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Mold can grow in many places in your home. When this is the case, you should be sure that you check the most common areas for mold. And then call a professional to find the mold for you.

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									Identifying and Treating Mold Growth
Mold can grow in a wide variety of places throughout your home. When you suspect that there
is mold growing in your home, you should be sure that you check the most common areas for
mold before you call in a professional to find the mold for you.

How the Mold Creeps in

Many people find that mold grows on the walls and carpets
throughout their Sammamish home. Usually, the most
common reason that mold grows on walls is because of
high humidity and warm temperatures, which allow the
mold to thrive and continue to grow.

While you are looking for mold, you should understand
that a lot of the walls and carpeted areas where molds grow
have condensation on them consistently. Condensation
often forms because the water vapor that is in the air meets the cooler surface of the wall or
flooring and causes vapor to form.

Because the vapor in the air needs to touch a cold surface, this usually occurs on walls that are
connected to the outside or the flooring in or around the bathroom of the home. These walls tend
to be colder than the other walls in the home because they share a side with the cold air on the
outside of the home and because the heat from the shower or bath makes the surrounding area
relatively cool.

Carpet Cleaning in Sammamish

When the humidity levels in your Sammamish home are high for a long amount of time, it will
become much easier for mold to grow throughout your home and could require carpet cleaning
in Sammamish. Carpet cleaning in Sammamish is a great way to fight the growth of mold.

If you have any pipes that are leaking, the leaking may cause mold to grow inside of the wall.
Unfortunately, many people do not find the leaky pipe or the mold unless the leak becomes very
apparent or creates problems within the house.

Some people will find the leak after some time, but the mold may be flourishing by the time that
you find the leaky pipe. It is important that you are aware of small changes in your walls to
ensure you recognize early signs of mold throughout your home.

When the paint on your walls starts to peel or there is any type of discoloration or bulging, you
may have moisture within your walls. If these signs become apparent, you may want to take a
look within your walls to ensure that there is not any mold growing.
Call a Professional to Get Rid of Mold

If you find mold growing within your walls, call a professional to come help you get rid of the
mold. Even though the mold is on the other side of your wall, it can pose some serious health
risks to those that are living within your home.

When the mold spores get inside of your home, they can easily travel through your air system.
As those within your house breathe in the spores, the spores may cause health problems for each
person that breathes in the spores.

This is especially true for children who spend a lot of time on the floor of the home if there is
mold growth in or under the carpeting of the home. Carpet cleaning in Sammamish will greatly
help a homeowner to thwart the growth and expansion of mold spores in their home.

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