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									   Services Available at the
   Government Contracting
   Assistance Center (GCAC)

Renee Decker
Slippery Rock University of PA
May 24, 2012
      Government Contracting
      Assistance Center (GCAC)

¡   Procurement Technical Assistance
    Center (PTAC)
    - Resource for businesses interested in
      selling products or services to federal,
      state and local government agencies
    - Provide marketing and technical
      assistance and/or other guidance
      related to government contracting
      Government Contracting
      Assistance Center (GCAC)

¡   Economic development program
    established at Slippery Rock University
    in 1989

¡   GCAC is a satellite office of the
    Government Agency Coordination Office
    (GACO) established in 1985 at California
    University of PA
     GACO/GCAC Office Locations

○ California University of Pennsylvania
  250 University Ave, Box 20
  California, PA 15419
  Phone 724-938-5881, Fax 724-938-4575
  E-mail wojcik@calu.edu

○ Pittsburgh Satellite Office
  Riverside Center for Innovation
  700 River Avenue, Suite 220
  Pittsburgh, PA 15212
  Phone 412-237-6098, Fax 412-237-6099
  Email glodek@calu.edu
    GACO/GCAC Office Locations

○   Slippery Rock University Satellite Office
    006 Eisenberg Classroom Building
    Slippery Rock, PA 16057
    Phone 724-738-2346, Fax 724-738-2168
    E-mail: renee.decker@sru.edu
          GACO/GCAC Funding

¡   Funding for our program comes from the
    Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) and the
    Sarah Scaife Foundation

¡   Funded to assist businesses in
    Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Washington
    and Greene counties
            PTAC Locations in Western PA
PTAC                     Contact                          Counties
Government Agency        Deborah Wojcik                   Allegheny, Beaver, Butler,
Coordination Office      Phone: 724-938-5881              Greene and Washington
(GACO)                   Email: wojcik@calu.edu

Southwestern PA          Dave Pinkosky                    Allegheny
Commission (SPC)         Phone: 412-391-5590 x308
                         Email: dpinkosky@spcregion.org

Northwest PA Regional    Cris Pierce                      Clarion, Crawford, Erie,
Planning & Development   Phone: 814-677-4800 x102         Forest, Lawrence,
Commission (NWRPDC)      Email: crisp@nwcommission.org    Mercer, Venango and
    PTAC Locations in Western PA (Cont’d)

PTAC                       Contact                              Counties
Indiana University of PA   Ron Moreau                           Indiana and Armstrong
                           Phone: 724-357-7824
                           Email: rfmoreau@iup.edu

Private Industry Council   Chuck Burtyk                         Westmoreland and
of Westmoreland/           Phone: 724-836-2600                  Fayette
Fayette                    Email:
            GACO/GCAC Statistics

¡   Currently assisting 1,649 businesses

¡   Assisted area businesses to obtain 36,653
    contracts and subcontracts totaling
    $2,822,340,665 (05/12)

¡   Per federal guidelines GACO/GCAC can be
    credited with creating or saving 69,049 jobs
    in western Pennsylvania since commencing
    operations in 1985
    Services Available at GCAC/GACO

o Assisting with government registrations (Central
  Contractor Registration/DSBS, Commonwealth of
  Pennsylvania Vendor Registration, contracting
  websites, and others) 

    * System for Award Management (SAMS) – coming
      late May or early June https://www.sam.gov

o Identifying federal supply classes and service codes

  Services Available at GCAC/GACO

o Providing bid opportunities for federal, state and
  local government contracts and subcontracts,
  corporate contracts, and foreign contracts 

oDeveloping profiles for our Subcontracting Match
  Program and advising of subcontracting
  opportunities and contacts 

o Assisting with filing applications for placement on
  state and local bidders' lists 

o Advising on bid preparation 
  Services Available at GCAC/GACO

o Assisting with obtaining specifications and
  standards data and technical data packages for
  federal government work 

o Researching historical cost data and parts suppliers
o Conducting seminars for education and training in
  government contracting policies and procedures 

o Hosting procurement fairs for face-to-face marketing
  opportunities with federal, state, local and corporate
  purchasing agents
              Seminars and
            Procurement Fairs

June 28, 2012 – Capability Statements, California
University of PA, California, PA

July 24, 2012 – GSA Federal Supply Schedules,
NETL, Department of Energy, Pittsburgh, PA

October 24, 2012 – 25th Annual Procurement Opportunities
  Fair – Double Tree Hotel, Washington, PA
          Getting Started…

o Complete GACO/GCAC’s on line application at
  Complete our one page application and fax to

o Schedule an appointment to meet with a
  GACO/GCAC counselor

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