February 26 2012 - The Celebration

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					                                                      February 26, 2012
                      Invocation                                        Today’s Speaker: Landa Priddy
We join together to celebrate the splendor                            What I’ve Been Doing Since The Celebration
of God’s love–cherishing all life, honoring
all paths, rejoicing in the sacred dance of                                Upcoming For March 4: Azlan White
All That Is. Living in the power of all-                                 The 2012 Human Earth Awakening Portal
embracing love, we affirm our community
and acknowledge the Divine nature of our                                          Announcements
humanity.                                                                       April Treasure Basket
                                                                         In the interest of creating smaller, ongoing fundrais-
              Order of Service                                       ers, Dianne Deloren came up with an idea at our Coun-
Greeter                               Chris Kain                     cil meeting last Sunday. She would like to create a sur-
Opening and It’s In Every One Of Us Songbook P. 3                    prise basket full of little treasures that can be wrapped
Welcome & Invocation (Host)          Shelley Campbell                and placed into a gift basket that will be auctioned off
Greeting One Another                                                 on Easter Sunday, April 8. If you have a little treasure
                                                                     of some sort, something whimsical, beautiful, special,
Group Song
                                                                     funny or fabulous, that you are ready to let go of, bring
Announcements                         Samuel Navarro                 it to the services during the month of March and give
Group Song                                                           to Dianne. She will accumulate all of the give-away
Statement and Silence                             Host               treasures, wrap them and bring them to the service on
                                                                     April 8 to be auctioned off to the highest bidder.
Inspirational Reading                Deanna Hallmark                      IF you have an idea for a small fundraiser and are
Special Music                   The Celebration Choir                ready and willing to make it happen, please come to
Meditation                            Christina Boiano               the March Council meeting on the 18th and present it.
The Celebration Prayer                  Songbook P. 3                               Celebration Cares
Speaker                                  Landa Priddy                GAIL LARSEN (986-8650) sprained both her ankles
Special Music                   The Celebration Choir                and needs help from someone to walk her 10 month old
                                                                     small dog through March. Please give her a call.
Welcoming Visitors                                Host               PETER KIRK (983-7782) is mostly confined to his
Celebration Cares                         David Henry                home with health challenges, especially in the winter
Personal Sharing                                                     months. He lives alone with his cat and welcomes calls
                                                                     and visits.                                 (Cont. P. 3)
Offering of Tithes                                                           ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Offering Affirmation:                                                             Upcoming Special Music
    God’s blessings abound in my life, and I am                                For Feb. 26: The Celebration Choir
    free to live and give and receive abundantly.                                  For March 4: Jim Westbay
        ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                                For March 11: Michael Hall
   wChildcare is Available on the Premises During Our Service                 For March 18: The Celebration Choir
 wAssistance with set up and clean up is always appreciated before          ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                       and after the service!                        Friends of the Choir             See P. 3
       wPlease leave your Gazette on the table for recycling.        January Updated Financial Report See P. 4
                            Thank You!                               About Our Speaker for March 4    See P. 4
                                                                     Quote of the Week                See P. 4
              What is The Celebration?                                          About Personal Sharing
         We are a community of people committed to opening               Personal sharing is a time when we get to connect as
    our hearts to all life, all people, all paths, and learning to   a community. While all subjects are honored, we ask that
    embrace everything, everyone and especially ourselves in         your sharing be about what is going on within your heart
    all-embracing love. We are committed to doing this in the        and soul and that you honor this sacred time in our ser-
    context of true community, which includes total safety for       vice as you share and listen to the sharing of others. We
    everyone to be exactly who they are, with their dreams,          appreciate keeping your sharings brief and deferring to
    aspirations, desires, and contributions in the group pro-        those who have not shared recently. You may also share
    cess. We realize that each of us is in fact a sacred part of     in the Gazette on a space-available basis. Submit your
    the Oneness of Everything, which is to say a part of God,        share of 400 words or less to Dianne Deloren at gazette@
                                                            This may be poetry, prose, or a short
    and beyond this we endorse no particular creed or dogma.
                                                                     piece of an inspirational nature.
