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High blood pressure?                                                                                          In this issue:
Two recent studies highlight the potential                                                                    • High blood pressure?
for non-drug alternatives on cases of high                                                                    • Halve your knee replacement risk
blood pressure. Researchers at the National                                                                   • Help to iron out your problems
Autonomous University of Mexico report                                                                        • “Silicea-for me it was like a miracle!”
that spirulina, a “green food” supplement also
known as blue-green algae, may lower blood                                                                    • “Now I feel good in my skin again.”
pressure and improve cholesterol health.                                                                      • Are you a grape or a raisin?

In a study involving 36 men and women aged             “showed a hypolipemic effect [and] also reduc-
                                                       es systolic and diastolic blood pressure.”                To subscribe to receive future
18-65 years, participants received supplementa-                                                               newsletters via e-mail please send an
tion with spirulina (4.5 grams per day) for 6                                                                   e-mail with your contact info to:
weeks. By the end of the study, the researchers        In a related study, US researchers from Emory  
observed significant decreases in fasting plasma       University School of Medicine found that low
concentrations of triglycerides, total cholesterol     blood levels of vitamin D may increase the risk
and LDL (“bad”) cholesterol, and an increase in        of high blood pressure in white people. The
HDL (“good”) cholesterol.                              relationship was not noted among blacks.
                                                       “Though easily corrected by taking a vitamin D
Additionally, they recorded significant decreases      supplement or having casual sunlight exposure,
in systolic blood pressure (-10 mm Hg in men           vitamin D insufficiency is highly prevalent in
and -11 mm Hg in women) and diastolic blood            the US,” said researcher Dr. Vin Tangpricha.
                                                                                                               Vitamin C studied in
pressure (-8 mm Hg in men and -6 mm Hg in
women). The authors conclude that spirulina
                                                       Sources: Lipids Health Dis, 2007 Nov 26; American
                                                       Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Jan 2008
                                                                                                               US cancer researchers have
Halve your knee replacement risk                                                                               received approval for a first-
                                                                                                               of-its kind study on the effect
If you have osteoarthritis                                                  group of patients who had          high-dose vitamin C has on
                                                                                                               non-Hodgkins lymphoma
in the knee, you may be                                                     taken glucosamine sulfate.
                                                                                                               patients. They will study
able to cut your risk of a
                                                                              Furthermore, the research-       whether high doses of vitamin
knee replacement by half if
                                                                              ers found that those who had     C can slow the progression of
you take glucosamine, say
                                                                              taken glucosamine sulfate        the deadly disease.
Belgian researchers from the
University of Liege.                                                          had less use of medications
                                                                              used to alleviate symptoms       “Vitamin C administered
They studied 275 patients                                                     and less use of other health     intravenously has shown great
                                                                                                               promise in the laboratory and
with osteoarthritis of the         Glucosamine not only lowers                resources in general. The
                                                                                                               there has been some anecdotal
knee who either supplement-        the risk of knee replacement               authors conclude, “Treatment
                                    surgery, it also leads to less                                             data in cancer patients, but
ed with glucosamine sulfate                                                   of knee [osteoarthritis] with
                                      use of pain medication.                                                  no one has really ever run a
or a placebo for at least 12                                                  glucosamine sulphate for at
                                                                                                               detailed study on humans,”
months and up to three years                                                  least 12 months and up to 3
                                                                                                               say the researchers. Studies of
in a previous study.                                   years may prevent total joint replacement in an
                                                                                                               other cancers may follow.
                                                       average follow-up of 5 years after drug discon-
Within five years, the researchers found twice         tinuation.”                                             Source: Medical News Today, Jan 3,
as many total knee replacement surgeries had                                                                   2008
                                                       Source: Osteoarthritis Cartilage,2008;16(2):254-60
occurred in the placebo group compared to the
Help to iron out                                                                                          Herb aids memory -
                                                                                                          if you remember!
your problems                                                                                             Taking a supplement of
by Graham Butler, BSc, CNPA                                                                               ginkgo biloba can help boost
                                                                                                          the memory and memory
Iron is a mineral most of us are familiar with.     Chelated iron,                                        function of the elderly, but
