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									5959 Harry Hines Blvd.                           7777 Forest Lane
Suite 1030                                          Suite C-210
Dallas, Texas 75235                Phone: (972) 726 6700                Dallas, Texas 75230
U.S.A.                              Fax: (972) 726 6730                                U.S.A.

                          Information on Calling the Doctor

       For all our obstetrical patients, please understand that our office number is
answered 24 hours a day. After office hours, if there is an emergency, please call and have
the answering service page the physician on call.
       Please understand that due to continuing medical education requirements,
vacations, and emergencies, Dr. Marci Oliveira will sometimes not be the physician
answering your call or in some cases delivering your baby.
       If you have not heard back from Dr. Oliveira of the on call physician, please re call
the answering service.
       If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to let us know.

                                                       Kathy Kerley,
                                                       Office Manager for Dr. Marci Oliveira

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                                                             Information on Calling the Doctor

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