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									Information available from Woodsend Medical Centre providing medical
services under contract to the NHS) under the Freedom of Information Act
model publication scheme
Information covered by this scheme is only about the primary, general or personal medical services we provide under
contract to the National Health Service.

Information to be published                                                          How the information     Cost
                                                                                     can be obtained
                                                                                     (eg hard copy,
Class1 - Who we are and what we do
This publication scheme is a complete guide to the information routinely made
available to the public by Woodsend Medical Centre. It is a description of the
information about the practice know as Woodsend Medical Centre and the
General Practitioners that work there which is available to the public. It will be
reviewed at regular intervals and we will monitor its effectiveness.

This NHS practice is part of the Northamptonshire Teaching PCT and provides
services for patients living within the boundaries of Corby and surrounding
villages. It supplies services in accordance with a PMS contract held with
Northamptonshire Teaching PCT

Doctors in the practice
Dr M A Khalid
Dr C R Appleton
Dr M Rajkumar
Dr M Ruparelia
Dr M Dell (salaried GP)
Dr S Waspe ( salaried GP)
We are also a training practice and therefore you may be seen by a GP
Contact details for the practice
Practice Manager,
Woodsend Medical Centre.
School Place,
NN18 0QP
Tel. 0844 499 6944          Fax 01536 446918
Web page. email
Opening hours 8.00 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
7.00 a.m. – 6.30 p.m. Wednesday
08.15 a.m. – 11.30 a.m. Saturday.
Other staffing details

The names of the GPs at this practice are listed in the introduction to this
publication scheme. The practice also employs:

    Practice Manager
    Administrative staff
    Practice nurses
    HCA
    Counsellor.
How much does is cost.
Some information is available at no cost but for some things there may be a
charge. The charges will vary according to how the information is made

   a. Via the practice website – free of charge, although any charges for your
      Internet Service Provider (ISP) and personal printing costs would have to
      be met by the individual not the practice.
      For those without internet access, a single print-out of the website would
      be available by post from the Practice Manager or by personal application
      at Woodsend Medical Centre at a cost of 35p per A4 sheet. However,
      requests for multiple printouts or for archived copies of documents, which
      are no longer accessible or available on the web, may attract a charge for
      retrieval, photocopying postage etc. We will let you know the cost and
      charges that will have to be paid in advance. We will not provide
      printouts of other organisations web sites.
   b. Leaflets and brochures – free of charge on, for example, services we
      offer to the public, and these are freely available in reception.
   c. Email will be free of charge unless it says otherwise.

    How the information is made available.
    The information within each Class is downloadable from the practice website
or available in hard copy from Woodsend Medical Centre.

if you have any questions, comments or complaints about the operation of the
Publication Scheme, or how we deal with your request for information from the
Scheme, please write to :-
The Practice Manager,
Woodsend Medical Centre,
School Place,
NN18 0QP

Some information will be withheld including personal, confidential information
about individuals which is protected by the Data Protection Act 1998.

Patients are entitled to access their clinical records or any other personal
information held about them - please ask at reception about the process for
accessing information.
Class 2 – What we spend and how we spend it
Woodsend Medical Centre receives money from Northamptonshire Teaching
PCT in accordance with its contract in exchange for services provided to          Upon written request to the
patients.                                                                         Practice Manager.

Total cost to the PCT/LHB/HSSB of our contracted services.                        Upon written request to the
                                                                                  Practice Manager.
NHS income is audited in several ways using software such as QMAS and
MIQUEST and there are annual inspections by the PCT.

Class 3 – What our priorities are and how we are doing
(Strategies and plans, performance indicators, audits, inspections and reviews)

The practice has taken the feedback from the GP surveys and as a result we
now open for extended hours.
May 2009 – we will be changing computer systems to enable internet booking of

We are currently heavily involved in the development and provision of out
patient’s services which could replace patient visits to the local hospital.

Class 4 – How we make decisions
We have weekly practice meetings which are attended by all doctors and a
representative of the nursing staff, also the Practice and Assistant Practice
Managers and the Reception supervisor.

We hold weekly clinical meetings with the nursing staff and one doctor.

We meet with the local prescribing team.

We meet with our district nursing team.
Our doctors attend GP forums

We attend locality and county wide commissioning meetings.

Minutes of meetings are recorded and details of decision taken affecting the
provision of NHS services are available from the practice manager.
Records of decisions made in the practice affecting the provision of NHS                      Upon written request to the
services                                                                                      Practice Manager.

Class 5 – Our policies and procedures

Policies and procedures about the employment of staff                                         Available from the Practice
Internal instructions to staff and policies relating to the delivery of services              Manager.
Equality and diversity policy
Health and safety policy
Complaints procedures (including those covering requests for information and
operating the publication scheme)
Records management policies (records retention, destruction and archive)
Data protection policies
Policies and procedures for handling requests for information
Patients’ charter

Class 6 – Lists and Registers

Any publicly available register or list (if any are held this should be publicised; in most   None held.
circumstances existing access provisions will suffice)
Class 7 – The services we offer
Details available in the Practice leaflet or on the practice web site.

The services provided under contract to the NHS
    A full range of medical services
    Childhood immunisation and vaccination
    Cervical cytology
    Child health surveillance
    Contraceptive services
    Travel advice and vaccinations (please note some holiday vaccination
      incur a fee).
    Disease management clinics
    District nursing services
    Maternity medical services
    Minor surgery services
    Phlebotomy
    Ecg
    New patient health assessment.
Charges for any of these services

Travel vaccinations will attract and extra fee.
Information leaflets

As well as the Practice Leaflet there are a large amount of leaflets available in
the surgery covering a wide range of health and social issues. Please ask at
reception if you cannot find what you want.
Out of hours arrangements

The practice is covered out of hours by NENEDOC during all times of closure
the contact number is 01536 522955. if you contact the surgery out of hours
you will be directed to press one on the automated answering service which will
then transfer you directly to the out of hours service without having to redial.

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