Not surprising, given that iron deficiency is       including ferrous                                     only if people comply and
often associated with fatigue, a common and         gluconate, particularly                               take it as instructed, accord-
inconvenient factor in modern life. From a          if formulated with vita-                              ing to researchers from
nutritional viewpoint, iron is an essential trace   mins C and B complex,                                 Oregon State University.
mineral in the human diet. Dietary sources          is usually well absorbed and                          In fact, reliably taking the
include red meat, liver, shellfish, sardines,       easily tolerated by comparison.                       supplement could reduce
beans, peas, lentils, and whole grains.             Recommendations regarding iron                        the risk of developing mild
                                                    intake vary from 10 to 30 mg per day -                memory problems by 68% in
Putting Iron to Work                                but low-dosage, high-absorption supple-               healthy older people with no
                                                                                                          memory problems to start
Your body needs iron to produce hemoglobin          ments are preferred. Iron formulations are
and myoglobin. Hemoglobin is the oxygen-            available in tablets, capsules, and liquid
carrying pigment in blood cells. Myoglobin          from your local health food store.
                                                                                                          Leaves of the ginkgo tree
is the pigment that stores oxygen in muscle
                                                    Too Much Iron                                         have been used for thou-
cells. Iron also has a role in the function of                                                            sands of years in Chinese
several enzymes where it’s involved in oxygen       Although iron deficiency is common, excess            medicine for a variety of
uptake facilitating the conversion of oxygen        iron is actually more common with older men           reasons.
to energy in blood cells. Adult bodies contain      and post-menopausal women. A recent study
approximately 4.5 grams of iron. About 60 to        in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition         The current study involved
70 percent of which is contained in hemoglo-        found that of 1,000 participants between the          118 people, 85 or older, with
bin, 3 percent in myoglobin, and the remainder      ages of 67 to 96, 13 percent had excess iron          no memory problems who
is stored in various organs including the liver,    whereas only three percent were iron deficient.       were randomly assigned to
spleen, kidney, and bone marrow as ferritin,                                                              take either a ginkgo
hemosiderin, and siderophilin.                      The characteristics that make iron so useful in       biloba extract (240
                                                    oxygen transport and oxygen-reduction reac-           mg daily, 6% terpene
Iron Deficiency                                     tions also make it a very effective free radical if   lactones and 24%
Iron deficiency, known as anemia, is a fairly       present in amounts in excess of what is required      flavone glycosides)
common medical condition caused by a variety        by the body. Extremely high doses of iron or          or a placebo. The
of factors, including poor iron absorption and      the genetic predisposition to accumulate iron         researchers report
inadequate intake of iron and/or co-factors such    have the potential to damage tissues. People          that 14 people taking
as vitamin C that increase the absorption of        consuming large amounts of iron rich foods or         the placebo devel-
iron. Other factors leading to anemia include       exclusively using iron pots and pans may have         oped mild memory
traumatic or menstrual blood loss, pregnancy,       some reason for concern. Symptoms of excess           problems, while only
parasitic infections, and micro-hemorrhaging        iron include dehydration, low blood sugar and         seven people devel-
                                                    blood pressure, fever, and drowsiness. Given          oped such problems
due to strenuous exercise or fragile blood ves-
                                                    iron’s dual nature, ferritin and hemoglobin lev-      after taking the ginkgo
sels. High intake of oxalates (e.g. spinach and
                                                    els should be tested by a qualified practitioner      extract. However, using only
rhubarb), polyphenolic compounds (e.g.                                                                    those most compliant in tak-
tea and coffee), and phytates (e.g. cereal fibre)   before supplementing.
                                                                                                          ing the herb as directed, the
can also inhibit iron absorption. Indications of                                                          risk reduction for memory
iron deficiency include fatigue, paleness, short-   Calcium and Iron
                                                                                                          problems improved to 68%.
ness of breath, irritability, apathy, and reduced   Interaction
resistance to infection. Athletes, pregnant         While it has been suggested that calcium              In another recent study,
women, and menstruating women suffering             supplementation inhibits iron absorption (and         Chinese researchers found
from cyclical blood loss are often prone to iron    vice versa), the evidence is contradictory at         that patients with coronary
deficiency. Iron deficiencies in men who do not     this point. If you require both iron and calcium      artery disease (CAD) who
participate in strenuous activities are much less   supplements, it is probably best to take your         were treated with ginkgo
common.                                             iron in the morning and calcium later in the day      biloba extract (GBE) injec-
                                                    just in case.                                         tions experienced significant
Iron Supplements                                                                                          increased measurements of
Iron comes in several forms including ferrous                 Article provided by                         coronary blood flow.
sulfate, ferrous fumarate, ferrous gluconate,
iron dextran, and iron-polysaccharide com-                                                                Sources: Neurology Doi:10.1212/01.
                                                                                                          wnl.0000303814.13509.db; Planta
plex. Ferrous sulfate is problematic for many,                                                            Med,2007;73(7):624-8
often causing constipation and digestive upset.
                                                                                                                Naturally fit...
                                                                                                                with iron.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       flavour w
 Iron provides vital energy.                                                  IronVital F liquid helps fulfill your

