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					                      The Chapeloak Practice

                           Patients Forum

Minutes of the meeting held on Tuesday 24th January 2012 at 6pm.

1. Apologies for absence: Apologies for absence were received from M.H.,
   S.W. and A.O. plus Dr. Jason Broch.

2. Present: Mr. H. R. (Chairman), Mrs. J. S., Mr. G. C. and Paul Storey.

3. Confirmation of minutes of the last meeting: The minutes of the meeting
   held on Monday 17th October 2011 were confirmed.

4. Matters arising:

   There were no matters arising.

5. New triage system

   Paul informed the Members that the P.C.T. improvement managers had
   visited the Practice and had suggested that we introduce a telephone
   triage system. He said that the Practice introduced a triage service on
   Mondays from the 14th November 2011.

6. Patient questionnaire

   Paul went through the results of the patient questionnaires, with the
   members, and the following issues were highlighted.

   Q1.2: How easy do you find it to book a non-urgent appointment with a
   The answer was that 21% said that they found it “difficult” and 7% said
   that it was “very difficult”.
   Paul said that Patients were always complaining that they cannot get
   through to the surgery when we open and this is because we only have
   space for 3 receptionists answering the phones on a morning.
   Paul said that this situation will be addressed when the new surgery is
   built and he will ensure that there are adequate staff, with more telephone
   lines, answering the calls on a morning.

   Q1.3: How easy do you find it to book a non-urgent appointment with a
   16% of Patients said it was “difficult”.
   Paul said that the same reasons described in Q1.2 applied and additional
   staff in the new surgery will alleviate the problem.

   Q1.7: If you couldn’t get an urgent appointment why did you think this
   59% of patients said that there were not enough appointments. The
   P.C.T. improvement managers had already highlighted this and the
   Practice had introduced a telephone triage service in mid November, on
   During the meeting it was agreed that the Practice would try telephone
   triage on other days of the week to see if this improves access.

   Q1.20: In the last year, have you been able to book an appointment with a
   G.P. more than 2 days ahead?
   31% of patients said no.
   Paul said that he could not understand this as patients have been able to
   book up to 7 days ahead for many years.
   It was agreed to try opening up a small number of additional
   appointments 14 days ahead, to see if this helps the situation. He also
   agreed to print some new leaflets explaining how the appt. system works.

7. Premises

   Paul apologised that Dr. Broch had been unable to attend that evening as
   he wanted to give an update on the situation for the Members. He said
   that Dr. Broch would definitely be attending the next meeting to present
   the latest position.
   Paul informed the Members that the P.C.T. had approved the application
   in principle and negotiations were now taking place with the landowners

8. Any other business:
  D.N.A. rates

  H.R. asked about the current D.N.A. rates and Paul said that
  he did not have the figures with him. He said that he would bring the
  latest figures to the next meeting.

9. Date of next meeting

   It was agreed to hold the next meeting on Wednesday 28th March 2012.

10.Meeting closed

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