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Budget Bookings


This is an example of budget bookings. This document is useful for conducting budget bookings.

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									                                                         BUDGET BOOKINGS

                                                     Hotel Confirmation of Booking

Company Name / Address                                                                               Date

Telephone/Fax Number

Name of Guest/s:
Number of Nights:
Arrival Date:
Departure Date:
Room Type/s:
Cost Per Room:                     £          B&B                                                              Total Cost £
Payment Settled By:

  The Company will only cover costs for B&B all other costs MUST be paid for by the individuals in CASH

Hotel Details                      Guest to call the hotel with an arrival time.
Name / Address                                                                                                 Telephone No

                                                                                                               Fax No

This Accommodation Booking is made by True-Budget Accom subject to the terms set out in the Company’s Conditions relating to Bookings made with
Accommodation Providers (Version 1.1 – November 2004) which will be incorporated into and form part of the contract between True-Budget Accom
and you (the accommodation provider). We have already provided you with a copy of the aforementioned Conditions, but an additional copy is available
on our website, by post, fax or email upon request. Definitions contained in the aforementioned Conditions will also apply in this Confirmation of
Booking Form.
By signing below to accept this Accommodation Booking, you confirm that you have read and understood the Conditions relating to Bookings made
with Accommodation Providers and accept that such Conditions will apply in respect of this Accommodation Booking (and all future Accommodation
Bookings True-Budget Accom make with you). In particular, you agree to pay us commission on this Accommodation Booking at a rate equal to 8% of
the total cost of the Accommodation and all Ancillary Services (including where applicable any VAT included by you on those costs, and including where
applicable and cancellation charge) payable by the client, together with VAT.

Name:                                                                                                Position:

Signature:                                                                                           Date:

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