                                                                              daily requirement for iron and contains                                                                                                                   C+B
 Are you frequently tired? Do you feel                                        iron in bivalent form. The combination
 listless? Or do you have pale skin? Do                                       of vitamin C in IronVital F ® helps the
 you have an inability to think clearly?                                      iron to be absorbed readily by the
 If so, the cause may be an unbalanced                                        human body, while the B vitamins
 iron supply.                                                                 enhance the effects of the iron.                                                                                                          Imported exclusively
                                                                              IronVital F ® has a pleasant fruit taste
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       from GERMANY by:
 This trace element is primarily respon-
 sible for the production of red blood                                        and is the superior liquid choice if you
 cells and thus for the vital transport of                                    need more daily iron especially as
 oxygen through the bloodstream.                                              follows...
                                                                                • during pregnancy                                                                                                            
 Without iron, the cells and organs are                                         • when breastfeeding
 not sufficiently supplied with oxygen,                                          • women with heavier bleeding
 the accelerant for energy metabolism                                             during menstruation
                                                                                • young people in a growth phase                                                                                                                 Ask for your
 and vital energy.
                                                                                • during regular intense exercise                                                                                                                free IronVital F ®
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 book in store.
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“Silicea - for me it was like a miracle!”                                                                       Decline in aged
Marianne Schneider lives in Leverkusen, where           workload at the office was more than I could            linked to low levels
she is employed as a secretary with a major             cope with. To top it all, I was losing increasing       of vitamin E
engineering company. She relates how her                amounts of hair. It was my 32-year-old daugh-
battle against lifeless and dull hair first             ter who suggested that I try silica gel. Though         Yale School of Medicine
began, and how she finally came out victori-            she wasn’t shedding hair, she had been under            researchers report that a low
ous after more than 40 years.                           an emotional strain because of her thin hair            concentration of vitamin E
                                                        until she started taking Original Silicea Balsam        in the blood is linked with
“Hello, my name is Marianne Schneider. I am             on a regular basis. My alternative practitioner         physical decline in older
54 years old and have had hair problems as long         also encouraged me to take this preparation.            people. The study on 698
as I can remember. At the age of 14 I started           So I agreed and I don’t regret it! It took three        randomly chosen Italian peo-
                                                        months for the silica gel to show results, but          ple age 65 or older looked
secretly using my mother’s hair styling products
                                                        then the success was all the more remarkable.           at blood levels of nutrients
to improve the appearance of those thin strands
                                                        See for yourself – not a trace left of my hair          including folate, iron and
of hair hanging lifelessly from my head. Mostly                                                                 vitamins B6, B12, D and E.
the success was only short-lived, though.               shedding problem.”
                                                                                                                Over three years, declines in
I experimented at home with an endless array of         And indeed: She had enviably full and shiny             three tasks (walking speed,
shampoos, sprays, hair treatments, conditioners,        hair.                                                   rising repeatedly from a
and dietary supplements. And I spent enormous                                                                   chair, and standing balance)
amounts of money in all kinds of                                            At first I didn’t pin much hope     were linked only with low
hair dresser shops. But all those                                           on the silica gel, having invest-   levels of vitamin E.
efforts were to no avail, for the                                           ed too much in my hair already
