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									                                                 James Sandridge
                                                Cell phone: (619) 200-3942
                                                e-mail: jim.aav@gmail.com

Roaring Fork High School, Carbondale, CO 81623                                            Graduated 1983 with Honors
Chapman College, Orange CA                                                      Math Classes while Deployed Overseas
Colorado Mountain College                                         Completed Several Computer Graphics courses in 2010
Colorado Mountain College ed2go.edu                                  Completed CompTIA A+ through Network+ in 2010

                                 Military Experience – 1990 to 1994
I served 4 years 8 months in the United States Navy from January 1990 to September 1994. While I was assigned to
amphibious warfare and aviation warfare units I performed various military, professional and other duties, as assigned in
the Southern and Western Hemispheres. Duties included standard military assignments in addition to Information
Technology Systems Management, Paralegal and Personnel Management and Training. See DD214 and Discharge
Evaluation for further details. I have developed EXPERT level computer graphics and document production skills using
MS Office, Adobe and Corel Suite of Graphics Software.

                                                    Military References
                                          (for government and contracting positions only)
 Richard Zins, Captain, US Navy Retired      Tom Trotter, Captain, US Navy, Retired         Thomas Hejl, Captain, US Navy, Retired
             757-971-3582                                 909-988-8511                                  858-627-6536

                                      Major Life Accomplishments
                                          (Approximate date order over the last 20 years)

Engineering development consultant and team member with scientific think tank on the following advanced technologies,
platforms and applications:
        US Navy Laser Diode Carrier Arrested Landing guidance system enhancements.
        Aerospace design enhancements to AC-130, V-22 Osprey and other rotary wing aircraft.
        Aerodynamic enhancements (winglets, etc…) to improve aircraft fuel economy on civilian aircraft.
        Change to NASA Space Shuttle Paint Specifications to save weight and fuel.
        NASA KEPLER “Planet Hunter” Space Telescope System conceptual design details.
        Navy Free Electron Laser (FEL) Advanced Tactical Laser System conceptual design.
        Anti-Laser advanced communications material conceptual design (being developed at Yale)
        Liquid Nitrogen charged Superconducting Conduit application for the replacement of copper power
        MyHealthEVet Website concept for the Veterans Administration.
        Guggenheim Museum and Sydney Opera House original conceptual designs.
        Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scanner conceptual design.
        Original Concept for XGAMES and related Navy Sponsorship.
        DRACO Anti-viral Enzyme Therapy being developed at the NIH/MIT Lincoln Laboratory and several
         other medical disease related discoveries and applications (minor contributions).
        Several Graphene based Nano-Technology related applications related to battery technologies.
        DARPA EXCALIBUR Tactical Laser System with engineering detail.
        Thermo-Polymer Munitions Enhancement Program with engineering detail.
        Hydro-Thermite Jet Fuel Enhancement Program with engineering detail.
        NASA Sunspot Detection and Black Hole observation via Gravitational Lens original concept

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James Sandridge Resume – Professional Profile

      Several Anti-IED/EFP Technologies and Training Concepts (MCIT) being used to save lives in
       combat operations with engineering detail.
      Final application for Category SEVEN 10 Gigabit per second wiring application.
      Designed the Airborne DirecTV System that is being used on Air Force ONE and on several airlines.
      Windows 7/Media Player/Chrome OS graphic and audio visual feature enhancements.
      HIV Genome decoding application utilizing networked gaming systems team member.
      Navy/Air Force Directed Energy Device (XRAY/EMP) with engineering detail
      Navy/Air Force EEG Performance Enhancement Program
      Sandia National Laboratory Smart Ammunition (.50cal) Program with engineering detail

I have developed Subject Matter Expert (SME) skills in various areas of electronic systems technology

