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									                              Product Discontinuation
                               Customer Notification
                                   Acknowledgment Form
                 Product Discontinuance Notification
                                                                       February 24, 2014

Dear Valued Customer,

This letter serves as formal notification that Skyworks Solutions, Inc. is discontinuing the production of the
following products. The products contained in this notice are part of Skyworks’ bi-annual product portfolio
review process. Skyworks Solutions, Inc. acknowledges the obligation to promptly inform our customers of the
intent to exit products to enable our customers the ability to prepare for alternatives and/or assist in their
product portfolio renewal process. Our intent is to support these products for a limited time in order to allow
for future planning by all of our customers, therefore, we will offer last time buy opportunities to support your

With this notification Skyworks extends the opportunity of a last/lifetime buy for the following products:

Discontinued                                                     Discontinued
                     Suggested Replacement                                           Suggested Replacement
Part                                                             Part

AA101-80LF           SKY12339-350LF                              HY19-12LF           None
AA102-80LF           SKY12345-362LF                              HY22-73LF           None
AA264-87LF           SKY12339-350LF                              HY86-12LF           None
AC824LF              DC18-73LF                                   HY92-12LF           None
AC825LF              DC25-73LF                                   PD09-73             PD09-73LF
AC830                AA116-72LF                                  SKY12148-12LF       AV102-12LF
AV101-12             AV101-12LF                                  SKY65013-92LF       SKY65013-70LF
AV104-12             AV104-12LF                                  SKY65014-92LF       SKY65014-70LF
AV113-12             AV113-12LF                                  SKY65016-92LF       SKY65016-70LF
DC09-73              DC09-73LF                                   SKY73201-364LF      None
DC15-73LF            None                                        SKY73202-364LF      None
DC16-73              DC16-73LF                                   SKYC859             None
HY17-12LF            None                                        SKYC859LF           None
                             Product Discontinuation
                              Customer Notification
                                  Acknowledgment Form

Last time buy Conditions:

Date for last order acceptance: August 24, 2014.
Factory orders will not be accepted after this date.

Date for last Skyworks’ shipments: February 24, 2015.
This is the final ship date.

All new orders for this product will be subject to a minimum buy quantity of 15,000 unless order request can be
filled with existing inventory, and will be non-cancelable and non-returnable.

Skyworks Solutions, Inc appreciates and values our business relationship and looks forward to your continued
interest in our products. While we regret any inconvenience this announcement may cause, we are eager to
supply your future product requirements with our world-class quality product lines.

We request that you review the attached Product Discontinuation Notification “Customer Acknowledgement
Form” and return a signed acknowledgement through the normal sales channels or the nearest Skyworks
Solutions, Inc. Sales Office. If we have not received a returned acknowledgement form on or before the date
for last order acceptance as specified in the “last time buy” conditions herein, we will conclude that the
acknowledgement has been received and approved.

To best serve you, all inquires and requests should be directed through the normal sales channels or you can
contact the nearest Skyworks Solutions, Inc. Sales Office.

Skyworks Sales Offices

United States Sales Offices:

East Coast Sales (including all Mexico) & Avnet US
20 Sylvan Road
Woburn, MA 01801 USA
Kris Bardsley
Tel.: 781-376-3018

Central Sales (including all Canada) & CDI/RFMW
                               Product Discontinuation
                                Customer Notification
                                    Acknowledgment Form
20 Sylvan Road
Woburn, MA 01801 USA
Nancy Croce
Tel.: 781-376-3049

West Sales Office
5221 California Ave. M/C 31
Irvine, CA 92617 USA
Laurie Casola

20 Sylvan Road
Woburn, MA 01801 USA
Maryann Kane
Tel.: 781-376-3102

Ericsson & Nokia
5221 California Ave. M/C 31
Irvine, CA 92617 USA
Kirat Hatzfield
Tel.: (949)-231-4840

Europe Sales Offices:

Skyworks Semiconductor
60, rue Saint Andre des arts ( Bat. D)
75006 Paris, France
phone : +33 (0) 1 43 54 85 43
fax +33(0) 1 43 54 00 05

APAC Sales Offices:
                             Product Discontinuation
                              Customer Notification
                                    Acknowledgment Form
Singapore Sales Office                     Japan Sales Office
Skyworks Global Pte Ltd                    Opera City Tower, 36 Floor
10, Ang Mo Kio Street 65                   3-20-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-Ku
#05-15/16 TECHPOINT                        Tokyo 163-1436, Japan
Singapore 569059                           Tel.: 81 3 5308 5180
Tel.: 65 6403 1971

Korea Sales Office                         Korea Sales Office/Seoul
13F Sam Hee Bldg. 559-10                   18F, Posteel Tower, 735-3
Bumeo-1Dong, Soosung-gu                    Yeoksam-Dong, Kangnam-Ku,
706-011 Daegu, Korea                       135-923 Seoul, Korea
Tel.: 82 53 745 2880                       Tel.: 82 2 3457 8800

Taiwan Sales Office                        Shenzen Sales Office
4F, #198, Sec.2                            Room 1912-1913, 19/F
Tun Hwa S. Road                            Shenzhen International Chamber of
Taipei 106, Taiwan, ROC                    Commerce Building Phase B,
Tel.: +886 2 2735 0399                     Shanghai 20003, P.R.C.
                                           Fuhua Yi Road, Futian District,
                                           Shenzhen 518048, China
Shanghai Sales Office                      Tel.: +86 755 8293 1833
LT Square Building, Suite 2506-07
500 Chengdu North Road
Shanghai 20003, P.R.C.
Tel.: 86 21 33134590

Beijing Sales Office
Ste 1212, COFCO Plaza, Tower B, No 8
Jianguomennei Avenue, Dongcheng District
Beijing 100005, China
Tel.: 86 136 0116 7360
                           Product Discontinuation
                            Customer Notification
                               Acknowledgment Form
           The indicated Customer Notification letter was received and acknowledged by the

                                       undersigned authority.

Part Number(s): ___________________________________________________


            Signature                           Print

            Name                                Location




Thank you for your attention on this matter.     Please return this acknowledgment form to your
Skyworks Solutions Sales Representative.

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