result didn’t last more than a                                              in the past. But then, I had        Source: JAMA 2008;299(3): 308-315
few hours, at best. Then I looked                                           nothing to lose. So I went out
into the mirror, frustrated to be                                           to buy Original Silicea Balsam
faced once again with the same                                              and started taking 15 millilitres
thin, limp strands of hair.                                                 daily. At first nothing happened.   Combination eases
                                                                            But as my friend had told me
                                           My self-confidence and                                               high blood pressure
When I was 49 it got even                zest for life have improved        she had taken the product over
worse: One day, I started shed-           tremendously thanks to            several months, I persevered.       Taking garlic and vitamin C
                                           Original Silicea Balsam.         And after about three or four
ding increasing amounts of hair.                                                                                may bring marginally high
Not all of it, but there were                                               months my hair actually did         blood pressure back to nor-
always far too many hairs in the tub whenever I           start to grow back. The new hairs were at first       mal, new research shows.
took a shower. I consulted doctors and had my             thin, but in time they became thicker and the
hormone status analyzed. I went to see an alter- rest of my hair also felt much stronger.                       A pilot study from Albany,
native practitioner, tried therapeutic salts and                                                                New York involved six peo-
subjected myself to a body detox therapy. I took After about six months an acquaintance com-                    ple with marginally elevated
iron and zinc supplements, stuffed myself with            mented that my hair had a wonderful shine and         blood pressure. The individu-
vitamins and siliceous earth products. None               that I looked healthy and content. That was           als underwent four 10-day
                                                          when I finally ultimately realized that taking        interventions with one-week
of which had any lasting effect. Sometimes a
                                                          this product had been worthwhile. I had been          breaks in between. First they
downy fluff started growing in some spots –
                                                          waiting for decades for that kind of compliment       received a placebo, next
only to be shed again soon afterwards. Finally,                                                                 2,000 mg per day of vitamin
I had my hair cut short and only ventured into            and it that felt very, very good.
                                                                                                                C, then 650 mg per day of
public wearing a head scarf, because by now                                                                     garlic tablets containing bulb
I had so little hair left that my bald scalp was          I have now been taking Original Silicea Balsam
                                                          regularly for about three years – at first on a       powder, and finally vitamin
clearly visible at the front.                                                                                   C and garlic tablets in com-
                                                          daily basis over a period of nine months. After
One day, at a friend’s birthday party three               that length of time, I had the beautiful hair I had
years ago, I met a woman who took me aside                been dreaming of all my life. Now all I need is       Vitamin C alone did not
at some point and asked: “You have a problem              a three-month silica gel treatment twice a year. I    affect blood pressure. Garlic
with your hair, right? Have you ever heard                wear my beautiful, healthy, shoulder-length hair      alone significantly lowered
of silica?” “Yes, siliceous earth, that contains          with pride and I enjoy the admiring glances of        mean systolic but not dia-
silica, doesn’t it?” I replied. “No, I don’t mean         people. Also, my skin has become much firmer          stolic blood pressure. But
siliceous earth, but pure, mineral silica gel,            and elastic in those places where it tends to         garlic taken in combination
which is more easily absorbed by your body”,              quickly become flabby in us women.                    with vitamin C reduced
she explained, and told me her own tale of woe:                                                                 mean systolic and dia-
“I had the same problem as you. I am 58 years             Whenever I meet someone who has hair or               stolic blood pressure.
old. Three years ago I suffered a lot of stress,          skin problems, I am only too happy to share
                                                          my wonderful experience with Original Silicea         Source: Nutr Res, 2007;
both in my job and in my personal life – my                                                                     27(2): 119-123
husband left me for a younger woman, and the              Balsam.”
                                                Let your natural
                                                beauty blossom.

