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Holiday Systems International _HSI_


									Holiday Systems International (HSI)
                                                                                                                HSI’s products and services are created and implemented in
                                                                                                                accordance with global consumer leisure behavior, which results
                                                                                                                in highly effective and sustainable results for HSI partners.
                                                                                                                HSI products and services produce:
                                                                                                                • Increased sales • Increased maintenance fee collections •
                                                                                                                Increased customer satisfaction • New, perpetual revenue
                                                                                                                streams • Reduced costs • Reduced delinquencies • Increased
                                                                                                                occupancy • And more!
                                           Craig Morganson                                                      HSI brings a level of integrity and generosity important to
                                           CEO/President                                                        developers, sales & marketing entities and HOAs alike. With HSI
                                           7690 West Cheyenne Ave. Suite 200                                    products and services, its partners enjoy brand recognition and
                                           Las Vegas, NV 89129                                                  new perpetual revenue streams that transcend their property
                                           800.353.0774 (US/Canada)
                                           01.800.681.1809 (Mexico)
                                           00.800.0012.2222 (Europe)                                            HSI brings honest and transparent value to the industry,
                                           702.254.3100 direct                                                  allowing its partners to deliver benefits that enhance their
                                           702.309.8800 fax                                                     brand, not injure it.
                                                                                                                HSI has been an industry innovation leader in many areas. By
                                                                                                                combining the industry’s most configurable technology, more
                                                                                                                travel options than any other provider, and specialty services
                                           Craig Morganson is an entrepreneur with over 30 years in the         unique in the industry, HSI brings Vacation Ownership in sync
                                           tourism industry.                                                    with today’s consumer behavior.

                                           Craig has founded several successful international companies         HSI services include complete revenue-sharing to its partners,
                                           providing travel services and technology to over four million        which provides better, and much needed monetization of
                                           private clients in six languages.                                    clients. With HSI, its partners can capture all of their customer’s
                                                                                                                travel business in a zero-overhead pure-profit model.
                                           In addition to his business interests, Craig promotes global
                                           travel and tourism through various international activities,         HSI travel benefits include the most comprehensive selections
                                           including image committees, consumer education channels              available, which provides partners with the ability to integrate
                                           and government awareness programs.                                   partner-selected benefits…choosing from over 500,000 hotels,
                                                                                                                every cruise line and itinerary, every tour package, sports travel,
                                           Craig’s experience and candid approach makes him a                   custom vacations and over 400,000 destination activities,
                                           frequent resource for industry trade publications, think tanks,      among many others. In addition to providing benefits backed by
                                           committees, articles, quotes and speaking engagements.               the world’s most generous best-price guarantees, HSI is capable
                                           HSI, now in its twentieth year, has become a premier technology      of integrating these benefits configured to its partner’s desired
                                           company, a travel aggregator, and a specialty service company,       profit/pricing strategy and using their desired currency (i.e.
                                           which includes unique benefits and financial services not            Club Points, traditional intervals-for-travel or cash spending).
                                           available through other companies. HSI provides relevant and         Only HSI provides these game-changing advantages.
                                           measurable support to its partners for the full life span of their   HSI’s Maintenance Fee cash payment system is the industry’s
                                           product.                                                             only system that actually pays Maintenance Fees. In fact, HSI
                                           HSI products and services include:                                   has directly paid over $33,000,000 in Maintenance Fees and
                                                                                                                continues to pay Maintenance Fees in excess of $7,000,000 per
                                           • Benefit enhancements with proven and sustainable value
                                                                                                                year, benefiting over 1,375 properties and HOAs worldwide.
                                           propositions • Entry/Exit programs to maximize efficiency
                                                                                                                This financial commitment is unparalleled and has proven to
                                           and conversions • The industry’s only Maintenance Fee cash
                                                                                                                be invaluable to HSI’s business partners, their customers and the
                                           payment system • Customized user interfaces for effective
                                                                                                                industry as a whole.
                                           benefit integration • Administrative interfaces that provide
                                           transparent access to user activity 24/7 • Occupancy solutions       HSI is committed to the continued growth of the Vacation
                                           placing the right heads-in-beds • Gift Cards for lead generation     Ownership industry and continues to deliver relevant programs
                                           and brand loyalty • Among others                                     that are proven to provide lasting results.

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