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					            Serbia Agribusiness Project

     Improvement of the
Agricultural Market Information
                        Serbia Agribusiness Project

Brief history of the system
q   May 2003 – development of the Serbian market
    information system in agriculture with the support of
q   May 2004 – portal set up at
q   2005 – TV show AGROINFO on national broadcaster
q   May 2005 – Serbia becomes a member of AGRIMIS
    (19 European countries)
q   September 2008 – 317,064 prices of 148
    cultures/products: 15,014 detailed reports in 37
    categories and 423 subcategories.
                       Serbia Agribusiness Project

Overarching Goals of System
• Collection of data on supply, demand and price
  trends of selected agricultural products in green
  market, wholesale markets, livestock markets,
  slaughterhouses and silos
• Analysis of the collected data and dissemination
  of market information on selected agricultural
  products (fruits, vegetables, livestock, cereals,
  feed and inputs)
• Enable farmers, creators of the agrarian policy,
  enterprises and other participants in making
  sound business decisions regarding production
  and marketing of agricultural products
Detail reports on prices
                        Serbia Agribusiness Project

Project’s goals regarding the STIPS
q   Reliable crop/livestock production and market price
    information system operated within the Ministry of
    Agriculture (methodology to be used: annual or semi-
    annual survey on client satisfaction designed and
    implemented, including data validation and reporting)

q   Number of producers and firms trained in the use of
    market information & production data
                                                  Client Satisfaction Survey

                                                                                Accuracy of information on prices
        Number of products in STIPS

                                                                               6%     1%      9%
            7%   1%      11%
                                             Very unsatisfied                                                   Very unsatisfied

                                             Unsatisfied                                                        Unsatisfied

45%                               36%                           41%
                                             Satisfied                                                   43%
                                             Very satisfied
                                                                                                                Very satisfied
                                                                  Accuracy of information on prices

      Timely provision of information on prices                                     Quality of detail reports

                                             Very unsatisfied                    5% 0%         12%
            6%    2%       14%                                                                                      Very unsatisfied
                                             Unsatisfied          35%                                               Unsatisfied
                                             Neutral                                                                Neutral
                                 36%         Satisfied                                                 48%          Satisfied

                                             Very satisfied                                                         Very satisfied
                        Serbia Agribusiness Project

Project’s Scope of Work on STIPS
The Working Group formed by the Ministry and the USAID
  Agribusiness Project developed the proposal for
  improvement of STIPS encompassing:

q Software improvement; and
q Awareness campaign – Project “Market analysis,
  utilization of information from STIPS and basics of
                   Software Improvement

q Reorganization and redesign of the website with special
   attention paid at the improvement of data security
q Improvement of the news system (text editors for user
   friendly environment of news editors, reorganization of
   categories and sub categories, providing space for information
   from the surrounding countries, other markets, weather
   forecast, interesting trivia)
q Reconstruction of the STIPS online prices system
   –   improvements to the administrative system for entering prices
       coming from the reporters
   –   providing additional cells to the online price database (minimum
       and maximum value, trend, supply, and comment)
                           Serbia Agribusiness Project

Software Improvement…continuing
q Development of the specialized development tool, client/server
  application for report analysis for providing more complete
  information about prices to the Ministry and IPN structures for
  the purpose of making timely and adequate decisions and
  processing of the large quantities of data in a short period of

q Seminar to train the reporters to work with the improved STIPS
  software and database.
Layer for entering
information on prices
Serbia Agribusiness Project
                     Serbia Agribusiness Project

Market analysis, utilization of information
from STIPS and basics of marketing”

q Interactive seminars and
  workshops for farmers in 18
  reporting centers for STIPS
q Two day seminars.
q Implementation period: 10
Serbia Agribusiness Project

            Farmers are thoroughly
              trained in the use of
              information available
              through STIPS,
              including information
              type, structure,
              manner of accessing
              information, and
              analysis possible
              based on the
              available information
              (e.g. formation of
              prices, price
              alternative markets,
              and trends in supply,
              production volumes,
              market surplus, etc).
                                 Serbia Agribusiness Project

                                             q   Farmers are educated about
                                                 the agricultural markets in the
                                                 region. Specific emphases are
                                                 given on analysis of the
                                                 agricultural markets for specific
                                                 commodities produced in those
                                                 regions. In addition, local
                                                 markets are analyzed in more
                                                 detail manner, with a special
                                                 overview of all available
                                                 possibilities for marketing of
                                                 agricultural commodities

q Training in basics of marketing and direct sales. At present, there is a low
  awareness among farmers on how to conduct negotiations, set prices, properly
  clean, pack and display products.
q Interactive workshops where farmers have the chance to develop commodity
  specific marketing plans.
                      Serbia Agribusiness Project

Future plans

q   Law on Agriculture regulates operation of STIPS
q   Commodity exchange for agricultural products
    (Pilot project)
q   Development of the input database
q   Linking with the Register of Agricultural
q   Development of the database of producers
q   Standardization

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