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            Original Silicea Balsam...
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                                                              Study results show that using Original Silicea Balsam
                                                               produced a significant increase in hair thickness of
                                                                 +8% after 3 months and +13% after 6 months.
    Heartburn &          Sunburn             Acne
   upset stomach.         relief.         treatment.                                          68

                                                                                              66              Increase of
                                                              Hair thickness in micrometers

                                                                                                              hair thickness                                                                +13%



                                                                                                              Before                        After 3 months                           After 6 months

Exclusive German import with no additives or preservatives!      The information in this ad is intended strictly for research and educational purposes, not as a diagnostic tool or a prescription for any ailment.
“Now I feel good                                                                                 w
                                                                                 “After 6 weeks skin       Vitamin E benefits
                                                                               withered, sallo oked
in my skin again.”                                                               |of my face lo and
                                                                               brighter, smoo the skin
                                                                                                           for the elderly
                                                                               felt softer, plusttocks,    Taking vitamin E can
Discover how Silicea helped 45-year-old                                           along my bu and
                                                                                                  h        improve immunity in the
hotel specialist Janine Wagner win the fight                                      thighs, stomac ming
                                                                                  arms was beco er.”       elderly, new research sug-
against cellulite and weak connective tissue:                                     increasingly firm         gests. As well, higher vitamin
                                                                                                           E levels in the blood may
“Even when I was only 20 years old I didn’t                                                                help protect elderly people
like what I saw in the mirror. A picture taken       tour – well-prepared by tips from my internet         against cognitive impairment
during a holiday really threw me for a loop:         acquaintances – and once again suffered many          and dementia.
That young woman on the beach – with the             a disappointment, as I had when I was 20, until
small dimples in her thighs – that was supposed      I came across a tip by a woman in a forum who         Spanish researchers studied
to be me? I was keeping an excellent diet, had       reported that Original Silicea Balsam combined        otherwise healthy elderly
a thin body, exercised regularly, and still there    with physical exercise had produced sensational       men and women whose
were already signs of what I was to see as           results.                                              immune functions were
my greatest physical flaw over the next years.                                                             impaired compared to a con-
While friends my age joked about cellulite, I        I then found many other users in the Internet         trol group. However, taking
stopped showing even my legs in public.              who were impressed by the tissue-strengthening        200 mg (about 300 IU) of
                                                     silicon gel. Still, I was reluctant to believe what   vitamin E for three months
In my early twenties, I secretly tried all kinds                                                           significantly improved
                                                     I read. I looked up information on the vital trace
of products to fight cellulite. I took dietary                                                             immune functions among
                                                     element silicon and found a great deal of scien-
                                                                                                           members of the group,
supplements, massaged my problem zones with          tific evidence for the positive influence of this
                                                                                                           bringing their levels close to
lotions, subjected my body to rubdowns with          substance on human health. So I started running       those of the controls.
massage gloves and other contraptions – spend-       on a regular basis and took a dose of Original
ing terrific amounts of money. All to no avail.      Silicea Balsam every day.
Worse still: After being pregnant with my son
Mark, my stomach also lost shape. Finally, at        I do admit, when nothing dramatic had hap-
40, my upper arms started getting flabby, and        pened after three weeks, I was disappointed. I
because of the spider veins on my legs and           seriously considered giving up. But after about
a few pounds too many on my hips I started           six weeks I did notice a change: The withered,
wearing pants only, both at work and at home.        sallow skin of my face looked brighter and
                                                     smoother and felt softer. And even better: The
When I consulted my doctor, he simply                skin along buttocks, thighs, stomach and arms
shrugged and said: “That’s something you’ll          was becoming increasingly firmer. I knew this
just have to live with. You have weak connec-        could not only be attributed to my running
tive tissue. The only thing you can do is lead a     exercises, for at the age of twenty I had also        These findings “suggest
healthy life and get a lot of physical exercise.     exercised intensively and still had cellulite on      that supplementation with
In your case it might also help if you lost some     my buttocks and legs. My mind was made up: I          vitamin E can produce an
weight. And should those spider veins on your        was definitely going to keep up my daily ration       improvement of immune
legs develop into serious varicose veins, we         of Original Silicea Balsam.                           functions and therefore of
might have to do some minor surgery. To pre-                                                               health in aged people,”
vent varicose veins from developing, you might       Today, at 45, I feel good in my skin. I have          researchers concluded.
consider wearing compression stockings.”             almost reached my personal weight loss goal
When I left his office, I felt devastated: I was     and am no longer afraid to go to the public           Earlier research conducted
40 years old, overweight, and was supposed to        swimming-pool – my confidence has experi-             in Italy points to the pos-
wear compression stockings from now on! For          enced such a tremendous boost that two months         sible role of vitamin E in
a long time, sex with my husband had already         ago I even went out and bought myself the             protecting against cognitive
been something I insisted on doing in the dark.      tiniest of bikinis. Sex is no longer an activity      impairment and dementia.
Now just imagine me taking off my compres-                                                                 Participants with the lowest
                                                     that requires the lights to be switched off. Last     blood levels of vitamin E had
sion stockings before getting into bed! To me,       week my husband actually brought me red roses         a significantly higher prob-
this was the ultimate turn-off. But it would be      – something he hasn’t done for years. I am            ability of being demented
another few years before the situation changed.      convinced that I owe all this to Original Silicea     and of suffering from cogni-
                                                     Balsam. It is the best thing that has happened        tive impairment, compared
Two years ago my son told me “Mom, you need          to me in the past years. My friends asked me          to those with the highest
to get into the internet”, and gave me his old PC.   “You’re looking so relaxed and young! How             vitamin E levels.
There, I discovered a whole new world. I talked to   on earth do you do it?” I simply tell them my
people in forums, collected valuable tips and dis-   secret recipe: keep a healthy diet, exercise regu-    Sources: Free Radic Res. 2008
covered a wealth of new information on cellulite.                                                          Mar;42(3):272-80; Neurobiol
                                                     larly, and take a dose of Original Silicea Balsam     Aging. 2005 Jul;26(7):987-94. Epub
Once again I went on an anti-cellulite shopping      once a day. It’s my personal beauty formula!”         2004 Nov 5
                                    Editorial & Commentary
                                                                                           Are you a grape
                                                                                             or a raisin?
                                                                                   How to re-hydrate your skin for
                                                                                    a lasting youthful appearance
                                                                                                 by David J. Wirth, MA

