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					                                    ACCORD Corporation
                                  Wheels for Work Program
                                6087 State Route 19N, Suite 160
                                   Belmont New York 14813
                                    585-268-7605 Ext.1709

Loan Incentive

If you are timely with your loan payments, you are entitled to receive a waiver of 25% off the
original loan balance. Therefore, by making all your payments on time for the first two and one third
years (28 payments) your loan will be paid off within 28 months instead of 36 months.

The credited payments will only be applied at the end of the loan and will not be applied to clients who
default on their loans. Be sure to make every effort to communicate with ACCORD Corporation if an
incident has occurred that will impact your ability to make your payments in a timely manner.

Payments are due the first of every month or by the specified due date and will be considered timely
if received by ACCORD Corporation before the end of the month that the payment is due.
If a client is late for a month or more, but then catches up, the client will again be eligible to earn the
incentive credits.

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