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					                                                                                     Recommended for Restaurants and Offices

Standard Features
•   Well insulated ice-bank for high volume supply of cold, still and sparkling
•   150 liter per hour (80 liter running water) for filling bottles, carafes, etc.
•   Double cooling-coil, one for cold water the other for sparkling water.
•   3 dispensing options: cold still water, room temperature water and cold
    sparkling water
•   Glass touch-screen commands, for easy use and hygiene.
•   Professional stainless steel carbonator
•   Self-diagnostic alarm in case of insufficiency or lack of mains water,
    empty CO2 cylinder or water leakage.
•   ENERGY SAVING stand-by function for when the cooler is not in use,
    giving an energy saving of 75%, while maintaining the temperature low
    enough to stop bacteria growth.
•   Both the body and internal parts of the cooler are in Stainless steel, with
    plastic parts kept to the absolute minimum. Thanks to the quality of the
    material used, e.g. steel, aluminum and glass, the entire machine is easily

                                                                                       (800) 215-9966
Having continuous large volumes of cold still and sparkling water directly
from the mains supply is not only a hygienically safe choice, it is also
economically intelligent as well as practical. Not only do our water coolers
provide the above services impeccably, they are also include great design,
modern and use only the highest quality materials. Our AWS BLU systems
are 100% MADE IN ITALY.

This choice makes us a reliable, versatile partner for our clients,
developing exclusive, personalized solutions with them to create coolers
suitable for every possible setting according to its functional and aesthetic
needs. We are convinced that saving is key, both in business and for the
environment. Plumbed in water coolers eliminate transport costs of
bottled water and the enormous environmental impact that they have on
the planet (CO2 emissions and non bio-degradable plastic containers).

Recommended for Restaurants and Offices
                                                                                   Atlas Watersystems, Inc

                                                                                  A recognized leader in the design,
                                                                                   installation and maintenance of
                                                                                   water purification systems. We
                                                                                 ensure that your office or business
 Technical Specifications                                                          has the highest quality drinking
 Cooling capacity: 30, 60 and 80 liters per hour                                water where you want it. Our expert
                                                                                plumbing skills enable us to provide
 Supply capacity: 6, 18 and 45 liters of continuous supply                      water to dispensers, coffee makers,
 Electrical requirements: 115V, 60Hz, 1100W, 10A                                ice makers or any other point of use
                                                                                      requiring top quality water
                                                                                       throughout your business
                                                                                    establishment, to any location.
 Model                         Net Weight            Dimensions
 AWS BLU Cristallina           89 lbs                19”W x 24”D x 21”H                301 Second Avenue
                                                                                       Waltham, MA 02451
                                                                                          (800) 215-9966

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