              The Celebration Council                                            About Announcements
        The governing council of The Celebration consists
                                                                         It is our policy that the Announcements made during
    of anyone who wishes to participate in the consensus
                                                                     the service by the coordinating facilitator and in the Cel-
    process. (For more about how we use consensus, see flyer
                                                                     ebration Gazette and Online Gazette, shall be limited to
    on the table ‘Consensus and Loyal Minority.’) We meet
                                                                     Celebration sponsored activities and business, or to events
    regularly, usually on the third Sunday of the month at           pre-approved by Council to which The Celebration com-
    1:30pm. If you wish to participate, or want more informa-        munity is invited. These may include certain workshops,
    tion about what the Council meetings consist of and how          seminars, performances, art showings, social gatherings
    they are conducted, contact any facilitator.                     or events that are not intended to sell products or services.
       The Celebration Facilitation Team                             Events not pre-approved by Council can be announced
         The Facilitation team is charged with overseeing the        in the Bulletin Board section of the Gazette or run in the
    week-to-week operation of The Celebration, and with han-         Classified section of the Gazette. Exceptions can be made
    dling issues and concerns that arise, within the guidelines      to this policy by the facilitators or Gazette personnel when
                                                                     timing requires it, and such exceptions shall be made while
    established by Council. If you have a question or need
                                                                     maintaining the overall intent of our policy.
    more information about any aspect of The Celebration,
    please speak with a facilitator. The current facilitators                  Celebration Coordinators
    are:                                                                The Celebration community offers a number of opportuni-
    Dianne Deloren 699-0023 Susan Murray 972-834-5082                ties for you to participate in the weekly service. If you would
    Samuel Navarro 955-1641          David Raymer 983-9743           like to volunteer for any of these activities, or want more
                        Tairifa Suloway 983-5549                     information, please contact any of the coordinators below:
         The coordinating facilitator for today and this week,       Audio Recordings          David Raymer              983-9743
    Feb. 26–March 3 is Samuel Navarro. Please bring any              Bus. Manager and          Norman Scull              954-9905
    issues or concerns to his attention. We ask that any an-           Facilities Liaison
                                                                     Child Care                Evelyn Gonzales           470-5215
    nouncements made during the service be cleared with the
                                                                     Choir Director            Lydia Clark               474-4999
    coordinating facilitator prior to the service. Thank you         Communications Committee Ken Shaw/Dianne Deloren
    for your cooperation with this guideline.                      ;
            Information for Newcomers                                Flowers for Altar         Sally Scull               954-9905
        We especially want to let newcomers know there are           Gazette Content, Ads & E-News Coordinator:
                                                                            Dianne Deloren
    many opportunities to participate in The Celebration, in-
                                                                     Greeter Coordinator George Cohen 438-2649; 699-1923
    cluding leading the meditation, offering the reading, being
                                                                      Host Sign-Up
    the speaker, hosting and so on. In addition, there are many        and Host Coach          David Raymer              660-5238
    behind-the-scenes activities, such as setup, cleanup and         Librarian                 Ronda Torch               316-5280
    serving on committees. Please speak to any facilitator, see      Mailing List              Ken Shaw                  670-9980
    the sign-up sheets in the lobby, or call the specific Coord-     Reading & Meditation Patty Walters            713-582-9551
    inator listed herein. We find that participating in some             Sign-Up Coord.
    form of service within this community is an excellent way        Musical Director         Virginia Gilstrap          670-2114
    to become part of the community. We encourage you to             Prayer Ministry           Dottie Hill               471-9065
    get involved! And please know that you are welcome to            Speaker Sign Ups          Ken Shaw                  670-9980
    attend our monthly Council meetings. We are a “leader-           Web Content Manager Joan Sotkin
    less” community governed by consensus, and you can be            Workshop Coordinator Shelley Campbell
    a vital part of this innovative process!                                          
                                                                     Workshop Facilitator Patty Walters            713-582-9551
community Bulletin BoArd
Announcements of a non-commercial nature or events which are free
and open to the public can run for no charge in this section. If there are            Celebration Cares (Cont. from P. 1)
no such postings, I fill it with Celebration-related announcements. -DD         The Celebration Cares Committee has the mission
         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                         of co-ordinating activities for the personal well-being
         A Retreat is Being Planned                                          needs of members of our community. Please contact any
for the weekend of June 8, 9 an 10 at Ghost Ranch.                           Committee member if you or someone in our community
The planning committee is meeting at Jeff Hood’s                             needs help, or to become a member yourself.
