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									                        MINUTES FOR DISTRICT 41 MEETING HELD January 16, 2011

NOTE: Mailing Address- District 41 Treas. P.O. Box 7226, Villa Park, IL 60181
NOTE: Mailing Address- District 41 Answering Service, P.O. Box 6365, Villa Park, IL 60181-5318
NOTE: Mailing Address- General Service Office, Grand Central Station Box 459, New York, NY. 10163
NOTE: Mailing Address- N.I.A. Treasurer, Northern Illinois Area, Ltd., P.O. Box 3926, St. Charles, IL 60174-9084
NOTE: NIA web site: www.aa-nia.org

NEW: District 41 Website: dist41.aa-nia.org

PRESENT AT MEETING : John S., Mike O., Ray R., Fred S., Linda B., Michael D., Diane R., Walt K., Betsy K.,
Steve T., Antonio S., Jamie C., Tom M., Terri S., Gene T., Jim K., Beverly B.

Meeting opened at 1:00 pm with a Quiet Time, Serenity Prayer, GSR Preamble, 12 Tradition and 12TH Concept.
Basket passed for the 7th tradition.

In Attendance: Bob M., John S., Vince F., Mike O., Carol D., John P., Walt K., Jeane M., Steve. T., Karol S., Kimberly
R., Glad C., Terri Santoro.
In the absence of a DCM, Bob M. chaired meeting

New GSR’s- None
Visitors? - None
Anniversaries?- None


Secretary: Minutes submitted on line and hard copies were available. Approved.

DCM: Bob M. chaired meeting in absence of official DCM

GSR REPORTS: John reports Slow Learners Group in Addison needs more members. St. Philips, 8 pm. New budget
approved at last meeting was printed and distributed to GSRs. There will be one amendment to the budget regarding
excess funds will be distributed in “thirds” to New York, the Area, and the Answering Service. This was motioned by Bob
M. and approved by vote.


TREASURER: Steve T. reports finances are in good shape and last year’s books will be closed out. Answering Service,
however, is always seeking contributions from individual groups. The New York office apparently did not receive a $600
check for Spanish literature from the Treatment Committee so the check will be stopped and the situation will be
investigated and Spanish literature will again be ordered. In this regard, Walt K. suggested sing Debit Cards rather than
checks for the work of various committees. For instance, New York does not accept checks but will reimburse credit card
purchases. Investigation and discussion will continue.
    Opening balance for the month was $1465. 17, Inflows of $346.00, Outflow of $65.96, Closing Balance was $1845.20

ANSWERING SERVICE: Walt presented report from Art C. who is still absent as he recovers from illness. Opening
Balance of $1570.68. Contributions stood at $310.00. AT&T expense, $163.37. Misc. Expenses at $250.00. Closing
Balance of $1467.31. In a written statement Art report we have logged 575 calls by the middle of January. Jamie is
continuing to serve in arranging schedules which is always a fluid endeavor due to work schedules etc.


LCM: Eileen will be absent until March but alternate John will continue work.
TREATMENT: No report from John. More schedules have been gathered and will be distributed.

WORKSHOP: No report. Brief discussion on canceling February workshop due to lack of information.

PUBLIC INFORMATION: Vince F. reports Big Books are being placed in various libraries and it is hoped they can be
placed in churches and houses of worship. Stressed that books are not being sold, and it is expected, and hoped for, that
Big Books will be taken by those in need.

SPECIAL NEEDS: No report. Linda excused absence.

ARCHIVES: No report.

LITERATURE: Bob had no report.

GRAPEVINE: No report.


CPC: Jeane reports website running the Open Meeting schedule on the website and that meeting changes can be put
immediately on the website if need be. Open Meeting schedules from D42 and D43 are also posted. Bob M. suggested
AA references to doctors and attorney’s might be included on the website. Jeane will develop a small card to give to a
doctor or lawyer regarding our website and information available. Walt K. ask if we have a need for more directories and
a discussion revealed Anona East would like 500, and Correction would like 2000. Some 500 Open Meeting schedules
are also needed.

OLD BUSINESS: Walt K. was asked if his interest in the DCM position was serious. Walt replied affirmatively and was
voted in as new DCM for District 41

NEW BUSINESS: Walt expressed a desire to continue working on bringing new GSRs to meetings, perhaps by writing a
letter to groups. Discussion on methods of reaching GSRs and importance of increasing attendance continued.

If you are a District 41 member and have not attended a district meeting within the last
six months, chances are your name will be removed from the mailing list.
Minutes submitted by Mike O.

The next meeting will be held Sunday, February 20, 2011 …. 1:00 P.M.

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