      Self-Educated with equivalent knowledge to minor degrees in the following scientific
       disciplines: Astronomy, Chemistry, Physics, Nano-Technology and Medicine (some areas).
       Voracious reader and consumer of all types of scientific knowledge and information.
      Multi-faceted experience is all phases of construction and project management. Expert in cost
       estimation and in numerical analysis of diverse proposal and contract documentation.
      More than 15 years of experience in Audio Visual with more than 5 years of experience in
       IT/IP systems. I have experience in business, business management, administration, legal,
       accounting and every aspect of running a small business.
      A Sales Top Performer, I usually close more jobs at higher margins than others in my field.
      Video Projection Systems including various projector technologies including screens. I have
       completed specialized industry training in this area and have expert understanding of all
       aspects of Video Projection and the related technologies (LCOS/DLP/TFT-LCD/CRT). At my
       level of expertise I understand how display technology works at the atomic level.
      Plasma and Liquid Crystal Diode (LCD) Television displays and mounts and all related
       technologies. (My largest project has 37 displays on custom mounts with distributed satellite
       on two dishes with three multi-switches and 28 DirecTV HDTV satellite receivers.)
      Speaker Technology, including advanced ‘thin-film’ audio reproduction and recording
       equipment, microphones, line arrays and crossovers and how they are used in each specific
       application. Well versed in Acoustics, including; controlling room modes, attenuation, isolation,
       diffusion and absorption and which products are to be used and how. Frequently recommend
       design changes and enhancements to speakers, amplifiers and other related technology.
      Audio Visual Source and Switching Equipment, including; amplifiers, receivers, switchers and
       other components. Detail knowledge of bandwidth and signal loss over distances and how to
       correct and compensate for picture differences with divergent monitors and sources.
      Skilled IT System Designer. Well versed in routers, switches, broadband, WIFI and VOIP
       technologies. I speak the full gamut of IT and IP including; TCP/IPv4 and TCP/IPv6 and
       understand how video packets are handled in the world of internet protocols; which applies
       directly to specialized technology like Video Conferencing (VTC) and Medical IT Systems.
      Current on most Video Conferencing Technology from Cisco, Tandberg and Polycom.
      Superb troubleshooting skills for any installed systems, including; CATV, DSS, DMX or other
       installed distributed systems including those integrated with the control systems listed below.
      Experienced with Integrated Control Systems from manufacturers such as Crestron, AMX,
       Savant, Control4 and Universal Remote Control. Can turn complex audio visual systems into
       simple and automated easy-to-use systems.

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James Sandridge Resume – Work History and Experience

       Video and Audio editing systems and related technologies; including Final Cut Pro, HDV,
        XDCAM, NXCAM and related technologies.
       Very cross platform and operate well with both Mac and PC hardware and software. Well
        versed in visual design, layout and complete preparation of various types of graphic
        documents. Expert level user of Microsoft Office, Visio, CorelDraw, Adobe Creative Suite 4/5
        and improving on 3D skills using Google SketchUP. I am able to create a variety of
        documents, types and styles in a quick and effective manner using any available technology.

                                  Computer Sciences Corporation
                         Technical Trainer/Course Developer – 2011 to 2011
Technical Training and Course Developer for the Mobile Counter IED (MCIT) Training Program at the Naval
Outlying Landing Field (NOLF), Imperial Beach, California. I was part of a team responsible for training pre-
deployment military personnel from local military bases in Counter IED Technology and Systems. NOTE: I
am the conceptual creator of the MCIT Program which is now required for all personnel deploying to combat
locales. The MCIT program has saved many lives over the last several years by educating military
personnel on the recognition and handling of IEDs and EFPs.

