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									                                       Meeting Agenda         / Meeting Minutes

Meeting Name:             Gibson-Neill Memorial Elementary School Home & School Association
Meeting Purpose:          Regular Scheduled Meeting
Date:                     Tuesday, January 21, 2013
Start/End Time:           6:00P – 7:30P
Location:                 GNMES “Den”

Angela Crummey               Y   Ian Fahie                  Kyla Brewer                 Sherry Norton-Graham        Y
Carol McCracken                  Jennifer Lees        Y     Michele Johnson         Y   Tania Gesner
Catherine O'Connell              Jennifer Wheaton     Y     Michelle Narvey             Tanya Smith                 Y
Christy McLean               Y   Jill Conrad          Y     Monica MacWilliam       Y   Angela Calhoun              Y
Courtney Jones                   Jody Murdoch               Pam Bennett             Y   Shawn Smith                 Y
Erika McCoy                  Y   Krista Hicks         Y     Randall Leavitt
Heather Theriault            Y   Kyla Abernethy             Raquel Martin           Y

Agenda Topics:

1A              School Update: Planned Activities
                 The are a number of activities related to wellness, language, and the Arts planned or in the
                 works for the remainder of the school year.
                      Art Richard will be is being sponsored by H&S to come and do two shows for students.
                      Thanks to an RBC grant in the amount of $10,000, our Grade 3 students will have access
                        to ice-time, skates, helmets, instruction time and bussing at no cost to to the school or to
                        families. The school would like to see this carried through in years to come so unused
                        monies from the grant will be directed to this fitness activity.
                      Grade 5 students do swimming four or five times a year. Support fot this comes from The
DISCUSSION              School District.
                      An author will be coming in April. There will be no costs to the school or to H&S.
                      Other activities where H&S funding has been requested are loced under the Finance
                        section of these minutes (Terry Kelly, Beatboxer, skiing, Acadian Village).

                It was brought up that there doesn’t appear to be much organized for the K to 2’s that would
                promote fitness. There are sleighrides that may be planned and Phys Ed teachers are working on
                ideas. It was noted that it would be too challenging for the K-2’s to last very long in activities such
                as skating, swimming or skiing.
   VOTE         N/A
                       Nil

1B              School Update: Snack Cupboards
                The $250 Costco and $250 Sobeys gift cards from H&S were used for replenishing food in the
                snack cupboards.
   VOTE         H&S agreed that this is an initiative would like to continue to support if there is a continued need.
                          Nil

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2A             Finances: Update
               After paying our membership dues, fees for the Art Richard presentation, providing QSP with their
DISCUSSION     cut of the money raised for the cookie dough and gift fundraiser, and paying off any other
               outstanding amounts, we have $14,000 in the bank.
      VOTE     N/A
                      Nil

2B             Finances: Terry Kelly
               Terry Kelly is a performer, singer-songwriter, blind, para-Olympian. He will be coming the end of
               February and costs $1,130.
      VOTE     H&S will be sponsoring the event.
                      Jenn Wheaton will prepare the cheque.

2C             Finances: Beatboxer
               The school would like to have a Beatboxer come in to perform for and speak with students since
               there is an interest among students. The cost would be somewhere between $300 and $500.
      VOTE     H&S will be sponsoring the event.
                      Jenn Wheaton will prepare the cheque.

2D             Finances: Skiing
               Every grade 4 child (76 students) will have the opportunity to go skiing once a year as an
               introduction to the sport. Three hours of instruction, equipment rental and bussing will cost
               $4,000. The school is able to put in $1,000 from the RBC grant and would like H&S support for the
      VOTE     H&S has agreed to provide $3,000 for the skiing initiative.
                      Jenn Wheaton will prepare the cheque.

2E             Finances:
               Acadian Village puts on a presentation that ties in with school curriculum. It will be coming to put
DISCUSSION     on four sessions for the Grades 3 and 4’s. The total cost is $300 and the school is looking for our
      VOTE     H&S agreed to finance the presentations.
                      Jenn Wheaton will prepare the cheque.

3A             Event: Staff Appreciation Week: February 10 to 14
               Teacher Appreciation week is February 9 to 15 in New Brunswick this year. At GNMES, we
DISCUSSION     traditionally take the school week to recognize all school staff and entitle it Staff Appreciation
               Week. Last year we spent about $750 on Staff Appreciation Week.
               We agreed on a plan for the week:
                    Monday: breakfast snacks
                    Tuesday: coffees, teas, hot chocolate
      VOTE          Wednesday: lunch
                    Thursday: popcorn, nachos and salsa
                    Friday (also Valentine’s Day): sweet treats

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             We will also see about having Staples or Coveys gift bags as we did last year. They were placed on
             the 27 classroom doorknobs. They aslo contained coupons from DQ and McDonalds.
                   Angela Crummey will be responsible for the purchases for Tuesday.
                   Erika McCoy will send out a notice asking for parents to sign up for baking for Monday
                      and Friday.
                   Monica MacWilliam will order lunch from Quiznos after Sherry Norton-Graham provides
                      us with a list of any staff dietary restrictions.
                   If we put up motivational quotes or messages, be mindful not to just name “teachers” in
 ACTION               it as the staff is made up of much more that that.
 ITEM(S)           Angela Crummey and Krista Hicks can provide baskets for some of the things to be
                      displayed in.
                   Krista Hicks can locate the frame for the quotes or messages and organize the quotes so
                      that whoever is setting up each day know what poster or quote to insert.
                   Angela Crummey will check with Staples and/or Coveys regarding bags that can be
                   Raquel Martin will be getting the popcorn, nachos and salsa from Costco.