house on Fridays at 4pm. jeff@adventuresinspirit.                            Committee Members are: Ken Shaw (chair) 670-9980;
com, 501-3575.                                                               Gerald Azulay 629-2839; Dianne Deloren 699-0023;
                                                                             Alyiah Doughty, 501-5095; Cindy Greb, 603-2217; Ber-
         Chris Kain’s Writing Group                                          nard Gross, 474-5694; Alexanna Hope, 501-4460; Diana
CALLING ALL WRITERS: Close the door on that                                  James, 501-9309; Kate Marks, 471-8632; Christopher
critic and come out to play! We will share freewriting                       Murphy, 989-7382; Elsie Rippel, 424-1302; Norman
and poetry exercises designed to get your creativity                         Scull, 954-9905; Ellen Shapiro, 473-0969; Ronda Torch,
flowing. Nominal fee of $50.00 for four weeks with                           316-3280
10% going to The Celebration. Meetings every other                             We have also formed a RAPID RESPONSE TEAM to
Wednesday, 7–8:30 beginning Feb. 15. Bring a pen, a                          receive an e-mail (in addition to our 14 members) when
notebook and your soulful self.
                                                                             one of our community needs immediate help. To join,
Directions: Take I-25 north to exit 290 for Clines Corners.
Stay on 285 south, go to the third light and go right on
                                                                             please e-mail Norman (
Avenida Eldorado. Go 1.6 miles and go right on Eldorado                                           Prayer Ministry
Place (soon after you pass a 40mph sign). House is #5 at                          The Celebration has an active prayer ministry. You
the back of the cul de sac. 466-8954                                         may put your request in a box on the back table marked
                Friends of the Choir                                         Prayer Requests and they will be addressed by the prayer
    This group was formed to support the expense of                          circle. If you would like to be part of the circle.
running our Celebration Choir, which does not come                                                wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
out of our regular operating budget. Please consider                                    “If ‘Thank You’ is the only prayer you say,
joining the Friends and keeping our awesome choir                                          that will be enough.” –Meister Eckhart
financially sustained. Most people pledge a month-                                                wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
ly contribution of about $25. There may be a social
event, and the Friends may be asked for their opinion
                                                                                  Proposal to Change the Wording
on any proposed changes. or 670-                                        of Our Invocation
9980. Contributions may be given to Ken or Norman.                              This was discussed at January Council. The proposed
                     Seeking Photos                                          change is from “...honoring all paths...” to “...honoring
     If anyone has photos of Celebration events, par-                        all people and all paths...” It’s up for discussion now,
ties, potlucks, workshops, or whatever, please send                          will be brought up again at the March Council meeting,
to Dianne at, preferably                          and decided upon at the April Council meeting.
in jpeg format. She would like to build a file of pho-                                            wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
tos which can be inserted into the Gazette as space is                                       Back Issues of The Gazette
available.                                                                               will now be posted on our website,
                                                                                                  ARTICLES, OPINIONS, SHARING:
           the celeBrAtion GAzette                                           400-word limit, inclusion based on available space; editing limited to
                     The Celebration Sunday Service                          grammar, punctuation, and spelling.
      10:30 am at the National Education Association (NEA) building,                                        ADVERTISING:
     2007 Botulph Rd., Santa Fe, NM 87505             Classified ad space (offering goods or services for a fee, offering or seek-
The Celebration Gazette is prepared under the auspices of the Written        ing housing or promoting an event for which there is a charge) is 50 cents
Communications Committee. Your submissions are welcome. Dianne               a line, 52 characters per line, pre-paid, $1 per Gazette-size line for the
prefers to receive submissions by e-mail at:                                 E-news, $1.50 a line to run in both. Bordered business-card size display but you may also phone or fax if you don’t        ads: $7/ issue, 2”X 3.5” Dianne can design one for you for $5 more.
have computer access. The deadline for submissions is 6pm on Thursday                            SUBSCRIPTIONS TO THE GAZETTE:
for both the Online Gazette and the Gazette.                                  $40/year, mailed monthly. BACK ISSUES - $1 each plus postage; allow
             Gazette and E-news Content and Ad Coordinator:                  2 weeks for delivery. Orders taken at our web site, gazette@thecelebra-
          Dianne Deloren 699-0023 Cell; Personal Fax 467-6808               , or mail request to: D.Deloren, PO Box 22994,
                                                                                                        Santa Fe NM 87502,                                  3
                    Financial Highlights                             ,
                         January 31, 2012                                          clAssified Ads
       Month of January 2012                                                               wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
       Undesignated Sunday Collections                   $2,605                        FAST, CHEAP & EASY GRAPHIX
                                                                                Ads, flyers, brochures, catalogues, signage.