Are you a grape or a raisin? Does your skin appear supple, smooth          Researchers have witnessed the power of silicon in the lab, where
and well hydrated, or rather flaccid, wrinkled and dry? If you’re one      they found that enriching tissue samples with silicon increased col-
of the many women who feel they belong in the latter group, you may        lagen production by more than 200%. The results have also played
have already tried a number of methods to re-hydrate the skin. While       out in human trials. In one such study, 50 women with signs of aging
a select few topical treatments may truly offer benefits, the reality is   skin, thin hair and brittle nails took 10 ml of a liquid silica gel supple-
that addressing skin health from the outside can only go so far.           ment orally, and also applied it topically to the face daily. Significant
                                                                           improvements were noted (and confirmed by ultrasound) in the thick-
For real, lasting and noticeable change to occur in our skin, research     ness of skin, wrinkles and the health of hair and nails.
reveals we require two nutrients in combination -- both of which are
abundant in nature, but not typically consumed in sufficient amounts,      The vitamin C connection
or not always together.                                                    As great as silicon is for skin health, it works even better in the
                                                                           company of another well known nutrient: ascorbic acid, or vitamin
Saving your skin                                                           C. Back in 1981, researchers exposed human connective tissue cells
As we age, our skin slowly begins to lose its ability to retain mois-      to vitamin C and reported an 8-fold increase in the synthesis of col-
ture, a process that begins as early as in our 20s. UV exposure            lagen! More recently in 2007, a study involving 4,025 women aged
only speeds this dehydration, as free radicals damage the skin cell        40 to 74 years revealed that those with higher vitamin C intakes had a
membranes and allow further water loss to occur. Dryness increases         lower likelihood of a wrinkled appearance and skin dryness.
again when estrogen levels start to decline during perimenopause and
menopause. Dehydration is associated with scaly, taut skin, superfi-       When there’s not enough vitamin C in our bodies, things can get
cial lines and wrinkles, and premature aging.                              ugly. Those infamous British sailors who developed scurvy on long
                                                                           sea voyages in the 1700s literally fell apart from a lack of vitamin C.
The collagen conundrum                                                     Thankfully, these days an extreme vitamin C deficiency isn’t quite so
Collagen, the main component of all our connective tissue, is a            likely. But keep in mind that, unlike most other living things on this
fibrous network of protein that supports our bones, cartilage, tendons,    planet, we humans cannot manufacture our own vitamin C. We need
organs -- and skin. Known as the “glue of life,” it is the most abun-      to get it from our diet or from supplements every day -- and it’s used
dant protein in our bodies and the structure upon and around which         up quickly for normal body functions in healthy people.
skin is built.
                                                                           Keeping up healthy levels of vitamin C is vital, not only to support
Collagen binds with water, so it helps keep our skin hydrated, supple      collagen production for optimum skin health, but because making
and smooth. If the collagen structure is strong, tightly bound and able    collagen actually destroys vitamin C, which then in turn needs to be
to hold water, the skin appears healthy and taut. If it is weak, sparse    replenished.
and lacking water, the skin appears unhealthy and wrinkled.
                                                                           Supplement - for your skin’s sake!
As we age, the collagen fibers in our skin will typically become           Our skin is a vast and complex organ, and like
fewer and farther between. The skin gets thinner, less elastic and less    all of our organs, it is mainly nourished (or mal-
able to hold its shape as the collagen network shrinks. So is there a      nourished) from within. As the research reveals,
way to slow or reverse damage to collagen, to improve its water-bind-      ensuring that your body has what it needs to