4A           Fundraising: QSP Imagine & Cookie Dough
             The fundraiser was very successful. We sold $22,000, $14,000 of which was cookie dough sales.
             We have been advised that we will not be able to sell cookie dough as part of future fundraisers
             as it is contrary to the New Brunswick Department of Education’s Nutrition Policy

             For future reference, the policy and related appendices can be found at:
                   Healthier Foods and Nutrition in Public Schools Policy:
                   Healthier Eating and Nutrition in Schools Food Categories:
                   Fundraising Alternatives: http://www.gnb.ca/0000/pol/e/711AB.pdf
                   Food Safety: http://www.gnb.ca/0000/pol/e/711AC.pdf
                   Handbook: http://www.gnb.ca/0000/pol/e/711A%20Handbook.pdf
  VOTE       N/A
                  Nil

4B           Fundraising: QSP & Magazines: April 14 to May 2
             This is just a reminder regarding the dates of the magazine fundraiser. It will run from April 14 to
             25 and we will accept late orders up until May 2.
             There will be no additional work for H&S or volunteers for the processing or distribution of
             orders. It is all handled by QSP and subscriptions are mailed directly to buyers.
  VOTE       N/A
                  Nil

4C           Fundraising: Fredericton’s Got Talent: June 14
             Fredericton’s Got Talent (formerly Boss’ Talent Quest) will be held during Marysville Day celebrations
             on June 14 at Capital Community Church at 6:00P. Rehearsal will be on June 12. This talent show
             open to any children in Fredericton from grades K to 12.
             The church provides the venue free of charge and will have a canteen available.

             We are able to profit from a 50/50 draw and DVD table ($5 per video NOTE: We need to have
             participants sign a release form for videos/pictures. This could be added to the registration forms.)
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          We are permitted to have GNMES representation (including students) in the Marysville Day parade if
          we wish. It is on June 14 at 11:00A with line-up time being 10:00A.

          It was suggested that participants be scored on a scale of 1 to 5 or 10 and that there receive scores for
          performance, talent and stage presence.

          We usually try to secure celebrity judges for the event. Pam Lynch (MLA) and Sara Bamford (a teacher
          for ASDW and choreographer with Bonnie Kilburn’s Dance Center) have confirmed their participation
          with Erika McCoy however Trevor Doyle is unable to assist due to prior commitments. Suggestions for
          other judges were made: Freddy Mac, Mayor Brad Woodside, Steven Hicks, Janice Lapointe, Mike
          Bravener, Tim Yerxa and Jim Bishop. NOTE: Our event falls on the same date as the Country Music
          Showcase so not everyone listed may be an option.

          Volunteers will need to be available for 5:30 on June 14. Jenn Munn-Moulton will MC and we will
          need ten other people to run the show:
               Admission (3),
               50/50 (3),
               Talent Wranglers (2),
               Score Tallier (1), and
               Stage Hand (1).

          We will also need help advertising and soliciting prizes. Prizes last year were:
            AGE GROUP                      1st PRIZE                          2nd PRIZE          3rd PRIZE
               6 to 8           $50 + $20 GC St. Hubert Express          $40 Empire Theatre GC   $25 GC Main Street Bowl-A-Drome
                 9         $50 + GC Free Lg Specialty Pizza Papa Johns   $40 Empire Theatre GC   $25 GC Main Street Bowl-A-Drome
           10-11 OR 12??   $50 + GC Free Lg Specialty Pizza Papa Johns   $40 Empire Theatre GC   $25 GC Brookside Mall
               Teens       $50 + GC Free Lg Specialty Pizza Papa Johns   $40 Empire Theatre GC   $25 GC Brookside Mall

          One of the ways we advertise is via the school’s three Facebook pages, but not many people know
          about them so we need to promote those pages as well.

          In some H&S Members’ experience, it is better to solicit prizes early in the calendar year when other
          schools are less likely to be doing so; closer to the end of the school year, businesses are
          overwhelmed with requests and may not be able to provide support. Businesses should be made
          aware that we are able to promote their business via banners at the event and that we also mention
          all sponsors on our talent show program.
 VOTE     N/A
                 BF participation in the parade and prize options to next meeting.
                 Erika McCoy will adjust the registration forms to include approval for video/photo release,
                   then send it out to parents and students.
                 Erika McCoy will update the Facebook pages with details and will prepare a message
                   requesting volunteers.
                 Pam Bennett will check with Janice Lapointe to see if she is able to judge and if she is unable
                   to, Krista Hicks will contact Mike Bravener.