       Est. Monthly Expense Requirements***              $2,933                      Editing, proofreading, typing too.
       Shortage***                                       $ 328                              Call Dianne 699-0023.
       Last Twelve Months                                                                  wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
       Undesignated Sunday Collections                 $26,022                         SANTA FE BAKING COMPANY
       Net Fund Raising and other income*               $6,109            504 W. Cordova Rd. “Where the Community Meets”
       Total Income**                                  $32,131             Good coffee, good food, fresh baked pasteries daily.
       Est. Yearly Expense Requirements***             $35,200
       Shortage                                         $3,069                        SANTA FE CANdlE COMPANY
       *This report does not include Choir Expenses and Friends
                                                                         in the DeVargas Mall has donated beeswax candles for
       of the Choir Contributions. A Detailed Financial Report is
                                                                         our altar for a long time. Stop by and shop, lots of great
       available from Business Manager Norman Scull upon request.
       **Does Not include Friends of the Choir Contributions.               stuff, M-F, 10-7, Sat. 10-6; Sunday 12-5. 983-1548
       ***Expenses do not include choir expenses and are estimates                         wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
       based on July 1, 2011-June 30, 2012 Budget.                                  PlACE YOUR ClASSIFIEd Ad HERE
       ****Does not take into account any fundraising.                   To place an ad here and in the Online Gazette, contact Dianne
                                                                         Deloren at by 5pm on Thursday.
       Tithing to Community Organizations                                She will let you know the cost and arrange for pre-payment.
            The Celebration tithes 10% of its Sunday dona-               Ads are 50 cents a line for the Gazette only , $1 a line for the
       tions and other unrestricted income to three Santa Fe             Online Gazette, $1.50 per Gazette-sized line to run in both. Ph.
       community non-profits: First Contact Street Outreach              505-699-0023. Fax 505-467-6808
       Program, which serves homeless youth, Gerard’s
       House, which aids young people grieving the death                                 Quote of the Week:
       of someone important to them and offers support for
       their caregivers, and Coming Home Connection, which                “WHAT IF it doesn’t matter what you do but
       trains, places and coordinates volunteers to provide                        how you do whatever you do?
       free in-home care and personal support to the most                 HOW WOULD this change what you choose
       at-risk and vulnerable people in our community.                                  to do with your life?
         About Our Speaker for March 4                                    WHAT IF your contribution to the world and
          “Azlan White is a passionate Ritualist, lover of the             the fulfillment of your own happiness is not
       divine awakening in all of us. She is an Astrologer, Ar-          dependent upon discovering a better method of
       chetypal Reverend, Urban Shaman and environmental,                 prayer or technique of meditation, not depen-
       social justice and telecommunications Activist. She is             dent upon reading the right book or attending
       the founder of a Santa Fe based Sacred Theatre Troupe               the right seminar, but upon really seeing and
       performing “The Living Tarot.”                                     deeply appreciating yourself and the world as
            Azlan worked for the environmental solutions                                 they are right now?
       non-profit Bioneers for six years, giving her a solid                HOW WOULD this affect your search for
       education in environmental issues due to industry, and                          spiritual development?
       the earth’s social justice dilemma. Azlan White is a               WHAT IF there is no need to change, no need
       facilitator for the Awakening the Dreamer, Changing                 to try and transform yourself into someone
       the Dream Symposium of the Pachamama Alliance                        who is more compassionate, more present,
       dedicated to “creating an environmentally sustainable,            more loving or wise? HOW WOULD this affect
       spiritually fulfilling, and socially just human presence              all the places in your life where you are
       on the planet.”                                                             endlessly trying to be better?”
       (Obtained from                                         –Oriah Mountain Dreamer

             “The next Buddha will not take the form of an individual. The next Buddha may take the form of a
              community; a community practicing understanding and loving kindness, a community practicing
               mindful living. This may be the most important thing we can do for the survival of the Earth.”
P. 4                                                       –Thich Nhat Hanh

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