                                       Architectural Audio Video
                                       Self Employed – 2004 to 2011
Design/Build Contractor for complex Audio Visual (AV) and Information Technology (IT) systems for both
Commercial and Residential clients involved in hi-end construction projects across Colorado. All systems
were complete systems along the following process:
       Design Development – Consultation with clients to assess needs, construction requirements and
        proposals including budgets, proposals/presentations and CAD drawings, as required for each specific
       Wiring Installation – Installation of wiring infrastructure required for complete and functional system to
        developed specifications.
       Equipment Installation – Installation of speakers, televisions, equipment racks, electronic equipment and
        all required connectivity for a complete and functional system including information technology systems.
       System Programming - Programming of system and integrated controls to ensure ease-of-use and
        proper function including “one-touch” remote control systems with graphic user interface.
       Client Training – Training of Client and Client personnel on system use and function.
Percentage of Commercial to Residential Clients – Commercial = 60 percent and Residential = 40 percent
Range of Installed System Costs – Commercial = $35k to $200k and Residential = $5k to $30k

                                         Audio Video Logic, LLC
                   Sales Manager for Audio Visual Partnership – 2002 to 2003
Design/Build Contractor for Audio Visual Systems Company providing complete technology systems for both
residential and commercial clients. See above for specifics.

                                 Big Picture Television Stores, LLC
                 Custom Installation Sales and Project Manager – 1997 to 2001
Sales and Project Manager for multi-unit retail store with Custom Installation Division. In charge of Sales,
Project Management and Technical Training for several installation crews working across eastern Colorado.
Provided detailed proposals and drawing packages for extensive and complex audio visual systems for
commercial and residential construction projects.

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James Sandridge Resume – Professional Profile

                                Self Employed/Employee – 1996 to 1997
During this period I worked as an independent audio visual contractor and/or employee for various
organizations providing both light commercial and residential systems. I provided systems for hundreds of
projects all over Colorado including; consulting with clients, provided designs and installation management
for hundreds of different projects all over Colorado.

                                       Design Workshop, Inc
                          Computer Graphics and Administration – 1995 to 1996
I was responsible for the development of marketing, media and digital art on state of the art (at the time)
MAC network. Used a variety of software applications including; Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark Express,
CorelDraw and MS Office and many others to assemble and coordinate marketing efforts and technical
drawings for a multi-location urban planning firm.

                                        Hospitality Experience
                                Professional Chef – 1986 to 1990 & 2011
I was a professional chef for many years with Culinary and Food and Beverage Management responsibilities.
I worked for several very high end private restaurants, including; Weigner’s Restaurant in El Jebel, Co, The
Smuggler Land Office in Aspen, Colorado, Copperfield’s Restaurant in the DFW Hilton Hotel during this
period. I have also worked at Il Mulino New York at the Aspen location and am a skilled front and back of
house operator.

                                Technology Skill Level Chart
Visual Display Technology            Projection, Plasma, LCD, LED, etc…        Subject Matter Expert
Audio Technology                     Processing, Amps, Speakers, Microphones   Expert
Acoustics                            Isolation, absorption, diffusion          Expert
Information Technology               TCP/IPv4 and TCP/IPv6                     Advanced
GUI Development                      AMX/Crestron/Control4                     Advanced
Photography – Digital                .jpg/.tiff/.raw/gamma/rgb/cymk            Advanced
Videography – Digital                DV/HDV/XDCAM/NXCAM                        Advanced
Windows XP/Vista                     Operating system                          Advanced
Windows 7                            Operating system                          Advanced
Microsoft Office                     Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook          Expert
Microsoft Visio                      Technical drawing                         Expert
Microsoft Project                    Project management                        Advanced
Corel Draw/Photo, etc..              Photo/Vector/Raster drawing               Expert
Adobe Photoshop                      Photo editing                             Advanced with current training
Adobe Illustrator                    Vector and Raster drawing                 Advanced with current training
Adobe InDesign                       Page Layout and composition               Advanced
Adobe Dreamweaver                    Web/video scripting                       Intermediate
Google SketchUp 3D                   2D/3D Graphics/Models                     Advanced with current training
Mac OS X 10                          Operating system                          Advanced
Apple Final Cut Pro 7.0              Video Editing                             Intermediate
QuarkXPress 8.0                      Page Layout and composition               Advanced
HTML Coding                          Web scripting                             Advanced
Web 2.0/Social Media                 Facebook, MySpace, etc..                  Advanced
JAVA Script                          Web scripting                             Learning for free online

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