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18 EFTPOS Downtime


									PROCEDURE                                                                   NO.18
 DATE:        31st May 2011                                       Supersedes: 10/03/2011


There are floor limits set in the EFTPOS terminal for both sales and refund
transactions which are set by the bank. When a sale is processed the transaction will
automatically be authorised.
For refunds when the floor limit of $395 is exceeded you will be required to contact
the CBA help desk on 1800 022 966 for them to raise the floor limit for the refund to
be processed. When you call the help desk you will also be required to tell them the
account number which is 063-000 1019-0359 and your merchant number

Only credit cards (NOT debit cards) are to be processed through Manual Card.

Downtime is when the EFTPOS terminal is not operational. At no time should you
accept a Manual card transaction if your EFTPOS terminal is in operation or showing
as “READY” on the screen.

The EFTPOS terminal operates through the company internet, if the internet
connection is lost your POS can operate and your terminal should switch to the
phone line. If you experience downtime you should contact the IT department.

All Stores are supplied with a card imprinter. This imprinter has a metal plate with
merchant details. The card should be inserted into this imprinter with a voucher used
to take an imprint of the relative card details.

1.    Use your manual card imprinter to take an imprint of the 3 part credit voucher.
      All cards have a floor limit, please refer to the table below for the floor
      limits and the phone numbers for authorization.

2.    Check the imprint on the voucher is legible.

3.    Check that the expiry date of the card is valid. If o.k., carry on.

4.    Fill out the card type and purchase details on the manual voucher. You should
      detail the SKU and size of the items being sold.

5.    Request your customer to sign for the goods and check the signatures

                                                                            Procedure No. 18
6.    At the POS select the tender as Manual Card. You will be asked if you wish to
      proceed with the manual entry.

7.    The screen will prompt for the card details.
          Select the card type. (If you select Diners you will be prompted to ask if
           your customer will accept the card surcharge)
          Key in the card number, take the number from the imprint
          Key in the cardholder’s name, as shown on the card
          Key in the amount for the transaction
          Key in the card expiry date.
          Key in the customers contact details. (this is noted in case there are any
           problems with processing the charge)

Bank cards types
Debits Cards           NA      We do not accept debit cards during downtime,
                               due the requirement of the pin
Credit Cards        $90.00     Authorisations                  132 636
                               Help                            1800 022 966
                               General Enquiries               1800 230 177
                               Please refer to attach sheet
                               for your stores merchant
See below for Amex and Diners cards

NB. When your EFTPOS comes back on line you may resell and key the card
details through the terminal then refund as a Manual Card. All copies of all
documentation should be batched with the day’s paperwork and sent in with
your weekly envelope.
Alternative Banking of Manual Vouchers
If you have been offline for a while or called for an Authorisation number during the
downtime period these vouchers cannot be rekeyed.

Depositing at the Commonwealth Bank
For all Visa, MasterCard transactions with authorisation you must deposit the manual
voucher with an accompanying Merchant Summary in an EFTPOS downtime

Each Merchant summary should detail the values of vouchers in the space provided
and a total for that summary. The white copy of each voucher should be placed in
order behind the white copy of the summary in merchant envelope.
The store copy of the merchant summary and the store copies of the vouchers
should be batched together with the Daily paperwork in your weekly envelope.

Take to the nearest Commonwealth Bank. A manual deposit slip should be
completed for the credit of:

                                                                           Procedure No. 18
Wittner’s Aust. Pty Ltd
A/C no. 063 000 1019 0359
CBA 335 Collins St.
If your store currently banks with WESPAC you should still only deposit downtime
vouchers through the Commonwealth Bank

Diners                $400.00     Phone Authorisations & Help       1800 33 1112
                                  Please refer to attach sheet
                                  for your stores merchant

American Express      $150.00     Authorisations                    1300 363 614
                                  Help                              1800 800 128
                                  General                           1800 251 171
                                  Please refer to attach sheet
                                  for your stores merchant
When ringing Amex for             1. Call 1300 36 36 14 press option 1
authorisation please note the     2. Press 1 again followed by ##
following steps                   3. A representative will be assigned to speak to
                                  4. Information required:
                                         o American Express merchant number
                                            979XXXXXXX (10 digits)
                                         o Full credit card number (American
                                            express card -15 digits , JCB card - 16
                                         o Expire date and amount to be
                                            processed in what currency

Depositing Amex, Diners and JCB
Amex, Diners and JCB are not “bank” cards and should not deposit through the bank.
All stores need to maintain a supply of the downtime vouchers as detailed in the table
below. To process these, you must post directly to the credit company with all store
copies batched neatly together with the daily paperwork and sent in the weekly
envelope. JBC is a division of Amex.
Stationery Supply for Downtime Vouchers
All stores must keep a supply of downtime vouchers as Eftpos will fail when it is the
most inconvenient time or you’re busy. Please refer to the attached Stock Stationery
Layout to make sure you have adequate supplies on hand at all times and the
numbers corresponding to them relative to your store.

                                                                          Procedure No. 18
To maintain your supply of Amex, Diners and JCB please place orders on your
Wittner stationary requisition.

VISA AND MASTERCARD                      Store with      Store with       Store with
BANK VOUCHERS                           $1m + sales      $600,000 -       less than
                                                         $1m sales        $600,000

                                         2 pk = 100       1 pk = 50     1 pk = 50
Credit card vouchers
Refund Vouchers                          1 pk = 50        1 pk = 50     1 pk = 50
Merchant Summary Voucher                 2 pk = 100       1 pk = 50     1 pk = 50
Merchant Summary Envelope                    50              20               20
Merchant Supply Order                         2               -                -

Credit card vouchers                         50               10                10
Sales Refund Vouchers                        10               10                10
Merchant Summary Vouchers                     6                6                 6
Merchant Summary Envelope                     6                6                 6


Credit card vouchers                         20               10                10
Refund Vouchers                               5                5                 5
Merchant Summary Vouchers                     5                1                 1
Merchant Summary Envelopes                    5                1                 1

How to order to downtime vouchers
  1. Phone 1800 007 251
  2. Key in your 16-digit Merchant number
  3. Press number “1” to order stationery.
  4. Press number “1” to create a new order.
  5. Enter the IVR code for the stationery item you wish to order. E.g. 101 for
     credit card sales voucher.
  6. Press “1” to confirm the item number was entered correctly.
  7. Enter the required quantity for this item.
  8. Press “3” if you need to order more items, then follow steps 5-7 until the
     order is complete. OR Press “2” to complete the order.
  9. Press “1” to confirm the order.
     Press 7 to delete the order and start again if you made an error.
     Your order should be dispatched within 2 business days.

                                                                        Procedure No. 18
Codes for items you might need to order are as follows:

Item        Item                                   Quantity per         Price per
code                                               pack                 pack
101         Credit Card Sales Voucher              100 vouchers         $6.51
102         Credit Card Credit Voucher             50 vouchers          $4.93
103         Credit Card Merchant Summary           100 vouchers         $5.54
104         Credit Cards Merchant Summary          50 envelopes         $5.65

Additional supplies: Contact the Help Desk for a distribution or for further advice.

                                                                            Procedure No. 18

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