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18 Dr Winterbottom Hall FAQs July 2013


									Dr Winterbottom Hall FAQs
Detailed guidance is available in the Halls Handbook which is available at

How do I get there?
Please see information leaflet with map for guidance.

Note: some Satnav systems direct you to Westoe Drive, South Shields which no
longer has access to the Halls.

Satnav NE33 3EN

What is the address?
Dr Winterbottom Hall
Grosvenor Road
South Shields
Tyne and Wear
NE33 3EN

Tel: 0191 427 3666

Do I need to bring bedding?
Yes, you will need to supply all of your own bedding.
We only supply a matrass and matrass cover and would expect you to use a bottom
sheet as a minimum.

Bedding packs are available to purchase from the Halls. The 2013/2014 price is
£25.00 Vat Incl.

These packs consist of:

1x Fitted Sheet
1x Duvet (Single)
1x Duvet Cover (Single)
1x Pillow
1x Pillow Case
1x Bath Towel
1x Hand Towel

What do I need to bring?
Depending on what you decide to do regarding your bedding and towels, you will
also need to bring all your own toiletries.

Are there laundry facilities on site?
Washing machines and tumble driers are situated in the Halls. Cost is £1.50 per
wash and 50p per dry. The machines only accept 50p and £1 coins. Residents
supply their own washing soap and fabric conditioner.

Is there any guest accommodation?
There may be limited overnight accommodation at the Halls available for guests.
Please contact the Bursar or the Admin Clerk. At least 48 hours’ notice is required
when booking. Please ask for the current cost.
Where is the nearest cash point?
There are no cash point facilities available on site at Dr Winterbottom Hall (or at the
College). There are cash machines situated on Dean Road – about 10 minutes’
walk. You are reminded to ensure your personal safety when carrying cash.

Do the Halls have Telephone and Fax facilities?
There is a public phone available in the reception area; this phone will only make
outbound calls to a 0800 prepaid card number. Prepaid phone cards are available
locally in various shops. There are no fax facilities, however you are able to scan
documents and send electronic copies via your college email account
How do I receive mail?
The Royal Mail makes deliveries to the Halls from Monday to Saturday. Post is
collected by residents in person from the Security Office.

Parcels and registered mail will be accepted and signed for by a member of the Halls
staff and is then retained in the Security Office until collection. Identification is
required before registered mail is released.

Please ensure that money or valuables are sent to you by registered post.

Do the Halls have Computer and Internet Facilities?
All resident bedrooms have WiFi coverage which provides access to the Internet and
selected College computing facilities. This is included in your Halls fees.

There is also a computer suite in the Admin Block which is free for residents to use.

Is TV available for residents?
Common rooms have a TV/DVD which accesses all ‘Freeview’ channels.

Can I bring my own TV?
Yes, you can. However, you must by law have a current television licence for it.
You are not covered by any other licence you may have or by the Hall’s licence.

The Halls are visited by the television licensing authorities and you could be subject
to a heavy fine if you are discovered to own a television set without a licence.

Note that there are no aerial points in the rooms.

Are there any facilities for recreation on site?
The College has an onsite Gym.
There is a small recreation room with table tennis tables and other table games –
residents are to supply their own bats and balls.

Are there any Vending Machines?
There are chilled drinks, chocolate and snack vending at the Halls.

What are the meal times?
All meals are taken in the refectory in the Main College.

Meal times are displayed on the main notice board and at the admin office.

What if I have special dietary requirements or food intolerance?
The policy of our refectory kitchen is to consider that all products may contain traces
of nuts. This is because ingredients used may have been produced by suppliers
where nut traces can be found.

Because staff are catering for hundreds of students a day in high volume risk areas,
we regret that, due to the possibility of accidental cross-contamination, we are
unable to cater for potentially serious allergies.

If you have a dietary requirement or food intolerance, please take written details to
the Catering Manager as soon as possible.

What happens if I can’t get back to the Halls in time for the evening meal?
You may order in advance from a choice of supper packs. This service is managed
through the catering staff at the College. Request forms are available from the Admin
Office and the Refectory.