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4D             Fundraising: Pizza Nights
DISCUSSION     We discussed if we wanted to do any pizza fundraisers this year.
               H&S agreed to revisit this idea next school year. We will be needing options to replace the cookie
               dough fundraiser.
                        BF for September or October 2014.

4E             Fundraising: Cash For Clothes
               As discussed on October 29, 2013, Cash for Clothes is a fundraising idea that requires very little
               work. It could be used as a means to have GNMES students get involved in helping support the
               New Brunswick Association for Community Living’s mission to support individuals with intellectual
               disabilities and their families, at the same times as practicing recycling.

               We ask families to donate in large green or black garbage bags (36” X 26”) gently used clothing,
               toys and small appliances. Safety related items such as car seats will not be accepted since they
               may have expiry dates or manufacturers recalls.

               Here’s how it works:

DISCUSSION              Collect a minimum of 75 full bags of clothes and up to 150 full bags at one time, and we
                         will receive you $2.00 per bag;
                        If we collect over 151 full bags at one time, we'll receive $3.00 per bag;
                        If we are unable to put together the quantity of bags mentioned above, Value Village will
                         pay us 0.20 cent per pound for the quantity of bags we have.
                         A fundraiser like this could be used to tie in teaching about community responsibility and

               NBACL will set up BOBs (Big Orange Bins) for clothing deposits people may wish to make after
               school hours. NOTE: Nothing breakable can go in these bins. We could also set up an area in the
               cafeteria (maybe even a big handmade cardboard orange bin) for donations so that children can
               watch the pile grow. NBCAL will also take care of collecting all bags from the school.
               We agreed that, because we are doing very well financially this year, Cash for Clothes will be the
               final fundraising event we organize for this calendar year. To tie it in with when people may be
               doing Spring Cleaning, collection will occur some time after March Break, preferably around the
               same time as parent-teacher interviews to make it easier for parents to do drop offs.
                     BF for a later meeting what we would like to direct funds raised to. E.g. Outdoor
                     Christy McLean will draft up a message we could share to promote the activity.

4F             Fundraising: Breakfast Fundraiser
DISCUSSION     The item was brought forward as reminder for discussion.
    VOTE       N/A
                    BF for Fall of 2014

4G             Fundraising: Movie Nights
               We now have an ACF movie licence which is valid until January 5, 2015. It is now available for the
               use of teachers to host movie events.
               It was recommended that the Grade 5’s could use this as a means to fundraise for the their Grade
               5 Celebration. They could sell tickets, juice boxes and popcorn. We could even have a separate
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               room for parents where they could have coffee and donuts. It was also suggested that perhaps        Comment [m]: Will take direction from
               the Grade 4’s get in on helping out to see what they can look forward to in their Grade 5 year.     interest of grade 5 group?
               Due to time constraints because of a request submitted by a teacher to hold a movie night, the
               Executive Committee had a vote on December 2, 2013 at which time we agreed to pay for an ACF
               movie licence for the school.
               H&S agreed that we could jointly do a Family Movie Night with Grade 5 teachers and students if
               they wish to host something at the school to raise money for their Grade 5 Celebration.
  ACTION            Sherry Norton-Graham will contact the Grade 5 teachers to discuss whether or not they
  ITEM(S)              wish to host a Family Movie Night.

5A             Other Business: Executive Selection
               Prior to the official opening of Gibson-Neill Memorial Elementary School, a joint Home and School
               committee was set up to reflect the needs, concerns and efforts of both South Devon Elementary
               and Alexander Gibson Memorial. The Executive for the joint committee was Monica MacWilliam
               and Erika McCoy as Co-Presidents, Jennifer Wheaton as Treasurer and Krista Hicks as Secretary.
               That leadership was maintained following the official amalgamation with a slight change as Erika
               stepped into the role of Vice-President. We shared the roles of the committee at that time and it
               was suggested that once elected, Executive Members commit to a two-year term.

DISCUSSION     We also recommend that anyone wishing to put their name in the hat for an Executive role have
               one year of experience on a Home and School Committee, preferably that of GNMES.

               As discussed at the November 26, 2013 H&S meeting, our Executive will remain as is for the
               remainder of this school year. Anyone wishing to get more information on the various roles and
               responsibilities is encouraged to ask questions to the current executive members.

               Erika announced that she will be stepping down as Vice-President next school year and Krista
               Hicks will be leaving the role of Secretary vacant at that time as well.
   VOTE        N/A
                    Nil

5B             Other Business: Storage of Howlfest Supplies
               We have no extra room to store large props and decorations for Howlfest. For that reason we
               rented items rather than purchasing them.
   VOTE        N/A
                    Nil

Item(s) to Carry Forward:
1              Fundraising: Fredericton’s Got Talent: June 14
2              Fundraising: Cash For Clothes
3              Fundraising: Movie Nights (if Grade 5’s wish to proceed)
4              Fundraising: Breakfast Fundraiser (Fall 2014)
5              Fundraising: Pizza Nights (Fall 2014)

Next Meeting(s):
Date:         Tuesday, February 18
Time:         6:00 PM
Location:     GNMES “Den”

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