ing potential and support healthier-looking, supple skin? According to     rebuild or maintain its vital collagen structure is
years of research on the critical role of silicon and vitamin C in col-    the first and most important step towards healthy,
lagen synthesis, the answer is “yes.”                                      supple and youthful-looking skin.
Silicon: The lost nutrient                                                 Along with sticking to a healthy diet and ensuring a generous
The link between silicon and collagen formation was first noted near-      water intake, find high-quality supplements of both silica and
ly four decades ago, but only recently have scientists fully understood    vitamin C, preferably in liquid forms. Liquid supplements
its potential to dramatically enhance skin health and appearance.          are fully dissolved and allow for optimum absorption of key nutrients
                                                                           along the entire gastrointestinal tract. After all -- it’s liquid that sepa-
Silicon is vital to the formation of connective tissue in many body        rates the raisins from the grapes!
systems, including the skin. Scientists now know that without
adequate silicon, an enzyme (prolyhydroxylase) involved in the for-        Sources: J Int Med Res, 1993 Jul-Aug;21(4):209-15; SK Gaby & VN Singh, “Vitamin
mation of collagen cannot function properly. By supplementing with         C,” in Vitamin Intake and Health: A Scientific Review by SK Gaby et al, Marcel
                                                                           Dekker, New York: 1991; JH Chung et al, Modulation of skin collagen metabolism in
silicon (in the form of silica), to make up for what is lacking in our     aged and photoaged human skin in vivo. J Invest Dermatol. 2001 Nov;117(5):1218-24;
foods and declining in our bodies, we have the ability to keep silicon     EM Carlisle et al: “Silicon,” in O’Del/Sunde: Handbook of nutritionally essential min-
levels steady and supply one of the vital raw materials for collagen       eral elements; Marcel Dekker, New York: 1997; How to Live Longer and Feel Better by
production and youthful skin.                                              L Pauling, Avon: 1996; Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 1981 May;78(5):2879-82; Am J Clin
                                                                           Nutr, 2007;86(4):1225-31
             Before                                                                                                                                    After

      Gritty tasting, goopy                                                                                                                          Great mint flavour, no grit
      powdered greens.                                                                                                                               liquid Vital GREENS!

Say “Goodbye” to gritty
powdered greens and “Hello”
to the superior liquid
absorbability and
effectiveness of

Vital GREENS features:
• Ginseng to help energize.
• Superfood Complex to aid pH
  balance and help stop cravings.
• Chlorophyll to detoxify and deodorize.
• Nutrients and botanicals to help digestion.
• Spirulina to help lower high blood pressure.
• Ginkgo Biloba to improve alertness.
• Aloe Vera known for its healing properties.
• Vegetable Juice Extract for nutrients.
                                                                                                                                                                                   Vital GREENS is the official
                                                                                                                                                        green food supplement of
                                                                                                                                                                                    the Hockey Hall of Fame!
The information in this ad is intended strictly for research and educational purposes, not as a diagnostic tool or a prescription for any ailment.

                                                                                                                                                                               The information in this newsletter is intended strictly for research and educational
                                                                                                                                                                                             purposes, not as a diagnostic tool or a prescription for any ailment.

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