Can I drink the water?
All cold water supplies within the Halls are supplied to drinking water standards, but
the cold water in your study bedroom has been stored before use – this does not
mean it is unsafe to drink.

What about my health whilst at College?
There is no need to register with a local doctor as Halls staff have access to the
names and addresses of the local GP services. They will also facilitate attendance to
a local doctor’s surgery, health centre, accident and emergency, outpatients or
dentist as required.

Staff at the Halls may notify parents/guardians of any health issues concerning
residents not yet 18 years of age.

What about car parking?
Cars must be parked within authorised parking areas. The main College car park
gates are locked every night at 22:00 and are opened each morning at 07:00. You
will not be able to have access to your vehicle during these times. The Halls car
park is not locked at any time.

No motorcycles or mopeds may be ridden within the Halls grounds and must be
parked within the designated area. They may not be brought into the Halls buildings.

Can I smoke in the Halls?
All building within the Halls grounds are a no-smoking area. Smoking is permitted
only within designated smoking areas, outside each block

Can I bring cooking appliances?
You may not cook, heat food or iron in your room. You may not brink any hot plate,
deep fat fryer, or any other form of cooker into the Halls.
You will have access to a microwave, kettle, toaster and fridge within each common
room. ‘George Foreman’ type grills are permitted within the common room, as long
as they are kept clean and serviceable.

What about irons and ironing boards?
Irons and ironing boards are available for use in the common rooms and utility

Can I have a fridge/freezer in my room?
A fridge is supplied in each common room, and small drink coolers/chillers may be
permitted in your room, provided that they do not exceed a capacity of 20 litres.

What about Security?
College ID Cards and Key Cards are issued to all College students for security
purposes and to obtain meals and other services. It is a College requirement that
these ID badges are carried at all times.

A member of staff is always on duty at the Halls.

Where can I keep valuables?
It is strongly advised that you use the safe box installed in each room to secure
valuable items.

What about Insurance?
All residents are encouraged to insure their belongings whilst at the Halls. Please be
aware that home insurance policies do not always provide adequate cover.

By law, the College cannot insure your belongings.

Can I put posters up in my room?
Yes, provided that the decoration in the room is not damaged. Do not use drawing
pins, etc.

How do I pay my accommodation fees?
Payment of accommodation fees is made at the Admin Office between 08.00 and
16.00 hours, Mondays to Fridays.

Fees are payable 4 weekly in advance.

Fees are payable on registration or as soon as practicable thereafter – in any event
within 48 hours of registration.

Is there a minimum stay?
Cadets – phases 1-5 minimum period of residence is for 1 College term (as defined
by the College calendar which is updated annually), whether or not you reside at the
Halls for this period.
Phase 7; Senior Residents and other visitor’s minimum period of 4 weeks, whether
or not you reside at the Halls for this period, unless you are booked onto a short
course with duration of less than 4 weeks, or you pre-negotiate your period of
residence with the Manager or Bursar.

How do I pay?
Payment options are:
Debit/credit card
Sterling cheque/banker’s draft made payable to ‘South Tyneside College’
Cash or a personal cheque

Is there a Damage Deposit?
All trainee officers, regardless of age who are booked to reside at the Halls for more
than 4 weeks are required to pay a bond deposit of £250.00 on arrival.

What if my sponsoring company is paying my fees?
If your fees are to be paid by a sponsor, please ensure that evidence of this is
handed into the Administration Office when registering. Some sponsors do not pay
the damage deposit, please check with your sponsor.

What if I’m under 18?
Your parents/guardian will be required to provide consent for the Head of Soft
Services (or agent) to act in ‘loco parentis’ and also provide adequate contact

The college undertakes to consult, wherever possible, in all matters concerning the
welfare, health, safety and protection of any resident who is under 18 years of age.
However, the Service Manager retains the overall responsibility for the welfare and
wellbeing of any resident under the age of 18.

All residents under the age of 18 must report back to the Halls by 23:00 hours,
Sunday to Thursday and by midnight on Friday and Saturday; to facilitate this, there
is a curfew system in operation.

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