
Resolved, the statement was accepted.

      Tuesday 4th February 2014 at 8.00pm at the Methodist Chapel was agreed
      Tuesday 4th March 2014 at 8.00pm at the Methodist Chapel was agreed.

      Saturday 1st February 2014, 11am-12noon Mr T Lockley & Mrs A Lay would attend
      Saturday , 1st March 2014, 11am-12 noon

        ………..……………                                                                ………………………..
        Signed, Chairman                                                             4/02/14
January 2014                                                                                         Page 10

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